What Is Affiliate Marketing Training?

By | February 20, 2016

what affiliate marketing is all about



So what is affiliate marketing training exactly? In order to be successful with your online marketing you need to know what you are doing, right?. Affiliate marketing training is training lessons that train you how to market your website in order to be successful.



I don’t think there is anyone that became successful by knowing exactly what to do with their website naturally.


I am sure there were the few who through luck found the golden nuggets of success. Everyone has had to learn, one way or another. Either by trial and error, taught from a coach or mentor, or by actually studying a proven system.


Which is a better way to learn, self-taught, a coach or mentor, or learning from examples?


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Hard lessons are learned the hard way, as they are usually the trial and error kind of lessons which sometimes work, but may take years before success is realized. Once they are learned, though, they are never forgotten. It is not the cheapest way to run a business. It usually comes with a great price.



Having a coach or mentor to help guide you through the learning process is actually the best method of the three mentioned. You don’t necessarily have to teach yourself everything there is to know about affiliate marketing. The mentor will get you started by showing what steps to do first, second and third. Then the implementing becomes easy and the results already are known. A mentor is normally paid for their time and service.


Learning from an example is the next fastest way to learn a system that has a proven track record of success. It does come with a price, though. Rarely are these lessons completely free. Just as education takes an investment of time, money, and hard work, so too does an education in affiliate marketing.


What makes Affiliate Marketing So Great


If you have never made any money online then I recommend you at least consider affiliate marketing for these four reasons;

  • It is easy to start
  • It is easy to grow
  • No special skills are required
  • Low, very low start-up costs


When I say it is easy to start I am talking about “really easy” to start. Consider the following reasons to start an affiliate marketing business today:

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money developing a product to sell                                              Create a stream of income
  • You don’t have any stock to buy or worry about storage
  • You don’t have to worry about a shopping cart, merchant accounts, etc, etc
  • You don’t have to be the customer service representative


All you have to do is supply a buyer to the affiliate program of your choice to get paid. The Internet is full of website surfers, all 6 billion of them. What are the chances that one of them is looking for the information that you are supplying? Actually, the odds are in your favor.



You basically get many of the same benefits of having your own product, without all the annoying parts. The best thing is, of course, is getting paid a commission for just directing someone to your affiliate product.




You don’t have to be a technical kind of person to be an affiliate. No special skills required! Honestly, all you need is a computer and the desire to succeed. Really the only four skills required are:

  • Basic computer skills and an Internet connection
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Able to learn new things
  • Patience. This is a marathon, not a sprint!



The low overhead costs are another great benefit to becoming an affiliate. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in inventory and hope to find a buyer.



You don’t have to go build your own store, brick by brick, which would be thousands of dollars before you could accept your first customer.

Building Streams of Income


Think of it…A bare bones, no frills website – $14 a year for a Domain and around $50 a year for hosting. This is of course not including any training on marketing your website.



Everything else can be totally done by you, loosening the purse strings even more. Most businesses pay someone else to do all the things like write articles, design graphics, keyword research, blog posts, etc.



Where To Find Affiliate Training



You can’t find it in the newspaper or in a magazine. You won’t find it in a website builder program either. Good training lessons are seldom free. The small tidbits of information you do find online about how-to do this or do that can be very beneficial. However, you must weed out the bad information from the good. Not an easy task.



There are thousands of websites all vying for your attention, and your money. Many of them have good, legitimate, and beneficial information that can help you build your skills to eventually become successful. Did you hear that, I said eventually.



Affilorama is one of those very popular websites that draws you in with their free offers. They have some good beneficial training and also offer a free program. If you are note careful,  however, your 29 days free window will expire and your credit card is charged a $69 recurring monthly subscription fee. If you cancel your subscription now, you lose any access to their website. If you continue, watch out, they are full of upsells.
Mark ling, the owner of Affilorama, earns seven figures a year salary from his online ventures. This alone should tell you about his truth or consequences.



If you are considering joining Affilorama because of their training and low joining fees I have a much better article for you to read. It is my Review of Affilorama Versus Wealthy Affiliate.



There are only a hand-full of programs specifically designed to teach you how to be successful in affiliate marketing. One of them, in particular, has been giving affiliate marketing training since 2005.



It has a proven track record in providing not only training to make your website successful, but even has a free membership level that gives you two free websites! So when I tell you that you get more for less is no small feat because there are absolutely only one place that has this kind of special offer: yes, you are correct, Wealthy Affiliate.








Why Affiliate Marketing Training is Required


How many people are there that go out and purchase themselves a website to make money online? By just looking at the sales at two of the leading Website Builder Programs I can tell you there literally millions of people doing this.




Of these millions of people either buying a WordPress website or having one built for them, how many of these people actually know how to be a webmaster? How many of these people know how to write content, market their website online, know how to perform keyword research, write good SEO for their website, or even know how to do email marketing?



I can tell you truthfully that the majority of these website owners/contributors don’t know anything about marketing their websites. Yes, you heard me, they have never received any training or done any research on the subjects their websites are about.


Consequently, these websites will forever remain in the basement of Google, Yahoo and Bing.


How do I know this? By looking at the various niches within Google’s search engine. Each niche many times you will find millions of websites all trying to rank for one particular keyword or keyword phrase. Each non-ranking website will be found in last place in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). These are the websites that the people with no training or experience are placed at… at the bottom of the search engines!



This is why affiliate training is so vitally important! Especially if you want to be successful!


Hey, don’t take my word for it! If you want real advice from some very successful affiliate marketers, then read these WA Success Stories, by my good friend Jeremy West.



Like the old saying about “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is very true. If you build a website that has all the “bells and whistles”, have perfect punctuation, grammar and spelling, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be successful. If you are lacking good online and offline marketing abilities and if your website can not get onto page one of Google, your website will be doomed to live in the basement forever.



In my other posts on the popular website builder programs, Is Weebly A Good Website Builder and also What Is Wix Website Builder, I discuss what these two programs are lacking. They don’t have any training available for their customers.



Just as it is useless to spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful, expensive automobile if you don’t know how to drive one.



What Should Affiliate Training Provide


The least it should provide is the assurance for the trainee to be able to engage in marketing and have a fifty/fifty chance on finishing in the top ten of all their competition. Do the two popular website builder programs offer this for their customers?In one word, NO!


The trainee should be able to learn these vital, necessary skills:

  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat
  • Two free websites
  • Learn how to choose Domain name
  • Get hosting at a reasonable price
  • How to do keyword research
  • Learn how to find low-hanging fruit
  • Given a free keyword tool
  • Learn how to pick a niche
  • Learn how to market in social Media
  • Learn about email marketing
  • Learn how to write good content
  • Learn how to use Google Adsense
  • Learn about PPC

I could go on and on with this lists because this kind of training is what you find at Wealthy Affiliate. This training has two levels of training; the free membership (the beginner level) and a much more advanced level (Premium) which has a recurring monthly subscription. The premium membership will actually more than pay for itself by the benefits it supplies.


To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate or the training that they furnish, simply read my review on wealthy affiliate.


I hope you found this article informative and now you know how important good training can be. I also hope that I provided you with the best reliable source on where to find this training.


I look forward to reading your comments or suggestions and hope that if you know someone that is looking for this information that you share it with them in social media.

To your success!

18 thoughts on “What Is Affiliate Marketing Training?

  1. Dan

    I signed up with Wealthy affiliate 4 months ago. I’ve always been hopeless with computers and knew it would be a steep learning curve, the lessons are laid out very clearly and everything is explained in detail. In other words if I can do it anyone can.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You know Dan, many people suffer from I-can’t-do-that syndrome because it sounds so complicated. But as you know it isn’t really hard at all, especially the way the lesson video’s are laid out and organized. One walks into the next and before you know it, you have accomplished in 45 minutes what some experienced marketers take several hours to finish. Thank you for your comment, Dan

  2. lori

    that is a lot of very valid information. affiliate programs have been around for half of forever. back in the old days if you had a cafe near a bike rental shop you paired up – rent a bike and get a discount at the cafe, eat at the cafe and get a discount at the bike shop – its this kind of win win situation that took amazon from an online bookstore to a worldwide megaretailer. a lot of businesses are paying attention now to amazons business model and really grasping the wisdom of it. great job here – have an amazing day

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Lori, for your unbiased comment on affiliate marketing. Things are different today and for the better, I might add. You can have your site up and running in less than half an hour and within twenty days be earning an income! All stay-at-home Moms and Dads, college students, even retired men and women can benefit from this model of working from home to earn a passive income.

  3. Jason

    Affiliate marketing is an art just like any other art form. From the very first day that I was introduced to affiliate marketing, I have never turned back!

    I have learned a lot and have applied all that I have learned to my website(s).

    Those people you mentioned who are sitting at the bottom of the search engines have never gotten the right training so they will think that affiliate marketing does not work.

    I am hoping that many more people will see this article and get to know how they truly can benefit from affiliate marketing by following step-by-step instructional videos and tutorials.

    You have really explained in simple terms to anyone looking to start a successful business online; it certainly requires work and dedication on their part.

    Thanks for sharing this Kenneth. Well written article!


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Jason, you have proven that the right kind of training is better than any amount of schooling, degrees, or luck when it comes to being a successful affiliate marketer. You are out there helping people stay clear of all the BS scams that plague the net these days. By getting the right training from the right source, you learn how to navigate the net to be successful whatever direction you take. Thank you, Jason, for your kind words.

  4. Deanna Martin

    Very good and thorough information. Affiliate marketing is the place to be. I owned a hair salon and day spa and oh the headaches. Payroll, maintenance, workers calling in sick. I could go on and on.
    I like the way your site is laid out. Not too busy or confusing. Easy to read and understand. I am curious, though, who do you recommend as far as your favorite training program for affiliate marketing? Thanks, Deanna

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Deanna, on your agreeing with the benefits of affiliate marketing. It is the easiest business model to start, the cheapest out of pocket expense, the easiest to expand on, and no 4-year degree necessary. The program I highly recommend for the proper training is Wealthy Affiliate. They have a community of entrepreneurs in access of 200,000 members. That should tell you something.

  5. Connie Yan

    There is a lot of information here, you’ve obviously done your homework. I agree that the importance of a mentor one of the most important aspects of doing well in the affiliate programs. What better than the advice of someone (or more than one) who has been there, done that, made mistakes and is willing to share what they learned with you and model the kind of work ethic you need to get there yourself? Thank you for the information, I look forward to your next post.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Connie, for your comment and for reading my post. I am here to help just as the organization I belong to helps me. We are all in this together. If I succeed, you succeed, and vice-versa. Like my father use to always tell me, “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.” So you can take this several different ways, but it is to show what true training can achieve. I look forward to helping and to serve.

  6. Jaime

    Hey Kenneth great and useful information you have here. I agree on having a mentor 100%. There is nothing better then have someone guide you through the process of affiliate marketing and within Wealthy Affiliate, there are hundreds of people there to help and guide you along the way. You explained all the information needed to get started and gave the ins and outs of the program. Thank you for the great share and a well written post.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      I thank you, Jaime, for your choice of using the mentors we have available at Wealthy Affiliate. The community of entrepreneurs is well over 200,000 strong and growing every day. The community is the “secret sauce” of Wealthy Affiliate. They help, they comment, they suggest, they demonstrate, and they lead by example. There is no better place to learn how to be successful with an online business!

  7. Billy

    You make some very important and valid points here; the primary one for me being, training! I agree with you in that you need to get the right training to be successful. I like how you point out that the skills needed to be an affiliate are simple, but actually creating an affiliate based website that generates income, does take time. Patience is both key, and a reward when you do it right. And this is where training helps you a lot.

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You are very right Billy about affiliate marketing. It is not an instant money maker. Affiliate marketing, when done right, is built slowly over time but continues to grow long after you have stopped. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Training is key to if you become successful today instead of tomorrow. Wealthy Affiliate has the proven training to help anyone become successful.

  8. pJ

    Hi, there ken,
    Thank you for the great article on affiliate marketing. I think everyone should read this before they start up or have questions for a great start. You should be able to help a lot of frustrated people find answers here.
    I am looking forward to reading your articles about Weebly and Wix as well. I appreciate the great post very much!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you for the kind words PJ about my article. I would have appreciated an article like this when I started my Internet marketing career a few years ago. No one was warning you about all the snakes, the scam artist, and fake gurus back then. I decided to break the trend and help people accomplish what I have accomplished and to get the training that will make a difference whether you become successful, or not.

  9. Paul

    Great Article, with lots of detail.

    I toyed around with Affiliate Marketing for years before discovering Wealthy Affiliate. I wish I’d found it so much sooner – its given me direction, training and I really feel like I’m going places now.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about what a great opportunity Affiliate Marketing is and would encourage everyone reading your article to seriously consider it.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      I agree with you Paul that affiliate marketing is the easiest business to make money online. I also agree with you that because of the training that is available to you at Wealthy Affiliate anyone can become successful in a very short period of time. Why wouldn’t you try to change your future for the better if given the chance?


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