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By | March 31, 2017

What is website marketing about is the marketing that is used to promote a website and hopefully get more traffic to a website. The trick of any website owner is choosing the right channel to market and becoming very good in that market. By using the 80/20 rule in reverse. Twenty percent writing content and eighty percent marketing.


Social Media



These numbers may sound absurd but believe it or not, a successful website is more about website marketing. It is not how many great pictures, or incredible videos, or even writing super content it has. Just ask Brian Dean of Backlinko.com. He will be the first to tell you his marketing strategy for 2017. He even has an eleven point summary.


Brian Dean is an expert when it comes to knowing how to get traffic to a website. He has one of the highest rated websites around with Backlingo.com. Brian is an SEO fanatic and knows all about how to get backlinks to your website. It is these backlinks that lead to a higher search engine ranking.


Using good SEO is still mandatory for any web page to stay ahead of their competition. Having good SEO will help maintain traffic flow and avoid any penalties from search engines.


The trick is how does someone market their website to get traffic. In my earlier post on Get Your Website Ranking At 1 gives several different channels someone can use to successfully market their website.


This post will be a continuation of some of the different channels you can market to get a traffic flow to your website.


Message Boards

  • Flickr
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Post in Yahoo Groups
  • FaceBook Groups
  • Create your own FaceBook group
  • Google
  • Host a Reddit AMA
  • Post in Slack teams
  • Post in niche forums
  • Share your products on Product Hunt
  • Submit Your Content to Community Sites


Flickr – Share your pictures you have taken or made for your website and submit them to sites like Flickr. Then link those pictures back to your website to get some traffic from them. As an added bonus, these photos that are shown on sites like Flickr rank high in Google, so you have the potential of getting search traffic from these photos also. Make a Flickr account today and upload some pictures with links back to your website.



SnapChat – If you include your snapchat username and your given “snapcode” on your blog you can encourage people to follow you. By giving a few snaps of your latest post on snapchat, you can gain many followers when they read and like your articles. If you want to know more about all the benefits that marketing on snapchat can do for your website, please read All About Snapchat here.


Reddit – One of the most neglected social media sites that can send a ton of traffic to your website is Reddit. The trick is finding the right subreddits in your niche and then share your content or even your products with them. Self-promotion is a no-no though, so you have to follow a few steps before you try to engage with any website links. Eddy Azar has written a Growth Hacking Reddit guide to follow so you are not shunned by the Reddit community for spamming. Basically, you must follow the rules else you are banned.


Post in Yahoo GroupsYahoo also has its own communities of like-minded people or groups that are great to network with for extra traffic to your website. Yahoo Groups cover several categories that allow you to link your content, products, questions, or answers to grow your followers and traffic to your website.


Post to Facebook GroupsFacebook also has its own groups of like-minded people all sharing the same goals. There are thousands of people here that would fit nicely into your niche that you are targeting. Some of these groups are closed to non-members but there are much more to choose from. Remember, most of these groups have certain rules that all members must abide by. Your website can benefit from the traffic FaceBook can send. Just remember to pay it forward first, before taking anything.

Create Your Own Facebook GroupIf following rules is not your cup of tea, perhaps starting your own group on FaceBook would be more to your liking. Just create a group for people that follow the same niche or interested in the things that interest you. Build a community with like-minded people that discuss all the values of your niche. Both of these falls under the umbrella of Facebook Groups, so be sure to read the guide and adhere to the policies therein.


GoogleGoogle as if you didn’t know have their own group of people also, just like Yahoo, or Google+. Similar to Yahoo groups just log in to Google Groups that fit your niche and share your passions, ideas, even articles.


Host a Reddit AMAIf you already have a following on Reddit why not take advantage of having some authority? You can speak as an expert in your niche and host a Reddit AMA where your audience will be asking you questions. If you really know your niche this is a great way to establish yourself as an expert to get tons of traffic to your website. Stay within the confines of a more targeted subreddit. For example, you overhaul classic cars, tell of your experiences or the pros and cons of this niche. 5 things you must remember.


Post in Slack TeamsSimilar to Internet groups like Facebook, or Yahoo, with a little different twist. Slack actually means Searchable Log of All Conversation and knowledge. Originally created by Tiny Speck, in the development of an online game called “Glitch”. It was a tool that was cloud-based and started by Stewart Butterfield. It is a great way to build teams of networks designed to share ideas, articles, or anything that is relevant and important to the team. By sharing to a Slack Team you are able to share links from your website or other places you may have shared your articles at (such as Reddit) and ask they go vote your article up or comment on it. This could enable hundreds of followers coming to your site, sharing with their friends and followers. If you are interested in seeing for yourself, try the Slack Lists to find an interesting team to join.


Post in Niche Forums The Internet has hundreds of specialty niche groups so your website should never run out of new groups to join and share your posts, links, or products. Learn how to contribute first. Gain the trust and admiration of the other members of the forum. Your website will benefit greatly from networking to solve problems for others. Make people want to read your articles.


Share Your Product On Product HuntIf you have your own products, like a book, or game, or podcast episode, or video, you can submit it to Product Hunt and be included in their daily list of cool things for everyone online to get. If you are accepted and make new friends easily, this group of hungry online entrepreneurs can send you thousands up to tens of thousands of new visitors. To make the most of your Product hunt, please see Bram’s guide to how he launched the #2 most upvoted product ever.


Submit Your Content to Community SitesIf you need some more sites to share your quality content of articles or just FYI then visit Inbound, Growthhackers or Triberr. Sharing your articles at one or more of these heavily favored sites can result in a ton of new traffic, just as long as you communicate professionally, no tooting your own horn and no spam.



This is not a complete list by any means because there are hundreds of other marketable directions or channels you can go. This will keep you busy until my next post of what you can do with your site to make it attract traffic.


I hope you enjoyed the information that I have listed and my thank you to Sumome.com for their superb information and free apps.


If you have been searching for more training in Website Marketing and want to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, Click the Learn More Button below to get the knowledge!



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I hope that you share this information with others that need this to help them with gaining traffic to their website.




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  1. Luna

    Hi, Kenneth.
    I found your post to be very interesting. I love the 80/20 rule. It is truly necessary for one to be able to market his business. That is the best way to be prosperous.
    I did not know about some of the Social sites. I have made a note of them.
    Do you thinkI could get enough traffic to my website using Social Media alone?
    Thanks for this informative post.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Luna, for your kind words. You will generate some traffic with social media. Your objective is to go get the traffic, hence the 80/20 rule. Social media has many various platforms, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram. etc. Learn one platform well before starting a new one. It is much better to be 80% proficient on one than only 20% on five different platforms.

  2. John Vine

    Very informative and well written article; I particularly like your explanation of the 80/20 rule.
    Your ideas to help promoting websites offer great value. I have bookmarked and look forward to
    following your progress as well as learning from you.

  3. Professor .Shaka

    Awesome post!thanks for sharing such informative and useful article. It is really such an amazing points you have shared here. You have explained what website marketing is and how to be successful at it. Very educative.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, professor, for reading my post. I take pride in informing readers with enough information so that there is no question to what I am talking about.

  4. susan

    Hey Ken!
    I want to say I have learned a lot from this article and I intend to execute some of the suggestions you have recommended. I am also bookmarking this page so I can continue to learn more about marketing my website. Thank you!

  5. Karkumar

    I want to thank you for listing all the different platforms that someone can use to market their website. I was not aware that snapchat and Reddit were good places to tell people about my website. I’m going to try everything you described. Thank you!


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