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By | September 17, 2015

Niche Marketing    Glenda Ervin, the vice president of marketing for Lehman’s once said, “The secret to a successful niche business is realizing that it isn’t about you. It is about the customer.” To paraphrase this is for any niche marketing to become successful they must meet the needs of their customers. They must solve problems.


Niche marketing in this above description would mean to be marketing to a highly selected group of people that have a high potential to connect with the product or service being offered.



If your business has a product that will satisfy a need or solve a problem for a customer, then your business will have a better chance of achieving success of r the long term.



Does your niche market website accomplish this? Does your website offer products or services that “solve” your customers problems? If your business meets the needs of your customers then you will be successful. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen.


The word of mouth advertising will make you successful. It is not the fastest way to advertise, but it is still the best way.




I am listing some examples for you to help you understand what a niche market is. This should give you the leverage to use for a niche website, to better facilitate writing content and help you with your marketing details.



niche marketing graph

Niche Marketing Examples:

1. The Need: Affordable International places to live for retired people
The Business: www.InternationalLiving.com – This website is the answer to retired people who are looking for more affordable living arrangements than what they can find living here in the United States. This website is full of extremely beneficial information on how to live well on only $1500 to $2000 a month, which includes everything. Since most retired people living on Social Security can’t afford health Insurance, Car insurance, medication, etc, they can go to places like Panama, Ecuador, Columbia, Belize, and other well known places and live like a king for half the price of living expenses in the USA.

2. The Need: How to buy diapers online for working parents.
The Company: http://Diapers.com – started out in New Jersey that delivers diapers and baby products under the name diapers.com – then bought by Amazon.com. Originally founded by two dads, Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara. These two entrepreneurs were tired of midnight runs for diapers, frustrated searches for the right diaper size, wasted time in stores. Since there were no online diaper services available, they launched diapers.com.

3. The Need: How to build wealth by becoming debt-free.
The Business: http://DaveRamsey.com – Dave Ramsey has a website as well as the third most popular radio talk show in America. He has successfully taught more than 5 million families, students, singles, and retired people how to create a budget, pay off all your debts and become financial independent. He has written several books that are all still on the best-selling charts, all about creating a legacy for your family, how to become debt free, debt free for children, etc.

4. The Need: Help families pay mortgage to keep from losing home.
The Business: http://www.Adzookie.com – Romeo Mendoza started a free mobile advertising company that will come paint your house and turn it into a giant billboard sign. They then will pay your mortgage for as long as your home stays painted. This keeps your house from going into foreclosure by struggling families that can’t pay their mortgage.

5. The Need: Someone to do the chores around your house.
The business: http://www.domystuff.com – You have a chore that needs to be done around your house but just don’t have the time… Go online, and within minutes you will have either a business or an individual that will bid to do your chore, you just select who will at an agreed price. This clever idea of Darren Berkovitz is sort of a combination of Craigslist and eBay.

6. The Need: To not have to wait for a telephone answer when calling a service provider or company.
The Business: http://www.fastcustomer.com – How many times have you ever called a vendor or service provider and then you were put on hold because of unusual call volume? Not any more! With Paul Singh and Aaron Dragushan service you no longer have to wait. Just type in the company and phone number that you are trying to reach and fast customer will call you when your phone call gets someone on the line.

There are literally thousands of very successful Niche Websites that cater to just a handful of followers. The more selected your niche is, the smaller the volume of followers, but usually the greater potential for long term customers. For one to achieve success, you must

a. Fill the need of your follower (customer)
b. Talk the same language
c. Know how to listen to your follower’s (customer) wants and needs



You may want to continue your learning by getting the book, What Is A Niche Marketing, by the staff of Entrepreneur Media. A very rich book full of extremely useful information, the “bible” of everything a company will face for the first three years, and how to remain successful.

To Your Success!

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