These Off Site SEO Techniques Makes Ranking 10X Better

By | May 27, 2019

There’s no question that website SEO is vital to the overall ranking factors. But did you know, that using these off-site SEO techniques makes ranking 10X better? Did you know that to achieve the highest ranking that both On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO must be used? How your website is perceived has an effect on its performance. By using these techniques described below will have an impact on your website’s overall rankings in the search engines.

What is Off-Site SEO?


Off Site SEO Techniques


Wikipedia defines off-site SEO as promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links as a tactic to increase a website’s ranking authority. One of the proven strategies is to join a Forum in your niche so as you can help others in this group answer their questions. By providing solutions you create the impression that you are an authority.


This is a valuable commodity because it builds trust with the people that belong to this group. When others read your answers that help people they remember who it was that provided the answer. This opens the door to them visiting your site to learn more about you.


When you leave valuable information on sites like Redditt, Stumbleupon, Quora. Digg, etc, you get a backlink that helps with the rankings of your site in the search engines. It is a fact that backlinks still add a tremendous amount of power to your websites overall ranking authority.


What is a Backlink? A backlink can be described as getting an endorsement or approval from the site that is linking to your web page. This can greatly increase the amount of traffic your website will receive just from one backlink. The more authority that the linking website has the higher the score your website will receive in the search engines algorithm.


Some strategies to do in your off-site SEO is to:

  • join forums within your niche
  • start a YouTube channel to acquire followers of your niche
  • share information about your products or services on Social Media
  • build connections with influencers on Social Media platforms
  • guest blogging on authority sites
  • submitting your post in Bing Webmaster Tools
  • URL inspection is the new URL fetch tool in Google Search Console
  • create video’s and linking back to your posts


Join Forums in your niche – Nothing adds more importance to what you comment on than by how you commented and what you said. If your comment was helpful and gets favorable reviews the backlink you get from the forum will greatly increase the amount of exposure your website gets within the group. Search engines are devoted to delivering high-quality content and the approval of the forum ensures a much higher ranking from the search engines.

Go to a forum in your niche and join. Search the forum threads that pertain to questions you can answer appropriately. Answer the thread and give them a good quality answer. Ideally, you will find not only several forums to join but also threads that need answers. This marketing strategy allows you to let the public know that you are available to help them with their problems.

Include a benefit in AT LEAST 25% of the subheadings in your next post. When you do — BAM! — you’ll instantly boost the perceived value of your content.


Start a YouTube Channel – Google has discontinued Google+. What took the place of Google+ is now YouTube Discussion Board. By creating a YouTube channel you can upload videos about your niche and link your website post to the videos. In using the discussion board all the engagement from visitors you receive acts like new content added to your post which adds value to your ranking scorecard. The more engagement you receive the higher the score.


Share Your product or services on Social Media – This alone can have an extremely great influence on your ranking because of the potential engagement social media brings. Not only just from the traffic that social media can send but also the number of followers that can be acquired from word of mouth advertising. This can have a dramatic impact on your subscribers as well as website conversions.

How to get more Social shares of your content? Find a quotable sentence in your website post, a report, statistic, or unique strategy. Then head over to Click on “basic link”. Turn your actionable tip into a tweet. Then, click on “Generate new link”. Next, you grab the link and pop the link into your post wherever you want someone to tweet something.


Build connections with influencers on Social Media platforms – By following the influencers of your niche you can comment on their blogs or their fan page in social media. The comments you leave can often times lead to getting traffic from this site and if your comment adds true value to their site you can get a backlink that can have a tremendously good effect to the ranking of your website.


Quest blogging on authority sites – If the comments you leave add value to an authority site there is a good chance when asked the authority site will grant a quest blogging from you. This authority sites should be in the niche that your website is about so that you are contributing value to the blog which will directly influence the ranking you get from the search engines.


Submitting your post in Bing Webmaster Tools – This should be done every time you publish a post on your site. Bing is one of the three biggest search engines around. True, Google has the lion’s share of the search engine market, but Bing still has a lot of influence on the Internet. Did you know that when using Facebook search, if you couldn’t find what you were searching for, that the default search engine used will be Bing?


URL inspection is the new URL fetch tool in Google Search Console – In Googles search console (used to be Google Webmaster Tools) that to submit your post to Google is done now by the URL Inspection. On the left-hand side of the page, below the Performance tab is the URL Inspection tab. Click on it and at the top of the page is where you submit the whole URL of the website/web page and ask Google to inspect the URL to get your web page indexed into the search engine.


Create video’s and linking back to your posts – When creating videos for your YouTube Channel, if you put the full URL of the post in the video description it becomes linkable. This can add a lot of traffic to your site just from this one backlink from your own Youtube channel.


On Site SEO


What is On-Site SEO?

From my previous post, How To SEO Your Website and Improve Rankings, discusses exactly what should be done for On-Site SEO. I gave several contributing factors that are used to increase the ranking of your website. Some of these factors are:

  • using keyword in your post title
  • using keyword in your Meta title
  • using keyword in your Meta description
  • using proper keyword research to select the best keyword term
  • link to an external authority site
  • link to an internal web page
  • Alt tags within Images with relevant keywords
  • comments within Post along with engagement (e.g. reply to comments)
  • mobile compliant theme (or use of AMP)
  • fast loading site

The combination of both On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO all contribute to ranking a website. The more of these steps that are followed the better your rankings will be and the more probable your website will get more traffic, better conversions and more engagement from the visitors.


Using Keywords That Get the Click


You can write the best content on the Internet, but if no one ever reads it what have you gained? Nothing. It is one thing to use a keyword tool and find a great keyword term that has both high monthly searches and low competition. It is something totally different to write content based on that keyword to find your post never gets ranked. It seems that all of your hard work in research and writing has been in vain.


There is a better way… Find a keyword term that you want to write about. You will have to enhance that keyword term in order to make it more attractive to search engine skimmers. A skimmer is a person who only skims the headlines looking for something that interests them. The way to catch their eye you must make your title jump out to them.


There are several headline generators available to you to enhance your title to get the click. One of these generators is at Portent. You type in your title and enter it into the generator. It immediately displays a title that is much more interesting. You continue to hit the enter button and it changes the title over and over and over again until you find one that you wish to use.


Using a title that is interesting has been around for generations. Look at tabloids magazines at the checkout counter of the stores. They use titles and headlines that make the reader want to read the article. You too must use this technique to make your post look irresistible to the reader.


Another reference for you to see is the How To Use Keywords For An Article post I wrote recently. It will give you some insight into this unique technique.


The search engines are also looking for titles that are more appealing to the search queries that are entered. Do yourself a big favor in dressing up your titles so that people are attracted to your post.

How To Use A Keyword Tool

Keywords are words that people used to find what they are searching for, Whether it is information, products, or services, the keyword term they use is worth more than gold to a website author. By searching through a keyword data banks website authors see what terms people are using to find whatever it is that they are trying to find.


By know this keyword term, an author can then write content pertaining to that particular keyword. If this content gets ranked high in the SERPs, then the keyword term is able to deliver traffic to the website. This makes so important that not only are you using a good keyword tool, like the keyword tool that is my #1 recommendation but also to select the appropriate keyword that delivers targeted traffic to the website.


There is an art to choosing the right keyword for an article. The three metrics a keyword tool delivers are monthly searches, amount of traffic, and how much competition that keyword term has. Needless to say that high monthly searches and low competition are an ideal combination. But having a low traffic number defeats the purpose in using the keyword term because even though your post may get Page One, Position One in Google if no traffic results from this keyword term, that keyword term is of no used to you.


True, your post may get ranked for other keywords that you didn’t even try to rank for, it is still a viable practice to select keywords that have good monthly search volume (100+), medium to high traffic numbers (50+) and low competition numbers (300 or less).




Combining both On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO practices will ensure a 10X improvement to your Website rankings. If you are looking for more information about how to incorporate these practices into your online marketing I have two references for you. One of them is Udemy which has online courses to help you with SEO and a number of digital marketing tips and techniques.

You can even find the keywords that users of Udemy are using to magnify the content of your post which may make it much more searchable.


The other reference I have is to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate, which is also my #1 recommendation to learning how to be successful in online marketing.


I look forward to answering any questions you may have about this article and invite you to share this post with anyone you know that could use this valuable information.


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6 thoughts on “These Off Site SEO Techniques Makes Ranking 10X Better

  1. Daniel

    Hi Kenneth, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am doing on-page SEO techniques but I am not so focused on off-page. URL inspection is something that I regularly do but I think it is not enough. YouTube is a great source of traffic so I think I will start my own channel soon I just need to get the equipment.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      The more of these strategies that you incorporate into your marketing the better results your webpages will be receiving. YouTube is the perfect place to start.

  2. Henry

    Hi Kenneth! I have received a lot of value from your site. If I would have read this post on a forum as an answer to a question I would definitely click your link to your site at the end of the answer.

    I haven’t implemented this strategy yet. But your post has encouraged me to do so. I think the first platform I’ll join will be Quora. It’s a window to high quality free traffic.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Henry, I appreciate your kind words and the more of my strategies that you can incorporate into your marketing, the higher rankings you’ll be receiving from Google.

  3. Angela

    Thank you so much for this information!  This very thing has been so overwhelming for me but you have given me step by step instructions on how to improve my rankings. It has also helped me understand WHY it works.  I will definitely be referring back to this post many, many times.  Thanks again for your help.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      I am glad to be of service to you, Angela. The more you know, the better you will be.


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