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By | August 31, 2016


Website search engine optimization tips, or SEO tips for short, is how to get a website to position 1, page 1, of the search engines. It might be Google, it could even be Bing, but the key is to enable it to win the coveted position of number one.


SEO Tips



There are many, many SEO experts that can be found all over the Internet. I was curious about this keyword term so I Goggled the term “SEO Expert.” I found 11,600,000 websites all competing for that keyword term. When I used exclamation marks around “SEO Experts”, the result was only 812,000. Still a very large number. Obviously SEO must be important or there wouldn’t be that many websites all competing for that keyword.


Google Search



Some are truly experts in this field. Their ability to help take any website to number one position is phenomenal. Usually, these SEO experts command a hefty price to pay for their advice and even more for their services. Sometimes, however, you can find a really good SEO person on a budget. In other words, a really great price.


I am assuming to become a SEO wizard it takes a certain amount of experience, a certain amount of knowledge, and certainly a lot of skill. I would bet that a little bit of luck is also needed. Since all search engines use their own algorithm to compile positions in the SERPS, no one knows 100% of the formula. It is still top secret. No one is for certain exactly everything that is included in the algorithm. This is where having experience would come into play.



An experienced SEO wizard will be someone who probably has been there, done that, to know what works and what doesn’t work. They will be a seasoned pro and have a very good feel to know, for example, what keyword to use, where to use it, how many times it must be used, etc. We all know keywords are just one of the over 100 things that influence the ranking of a website.



A good SEO wizard will have a lot of knowledge about many, if not most, of the things that factor into the ratings and rankings of a website. Since this is not an exact science, more times than not, getting the majority of these factors right will indeed produce the results that are being attempted.


Skill is another must have talent of a SEO wizard because knowledge without application is useless. It takes a certain amount of skill to take someone’s website and manipulate it into surpassing all other websites in a particular niche or category into a better, or higher position in the SERPS.


In all cases, this will not be an overnight success. Some posts and/or pages will start to climb in the SERPS. Generally, the newer content will show significant improvements in position versus the older, less viewed content.




So of the three things that I just mentioned, experience, knowledge, and skill, which of the these would you rate to be the most important?




Google Penguin Update


Ranking SEO Services


What determines the quality of an SEO expert that markets their talent to the online world? Is it the number of clients this expert managed to get the number one position in the SERPS? Is it based on the potential of success from the experience the expert has? Is the success of a website determined by what position in the SERPS they hold?



These are all questions that someone must answer in order to validate the quality of the SEO expert. What is the website owner really looking for? Is it dominating their competition down the street or another country? Is it trying to dominate the popularity polls in the social media, like Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram?



What about how much money to pay for this expert, and how much control will they be given to accomplish their goal? Is $300 dollars a month too much or too little? Are you comfortable in releasing all the administrative control over to the SEO expert, like log-ins, passwords, etc?


Website SEO


There are so many things that go into rating a SEO expert. Another thing to keep in mind is when the search engines change their algorithm what happens to the websites that the SEO expert has already managed? Do they fall to earth, crash and burn, or are they unaffected? I would think that this would be the most important key in determining the quality of the expert.



There are some very basic, fundamental principals anyone can use to do their own SEO, without having to mortgage their life savings just to afford a SEO expert. Some of these principals will be discussed below.



The other more advanced tips I will discuss in another post in the near future. Or, to learn about the more advanced SEO principals now, along with marketing techniques to not only reach the number 1, page 1 of the search engines but to stay there, you can join me at Wealthy Affiliate.



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Another post you should read is What Makes A Good Keyword and How To Use It Wisely. – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly article about selecting a keyword and determining if it is the right one for you.


If you still need help with understanding SEO read the following this link: What Is Website SEO?






Keywords are a websites best friend, just as a dog is man’s best friend. But using these keywords wisely is the key. For SEO purposes, it is mandatory. If you follow these next few guidelines your success will only be limited to the quality of your content and how often it is updated.



The first most important factor in having great SEO is the name of your website, the Domain Name.



If the main keyword that your website is all about is actually in the Domain Name, then you just hit a home run! This adds a lot of Google-juice to the authority of your website. Just look at any keyword tool. Type in your keyword or keyword phrase, and see the results.



98% of the time the number one spot (below the advertisements) will be a domain name that has this keyword in the name. Latent keywords (a keyword that is similar) will be the next best choice. If this is not an option this is still okay because this one factor is only one out of some 100+ determining factors in a search engine’s algorithm.



The second biggest factor for good SEO is to have the keyword in the title of the post or page. Whatever the subject is about this keyword should be in the title. This is also an important practice to follow in adding content to your website.



The third factor in good SEO is using this same main keyword in the Meta Description. This is important for two reasons:

  • To compel a higher CTR or Click Trough Rate
  • Explain what the content of the post or page is about.



Many of the new websites are WordPress websites that use plugins for their applications. One of these important plugins is the All In One SEO Plugin. Another extremely popular SEO plugin is Yoast SEO. If your WordPress doesn’t have either one of these plugins, then I would suggest you get one of them NOW!



Normally if this description in your SEO plugin is left blank the search engines will use the first sentence in the first paragraph of the post or page. Sometimes this is good.
Generally, my Meta Description will either be the first or second sentence in the first paragraph. It will contain the keyword that I used in my title as well as at least once, if not twice, in the first paragraph, as long as it sounds natural to do so.



The best practice is to when content is being written, have the keyword placed within the first 140 characters of the first paragraph. Do this as long as the sentence sounds natural. Then ideally again near the end of the first paragraph or in a Heading Tag.




Once upon a time it was necessary to use this same keyword, over and over throughout the whole page. That was then. This is now. The best practice in keywords within the body of the content is to use latent keywords. Latent keywords are very similar to the main keyword, which basically mean the same thing.



Search engines are much more intelligent now so the blatant use of the same keyword is actually harmful to the rankings, most of the time. Some exceptions exist, though.



Internal Links is another very important factor for the best SEO practices. Ideally, there will be one internal link having a keyword in the link to another post or page on the website. This has several effects to ranking factors of a website.



For starters, this keeps the visitor on the website longer, which in turn lowers the bounce rate in Webmaster Tools which helps rank the website as better quality. Besides, Googlebot loves following all the internal links it can find, the more the merrier.



There are three types of links that are used in websites. The way that these links are used can be beneficial by affecting the website positively, or they can be detrimental and affect it negatively.



Search engines, especially Google, doesn’t like to find a lot of affiliate links and link banners. One or two is probably okay, but having several will have a negative impact on the overall success of the website.



Then there are links that actually have a tremendous affect and are very beneficial to the website. The more internal links that you have that lead to other pages within your website the better, because Google loves to find relevant content and will reward you with a boost in rankings. Why?




Because generally linking to relevant content within the website leads to good user experience. This is what the search engine Google is all about: UX, or User Experience The longer you can engage a visitor on your website, the better chances you have to possibly making a new customer. They may even reward you by sharing their experience on social media.


Google page 1 position 1




As you can see from the illustration above, by following the techniques that I have shown will, in fact, improve your post and your website position dramatically. This picture displayed is the keyword tool, Jaaxy, that is proof that the page displayed is a real portrait of the actual position of the post.




So remember, if you please your website visitor, Google will reward you for it.




I hope this article helps you in writing better posts that land your website onto page one in the search engine results page. This is all included in our basic training at Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone that has a desire to be successful by having a website that receives lots of traffic.


To Your Success!

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  1. Uwais

    this has really been beneficial, I need to look at the amount of affiliate links I have in my posts – this could be the reason to why am ranking badly on Google.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Uwais, there are a lot of little things that all add up in determining a website’s post ranking in the SERPS. I touched on the four most important factors that are easily controlled by you as the webmaster. Please return to also read how your keywords play a role in the way the search engines notice you.


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