SEO and Google’s Penguin Update

By | April 1, 2016

For the uninformed the possible consequences could be severe from Google if your website is found in violation of the Penguin update later this month. According to my friends over at, a penguin update is scheduled to arrive in April that will penalize websites that have bought inbound links.

Google Penguin Update

To read the full disclosure of this update just follow this link and find out if your website could be slapped. With everyone trying to be honest and follow Google’s guidelines there are still some websites not practicing good SEO techniques.



These websites are being devalued by Google because they are being deceptive in their acquiring inbound links which manipulate search results. Any site that has been found guilty of buying links will be penalized. So what are links that are considered “paid links”?



What is the Penguin Update?                                          penguin update



This Penguin update is an addition to the Google search ranking algorithm that is intended to find and penalize sites that are appearing to manipulate their search results through acquiring back-links in a shady-kind-of-way.



The websites that have been adhering to the guidelines that Google considers good SEO practices will be rewarded. But the websites that have been buying links, such as a linking site has been paid to place a link onto your website or any link that has been obtained through a linking network that has been traded for will be slapped.



If you are dependent on the income of your website you could endure some painful losses to revenue before your site can recover from this slap. It is very possible that recovery won’t happen until the next update to this algorithm – which will make it very critical to your site’s survival.



Google said as of the last Penguin update of October of 2014 that these updates will be in “real time”, that is recoveries may happen at any time before a new update is scheduled. I said, “may happen”.


SEO practices


When is this next update scheduled? HA! Since when did Google ever tell anyone when their updates would be arriving? If we were to go by history from the last Penguin update was October of 2014. almost a year and a half ago. So from April 2016 plus one and a half years equals October 2017.



If your site is guilty of these not so grand practices and find yourself being slapped, can you wait until October 2017 before you will be given the chance to “redeem yourself?” Or if “real time” means that your recovery is possible before a new update, can you survive the slap?



There are ways to avoid this “slap”. You can add a no-follow to the links in question, remove them completely, or wait for the tool that Google will provide (assuming this tool is offered before the update).


real time

What is “Real Time” Mean?


Google representatives had hinted that their last Penguin update would be in Real Time. What they mean is that there would be no more announcements when any new updates would become effective. Their ‘real time’ would be constantly refreshed and tweaked on a regular basis.



So what happens to websites that are found guilty of not following Google’s guidelines? Will they recover? In a word, yes. A website can and will recover because of the constant adjusting withing the algorithm itself. Good news for webmasters.



So as a final warning to businesses that require their websites to maintain good SEO, “Be careful who does your SEO”.


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2 thoughts on “SEO and Google’s Penguin Update

  1. Tony

    I find SEO a fickle thing. All the ‘advice’ seems to change, almost on a monthly basis. We all seem to be at the whim of Google and, for the most part, we all ‘jump’ when Google says ‘go’. I think that, as long as we adhere to ‘common sense’ white hat practices, we should have no worries about what Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the others decide to do. Onwards and upwards.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You are right Tony about Google, Bing and Yahoo. People seem to try to jump through hoops or sing and dance a new tune every month or so. It is just everyone trying to look the part of an authority figure and gaining an edge on their competition. To have a successful online website, just practice the white hat techniques that we learn at Wealthy Affiliate, be consistent in adding new content, and spend 60% of your time researching your niche topic and marketing yourself, and 40% of your time adding new content. This is what I do and it is working for me. I am sure it will work for you also, tony.


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