What Is Website SEO?

Website SEO, short for Website Search Engine Optimization, is using all of the data on a website to adhere to all the rules that search engines require that gets the website in front of as many viewers, or searches as possible. By getting the website on page one of any search engine providers such as… Read More »

Create Your Own Website Free

Creating your own website free can mean the difference between becoming profitable in days versus years. Have you seen the amount of money website designers charge these days? If you can find a WordPress website for very little to no money down, wouldn’t you be better off starting your online business in the black, and… Read More »

What is a Niche Market Examples

   Glenda Ervin, the vice president of marketing for Lehman’s once said, “The secret to a successful niche business is realizing that it isn’t about you. It is about the customer.” To paraphrase this is for any niche marketing to become successful they must meet the needs of their customers. They must solve problems.  

What is A Niche Marketing

Niche marketing can actually be anything that can be marketed to make money. To best understand the terminology I am going to break the words apart and define each one separately. A “Niche” is a selected group within field or category.