[The Top Reasons] To Build Website With WordPress Are Numerous

By | August 3, 2019

Of all the choices available the top reasons to build a Website with WordPress are numerous. WordPress allows anyone to build and install a website. You don’t have to be an IT man or know any computer coding. It’s fast, Mobil friendly, and search engines love them.

Wordpress Websites

Why WordPress?

WordPress initial release was May 27, 2003. Wikipedia defines WordPress as a “blogging” software type website. At WordPress.org their definition of WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL computer coding language.

The features include a “plugin” type architecture that allows the webmaster to add different elements to the website to make it unique and do certain things that other websites can’t. It also offers a “template system” that gives WordPress a “skin” on top of the basic website that enhances the “look and feel” appearance.

It is known mainly as a blogging platform, but with the plugins that can be added, it can do anything a regular website can do and more. In fact, it is used by more than 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019.

WordPress is the most popular website management system in use today. This speaks volumes about the versatility and efficiency of WordPress.

When WordPress was invented, it was supposed to always be free. It is open-source software.

At the time, though, all websites before WordPress were expensive. There were only two ways to build a website; either learn HTML and CSS and build it yourself or hire a website designer to build it for you. Hiring a website designer was an expensive proposition in the range of four thousand dollars or more.

These websites were not interactive, meaning the website visitor had to contact the website and complete a form and wait for a reply via email. WordPress changed this communication to almost as fast as messenger service.

Before WordPress, websites were slow loading, no blogging interface and commenting on websites was non-existent. WordPress changed how people interacted with websites. As of today, people can communicate with websites by leaving comments. This interaction is almost instantaneous, giving the visitor, or user a much better user experience.

Another great feature about WordPress is that it has Responsive themes, meaning that the website can be displayed on a desktop, tablet or even mobile device and still look the same as it is designed to look. This is a huge deal since Google now prefers a website to be mobile-friendly.

If a website is not mobile-friendly, the ranking of that website is downgraded by Google. What this tells me is that if you have a responsive theme and WordPress website, your website will get preferred treatment, which means getting a boost in the ranking.

The ranking factor alone is a good reason to consider WordPress over conventional websites – the ones that you build, piece by piece, from a drag and drop editor.


The Different Components of a WordPress Website

Websites are basically an online page that combines and arranges different elements to accomplish a goal or a certain purpose. The purpose can generally be described as having a business objective with a creative look and feel idea.

Most websites have a basic layout or arrangement of the website’s content which includes the information element, interface element, and the navigational systems. The only other element to a website is the outer skin, which adds the look and feel to the website.

WordPress, being a content management system, which what I refer to as a database, is composed of all these integral parts working together as a whole. WordPress uses these outer skins which are known as “Themes” to give the look and feel of the website.

These Themes are numerous, amounting to over four thousand free themes to choose from. There are also “premium” themes, which started out as a free theme but an engineer added certain features to it that make it a custom theme, which he can now charge a fee to use this particular theme.

There are thousands of these premium themes. The best part about a premium theme is that a webmaster can get full support from the manufacturer of this premium theme. If a plugin, for example, is not compatible with the premium theme, the manufacturer will fix whatever is not working.

Support from the manufacturer is divine because no matter what it is that the manufacturer will find a way to make it work.

How Search Engines View WordPress

Another great thing about WordPress is that search engines love them. Search engines are all about delivering what the user is looking for, plus adding to their good user experience. Comments that users leave on WordPress websites actually increase the overall content of the web page influencing the ranking of the website.

What this boils down to is when a page receives many comments, even though the content isn’t what I would consider high-quality content, the website will receive a higher ranking versus another competing website that doesn’t have any comments. This must be a factor of the ranking process that the search engines used to rank websites.

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Other Website Choices

The only other website choices that there are besides WordPress are the old traditional, build by numbers, HTML websites. Most of these websites are built by a Drag’n’Drop type interface editor that allows you to choose the different components you want in your website.

These websites are typically offered by a company that also hosts this same website for you. The disadvantage of building your website at one of these companies is that if you ever choose to move your website from one host to the other, your website can’t be moved.

Host differ widely in the service that they provide in, the percentage of down-time, the online tools offered, the cost of services, the support they furnish, etc.

Most host that offer these drag n drop website builders doesn’t offer any training on how to market the website once it is published and live on the Internet.

My perception of these drag n drop websites are no matter how pretty or functionality you create in these websites if you can’t get any traffic to this website, what good has it brought you?

Zilch. Nada.

Of course, the old traditional way of building your own website is to learn HTML and CSS computer coding and build it yourself. It probably won’t be able to receive comments, which will affect the overall user experience and hence ranking efficiency. The only fee there will be is to get a host for your website. But with any website, a hosting service must be contracted to allow access to the Internet.

This was the main reason that I chose WordPress over traditional websites.

  • Convenience – If I decide to change the appearance (which is only the outer skin of the WordPress website), no problem. Change it and it won’t change the interactions of the website.
  • Ability to move – WordPress can be moved from host to host without losing any content on your website. This is great when choosing one host over the other. Uptime is mandatory for a website.
  • Ease of use – A slight learning curve to use the WordPress editor, but I have so much more control over how my content is displayed, responsive to desktop, tablet, or mobile, and search engines love me.
  • Functionality – WordPress is dynamic in that there are so many plugins to add to the website you can literally do anything with your WordPress website.


The reason I recommend WordPress over the traditional drag n drop websites is the ability to control what I publish and not be controlled by my hosting company. The other reason I choose WordPress is because my host allows me to have unlimited WordPress websites, SSL certification of my websites, SiteSpeed which enables my websites to load faster than my competitors, unlimited number of email address, anti-spam software, Jaaxy which is one of the best keyword tools around – and the list goes on.

If you want a comparison then you will want to read my report WordPress OR Website Builder,  or my article about Finding The Best Website Builders In The Market,  or the fact sheet on Is Weebly A Good Website Builder.

Because I use WordPress, use WordPress I have benefits beyond any comparison. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and through their training and continued support I can say without a doubt, I am a much better online entrepreneur than I ever was before Wealthy Affiliate or WordPress.

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10 thoughts on “[The Top Reasons] To Build Website With WordPress Are Numerous

  1. Henderson

    WordPress sites are the ones that most people will come across mostly now. It’s great to read the history and how they have transformed interactions on sites. They are really a great benchmark and I feel WordPress in going to be here for a very long time. The convenience, the themes and the autonomy given to site owners is awesome and I see why it can be ranked as the best website for hosting anywhere. I am also planning on opening a site with WordPress and I’ll definitely do.

    What host do you recommend for WordPress?

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Henderson, and I am happy you wish to create your website on a WordPress platform. Given the number of hosts available to you is very numerous. I recommend the best. If you want the best, the host with the most, then you will join Wealthy Affiliate under their premium membership and get an unlimited number of WordPress websites, An SSL certificate, Keyword tool, Training, SiteSpeed, SiteContent, SiteComments – and the list goes on.

  2. RoDarrick

    WordPress websites are the topper in the online bloggers world now. No other hosting is given that much recognition like WordPress because of the ease and accessibility that accompanies it. I personally, like WordPress and I must say that building my website on WordPress has been a blessing to me through wealthy Affiliate as my host has really helped my business a lot. Really excellent post. Thumbs up

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You’re right, RoDarrick, the ease of use and the capabilities are what hooked me. With Wealthy Affiliate as my host, I have the best of both worlds.

  3. Rebamodise

    Great article. Very detailed and I guess it meets the purpose of finding reasons to use WordPress. Anyone really interested in building a website hassle free, I recommend they read this website and use WordPress for all the numerous reasons you’ve brought forward: mobile friendly; present user-interactions(comments); Google rankings(comments boost rankings); outer skin(the themes); plugins; really easy to use(don’t have to be a wizard)…

    I love it

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Everything you brought up, Reba, are the reasons that WordPress will remain the website that everyone wants for their online businesses. The Online world advances a little every day, isn’t it only logical to have a website that advances as well?

  4. Feochadan

    I completely agree with everything you state about WordPress.  It is the most responsive and easy to use platform that I have seen.

    About a bazilion years ago when I was learning HTML I wondered how anybody would have the time to ever build a website and I ran screaming.  Years later I ran into WordPress through Wealthy Affiliates and I fell in love!  Now, still having that basic HTML knowledge has still served me well in certain circumstances with this platform, it is hardly necessary.

    I would highly recommend WordPress to all levels of web designers.  Why re-create the wheel when you don’t have to?  It is of particular value to new entrants into this field as it truly is very easy to use.  Not knowing coding should never be an impediment to making money on the web or just putting out your own blog pages for fun!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Yes, very well said, Feochadan, Never let ignorance stop you from making money online. We all have to learn how to blog, write content, build links, and find affiliate vendors to sponsor. We are all ignorant until we learn these skills.

  5. Gillian

    WordPress is the most popular choice amongst bloggers.  I believe WordPress is user-friendly and you do not need to master CSS or HTML to use WordPress. Furthermore, bloggers can share their blogs for free without a website.  I like also that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is integrated with WordPress. It is what I’m using in all of my blogs. 

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You’re right, Gillian, WordPress is the most popular type of website to have and use. I see that you are also using my recommended host at Wealthy Affiliate. This means that not only are you learning website SEO and how to write content effectively, but you have access to a very good keyword tool in Jaaxy.


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