The Ingredients of the Best Internet Marketers

By | April 17, 2019

There are certain characteristics or ingredients that the best Internet marketers have in common. It is not necessarily just luck or being in the right place at the right time. I have a list of ingredients that the most very successful internet marketers, as well as other successful businessmen and women, all have in common. See if you have any of these traits as well.


When I was a younger man I noticed how success seemed to follow the people I admired. I always wondered how they seemed to know what to do and when to do it. They looked like they were always in control and very seldom did they ever lose control. Was it fate? Was it luck?



These individuals weren’t afraid to take risks nor were they willing to concede defeat.



When I started online marketing I had a lot to learn. Watching experienced online marketers work I was in awe. They made it all look so easy. They were meticulous in their whole operation. I always wondered if I could ever be as good as these marketers I admired so much.



These marketers all displayed certain traits, or



I wanted to know how these people seemed to differ from the others they were surrounded by. Success seemed to magnetically adhere to them. I wanted to know their secret. So I set out to copy these traits that seemed to come naturally to the people that were successful.



What is Your Definition of Success?


We all have our own set of values that determine our definition of success. What are some of yours?


Most people would agree that success is defined in the accumulation of money or wealth. This is primarily how success is measured but surely this isn’t the only metric that success can be measured.


Money and success


Regardless of what career that defines their position, some key elements are shared by all of them.
Are there other very important traits that are common to all successful people?


What about freedom? What about the number of subscribers or the admiration of others?



Freedom to do the things that you want, when you want, is another important metric in defining success. By having the freedom you do not have to answer to anyone but yourself. You are not trading your time for a paycheck, making other people rich. Most people would agree that if they were financially independent that doing something they love to do would be their definition of success.



But isn’t that what successful online marketers are already doing? They are doing something they love to do, which is online marketing. Is love the magic ingredient that makes an online marketer successful? It makes you wonder…



Setting goals and meeting them in the time allotted could also be a metric in defining personal success. I would venture to say that all successful people, regardless of their career, set personal goals as their primary objective. It is a tool that can be used in keeping or adhering to a schedule. An example could be to double the number of subscribers to an email list in thirty days.



The Wikipedia ( definition of Direct Marketing uses the metric of “response rate”, and it is one of many clearly quantifiable success metrics employed by direct marketers. The ability to build relationships with people induces authority over their competitors to gain market share.



Every successful person I have ever met seemed to share the same traits which have to lead them to be successful. Over the years I have grown my list of values that successful people practice day in and day out. There may be more, but these are the basics that all successful people possess.


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What Ingredients Do Successful Internet Marketers share?

  1. They are competitive – this is one of the key factors in determining their drive to succeed. They like to win. It is more about the journey than the reward. Their reasons may be different but their desire to prosper is relentless. Their passion for winning is unmistakable which fuels their drive.
  2. They are disciplined – discipline is good. General Norm Schwarzkopf (of operation Desert Storm fame) once said: “Shined shoes saves lives”. Norm went on to explain that in the heat of battle, the fog of war and being under pressure, the undisciplined die. So it is in business. Without discipline, it is easy to stray away from reaching a goal. They create a plan and stick to it. They set goals to what they want to accomplish and then implement strategic steps to reach their goal. Setbacks are a part of life and they are willing to modify their plan as needed to reach their goal.
  3. They set a schedule – this is a very important factor in reaching a goal. Like clockwork, they follow their plan, step 1,
    then 2, then 3, etc. As they encounter problems they devise alternatives to turn problems into minor obstacles. They don’t procrastinate. They are usually early to rise and don’t stop work until they finish what was intended to get completed.
  4. They become an SEO expert – and continually keep abreast of the ever-changing landscape of their profession. They
    never try to deceive the search engines, but conform to the rules and principles that are required to not be penalized.
  5. They learn from their mistakes – and don’t repeat them going forward. They are never satisfied with staying in one place in life. They are always trying to improve themselves and their business.
  6. They let go of their past – they focus on the now. By concentrating on the now their mind is clear and open to new ideas,
    which fuels their creativity. Any past mistakes or negativity, they let go to focus on attracting positive energy. Likes attract like, so success breeds success.
  7. Attention to detail – and they strive to keep everything in order. Most people overlook small details which, many times, are the ones that will derail progress. They set procedures to follow which make any correction necessary and easy to locate and modify.
  8. They are attentive – they don’t stray far from their path. They keep their focus toward their goal and respond to any threats they may deter them from reaching their goal.
  9. They are authentic – and never fake who they are. Every successful marketer didn’t get to where they are by being dishonest. They are trustworthy. By being honest they are trusted by their peers and the people they have contact with. They live by their standard and are always consistent and transparent. You may not agree with their opinions but you’ll never be confused about their motives or where they stand.
  10. They take accountability for themselves – and own up to mistakes they have made. They don’t rely on other people to solve their problems. They are honest and forthcoming. They know who they are and their place in the world. It is inevitable that any successful person will falter. By owning up to their failures endures trust by their peers which enables others to follow their lead. As like Thomas Edison once said after he invented the incandescent light bulb, “I found one-thousand ways that didn’t work.”
  11. They are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed – as they know that failure is inevitable but they persevere and learn from their mistakes. They never quit. Most people, on the other hand, quit after they fail at something.
  12. Treat everyone the same – whether it is the CEO of a company or just a delivery driver. They treat everyone with respect.
    Even their customers, they try to have a good relationship with them. They know a happy customer is valuable, like a diamond in the rough. With a little polishing, the diamond becomes very valuable.
  13. They are usually very frugal – they don’t need to buy the latest fad or new shiny object that everyone is raving about.
    They don’t waste their time pursuing items that won’t help them reach their goal. While other people are busy consuming, they are creating. Once they find something that works for them, they become an expert with using it.
  14. They keep track of their achievements as well as their failures – like a scorecard, they use it to help them continually
    move toward their end game, which is to succeed.
  15. They know how to network effectively – and surround themselves with people that are like-minded. They seem to know what questions to ask and who to ask. They know they don’t have all the answers but are willing to network in order to find the information they are seeking. Like Dave Ramsey always says, “To be a millionaire do what millionaire’s do,’
  16. They never stop learning – they read at least one book a month, and are always seeking new knowledge. As in most people, once they graduate from college, they are finished as a student. The successful person, on the other hand, continues to learn and try new things.






This is the short list that I have made of the qualities and values of successful online marketers, as well as successful people, that all have in common. These values, or ingredients, are rare to find in every person. I would say that any online marketer could be a very successful marketer IF they possessed some of the ingredients I have listed above.


What about you? Do you possess any of the above ingredients? It’s not too late.



Everything on the list above can be learned. You don’t necessarily have to be born with the values that successful people have. If you desire to be successful more than watching a favorite TV program, then I have great news for you.



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To Your Success

8 thoughts on “The Ingredients of the Best Internet Marketers

  1. Alister Bredee

    Great, thanks for sharing this link on WA. I am new to affiliate marketing and am definitely on the learning curve at the moment. I enjoyed your ideas and they gave me something to think about. The next step is to put some of this into practice.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Hey, Alister, great to have you aboard! Thank you for your comment about my post. As you are learning the key steps in being successful, skills can be learned even if you weren’t born with the right traits. I’m living proof of that fact.

  2. Timothy Guth

    I like this a lot you lead people in the right direction,
    Truly, like the way you got the Affiliate programs to make money on the internet, these are a great help for me as well as other Thanks,

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Timothy, for your comment. If you weren’t born with or learned the right way to market online you’ll never be a big success. However, the skills required to be a success can be learned. I am living proof that it can be done. I wish you continued success in your online journey.

  3. dkohara

    That is really neat. You’ve encompassed pretty much everything that is needed to succeed in marketing. The concepts of making money are actually simple, but most people approach things the wrong way. Hopefully after they’ve read your post the methods will become clearer.

    I wish you every success on your journey, although it looks like it’s inevitable with your knowledge of the subject.


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Dave, for reading my post and leaving your kind comment. After struggling with affiliate marketing when I started I decided to get real training and soon I started reaping success! Learning SEO and keyword research was my biggest accomplishments. If you want the same success I have found, you’ll get the right training, as I learned my skills from Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Fran Kelso

    What an excellent list! I copied the main points to keep with my desk supplies as inspiration. Also, I can check and see which topics I need to work on and which I already have covered. I really like that you pointed out that success can mean more than just having bunches of money. Freedom is more important! Granted, you need some money to survive. I also think you can measure your success by how many people you have helped to improve their lives in some way. Compassion, caring, and understanding are some qualities that I think are helpful for the successful person to have.

    Your list inspired me. Thanks for publishing it

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Fran, for reading my post about what drives successful people. I think just like you, that we all can improve ourselves by copying the habits of successful online marketers. Compassion, devotion, wanting more, helping others achieve worthiness, they all play a part in developing successful habits.


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