What Is Wix Website Builder


Product Name: Wix
Website URL: wix.com
Price: Free trial – up to VIP plan @ $29.92 per year
Founders: Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan, NadavAbrahami
Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10


I intend to answer the question of what is a Wix Website Builder and give you a thorough and complete review of my findings. The best way to properly do this review is to list all the merits and shortcomings of this website builder program, and let you be the judge. This builder program, like many other “drag and drop” providers has some very good points and some rather unpleasant or, distasteful issues. I will try to provide everything that I have found to let you be the ultimate judge.

After I complete my Wix review I will then show you what is a free website builder program, and where you can find one.


Wix Review Highlights

1. Over 510 templates in several categories to surely provide an adequate template for your niche or industry.
2. Just as with Weebly it uses a drag and drop builder program – insert any content anywhere – with fluid flexibility and no coding required.
3. Comprehensive support – email, phone, faq answers and a forum support.

example of Wix templates

Example of templates


The drag and drop feature is a very sophisticated method of building a website, very similar to the copy and paste routine we have come accustomed to. It allows you to see immediately the result of your action so that you know if it is correct or needs further refinement.


The templates that Wix have at their disposal are also very well designed and have that professional look and appeal. You will find many different templates that can be used in all the different categories like personal, blogs, business, or services, just to name a few.
price chartprice chartprice chart

They also have a “free trial program” to let you experiment with building a website just to see what the final product will look like. This is a good thing. Many people have that problem of not knowing whether they have what it takes to operate a business online. Basically that is what you are doing here, is to build a platform on which to conduct business online.


However the free website is not ad-free. There are ads that on your website that are not under your control.


Their interface at first looks very intimidating. It is actually harder for a beginner to use than the drag and drop editor at Weebly.com. I found it most annoying at first. Every time I went to edit the name of my website that I was building, another price chart would open up, so I could not do anything until I spent money. See below:
another price chart

The only downside to their support is the time between asking your question and receiving an answer. Unless you are able to phone them during working hours, you may have to wait to solve your issue. If you are a business, this could be disastrous. Time is money.



With just a few minutes of using their drag and drop approach to building a website, even the least computer savy person can use the tools Wix provides to build a well designed website.
But don’t take my word for it! Let us ask some paying customers what do they think of the builder program.


comparison chart

The growth of people using Wix has grown steadily over the years. The proven system in which these users have grown accustomed shows the drag and drop method is very popular. The users that have stayed with Wix over five years is also an indication of satisfactory results.



Now whether this growth is due to the easy of use and fair pricing versus just the number of people requiring a website may never be known. The truth of the matter is in my opinion that Wix provides an adequate program to build a website at a reasonable price. However, they do not provide any means of education to help the user market their business website through the search engines to increase their website traffic which will greatly influence the position of their website in the serps (search engine results page).



This lack of education will greatly affect the popularity, the ROI (Return On Investment), and the authority of the websites in the market they serve. Also the lack of available plugins from their app store to help a complex eCommerce web store to operate efficiently is unacceptable. Wix is better than most website builder programs, but they still draw a short stick when it comes to providing all the tools necessary.


If you go back to the pricing chart, compare some of the features, such as Email options, the SEO options, and the Support options. What jumps out at you? First of all email is a very important account to have control of. It is vital for communication with visitors, customers and subscribers.



Email accounts are lacking on all levels of all membership categories. The only email service they offer is for an additional fee of a minimum of $4.08 a month. If you start adding up all these little charges, they soon add up to over the competitors prices, thus would be more beneficial for some other service provider.



The SEO which is the life blood of any website is NOT done by wix for your site. It must be done manually, by you, or it doesn’t get done. The SEO I am talking about are the Page Titles, the Meta Descriptions, and all Tags. So unless you know of these very important issues of a website, you, as the webmaster will fail miserably in pleasing Google or any other search engine.



The support options are usually very prompt, and easy to understand, however, without live personnel to help and answer your immediate problems, it could result in a business fiasco. The phone support is okay, but unless you have your problem during business hours, it is hard to predict or control issues on a 24/7 hour time frame.


Wix Overall Value

1. Unless you are happy with your first built website, you can’t change what you first started. You must start all over from scratch.
2. The email accounts for me are not adequate for what a business must have. This should be an item that is first to get, and be free.
3. The FAQ section is good and answers many questions; However, it is a section of the website that should be read by everyone regardless if you are having any problems or not.
4. If you are not needing a website to earn an income or to sell anything, then the website that you will get from Wix and the amount of services provided then I highly recommend their website building program and hosting plan.
5. The templates provided by Wix for an amateur photographer or hobbyist are very sufficient. I don’t think that their services will hold up well to a high traffic eCommerce or business site.
6. My overall opinion of Wix is that out of a rating of 10 and 10 being the best I give them a 5.5 total rating. There drag and drop builder program isn’t as easy to use as their competitor, Weebly, so that plus their poor other service of email accounts, poor SEO and adequate support lowers their overall ratings.


I hope you find these results to be fair and true. I

WIX VS Wealthy Affiliate


Comparing Apples to Apples I would rather recommend a company that is truly in my opinion number one when it comes to providing value, service and training. When I was speaking earlier about what is a free website builder program look like and where you can find one, this is the place where it can be found! This is the only place that I know of that truly has a 30 second website building program.