The Best Website Builder For A Small Business

I’m on a quest in finding the best website builder for a small business out of several website builder companies to choose from. They all offer you a wide variety of plans, from building your website to hosting. But which one is the best program for you? Every business has different needs and what I need may not be what you need. I want to show you what I have found and what I look for in choosing the best website builder for a small business in the marketplace.



I am delivering the results of my investigation in the top three website builder programs, and then give you my top choice in my recommendations. Please read this whole review, you may be surprised…



First of all who are the choices when you first start searching for a website builder program? If you search in Google with the term, “website builders” you find 573000 websites all competing for this search term. Clicking on the top choice (below the advertising spots I select the Best Website Builder Reviews of 2015. This gives me their choice in the top ten, which are:

  • with their ratings of 9.7
  • Wix with their ratings of 9.3
  • Weebly with their ratings of 9.1



These are the top three website builder programs and with a little more investigation, also the most popular. All these three programs have one thing in common; they all three use a “drag and drop” building process to build your website, plus each offers Hosting for your website.


This is no wonder why is the top choice with most website reviews. They are a publicly traded company based in Florida. They also are a top notched company that offers more than just a building program. They also offer web and marketing services for any small to medium-sized company.



With thousands of templates to choose from, you can build your own website or pay to build it for you. They even offer a free program, but it is a very limited plan which does include a.COM domain. homepage


If you go visit their site the first thing that jumps out at me is the navigation of their site. You are given the choice of Websites, Online Marketing, Other Products, and Premium Services. Myself being a DIY man my first choice is going to be the websites and what do they have that can help me. When I clicked on the Websites a drop down menu appears with the choices: We build it for you; Do it yourself; eCommerce website; and Mobil website.


Hmmm, this is disturbing because what happens if (a) I wanted to build it myself, (b) it had to be an eCommerce website, and (c) it must also be mobile friendly?



In December 2015 Google announced they wanted all websites to be mobile friendly; that is, your website has to be responsive. It must be able to adapt correctly whether the user is on a desktop, a tablet, or a smart-phone. So the choice just gave me is not good.



Perhaps this is another reason that there are millions of websites on the Internet but only a handful that are actually finding success. I remember not too long ago that Site Build It was advertising they had the most websites on page one of Google than any other website online. That is saying a lot!



The total number of websites that are on page one of Google is much more diverse now than just a few years ago, neither of the three listed above of the three best website builder programs comes close to that claim. second navigation button is their Online Marketing which has a drop-down menu of Ignite Online Marketing; Facebook Boost; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Pay-Per-Click Marketing; and Local Leads.



The marketing of your website is the most important aspect of making your website successful or just another website out there in website land. Social Media can make, or break your online success in just a matter of days. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, all of these platforms help with targeting your market and increasing your site traffic. focuses on building your business a Facebook page, promoting it, getting likes which may eventually bring in more traffic to your website. This is a very good choice and a must in good marketing. However, should you pay a premium price for this service? Or should this service be included in your hosting fees? This alone would have me looking elsewhere for a good reputable company to host my website!



Your always best long-term success is how you do the SEO of your website. Keywords are probably the most important of all the different items used in getting your website to position one, page one of Google. I couldn’t find a keyword tool anywhere in, however.



There are about two-hundred different items that are used in Google’s Algorithm to arrive at their ranking of websites positions. Meta Title is one of them. Meta Description is another. The number of keywords in the content is yet another. Yet a keyword tool can’t be found at any of these three top choice website builder programs!



What’s wrong with this?


For starters how do you intend for your website to rank high in the SERPs (search engine results page) without knowing which keyword to use? That’s like having a Mercedes Benz and not know what fuel is best to use. This alone could leave your website dead before ever becoming live. Does Zombies give you a hint? There are other options that also don’t make any sense to me either. They all cost more money to install, to use, or to order from one of these top three website builder programs.



So my overview of 7 out of 10.


Wix gets the second spot in total ratings according to the number one position website when searching for “website builders”. I actually tried out Wix to see if their drag and drop website builder program was as good as everyone claimed. NOT!



I found that actually has a most friendly version of the drag and drop website builder program than Wix or even Wix also lacks in total services, especially for the costs in what is provided. They do not offer any keyword tools, marketing education or services, or any SEO for your website. SEO service should be mandatory and included in the price of hosting your website, especially if it is built by these professionals. If you build it yourself, using their tools, then they should at least offer you free education in learning what you need to know in order to get your website ranked in the SERPs!



Wix does offer some very stunning good templates (510 templates I think) for many of the different niches or services that would coincide with what you choose. I don’t like their user-friendly version of drag and drop website builder program versus the, which is the best of these three. However, they do have some attractive pricing for the little bit that you get.



I am obviously a little more critical of what Wix has as their best option in the website builder program. I am reluctant in recommending Wix as the go-to website builder program because why would someone want a website if it never reaches page one of the search engines?



If spending the minimum dollars to achieve maximum results, you would be better off learning how to build, add content and market your website yourself versus using one of these three websites builder programs. My proof is yet to come.


My Overview of 5.5 out of 10


Weebly is the third and final choice in the top three of website builder programs. I am still wondering why these are the top three choices. For money well spent, I would rather spend it on a program that is proven to offer the best results in rankings of websites than spend it on a cheap, second, third or last rate website building program.



Weebly offers a very good user-friendly builder program with lots of choices in templates to start with and customize to your liking. They also offer competitive pricing in their hosting and their monthly service agreement. They don’t, however, offer any marketing, advertising or promoting of your website. If you want to have a website that will show up on page 999 of Google, then,, or would be my choice.



Marketing is everything when it comes to having a website on page one of the search engines. Social Media, SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and getting backlinks all add up to getting your website noticed, then reaching the top of the SERPs, then staying there.



Google will tell you right up front, Content is King! You can write some of the best content in the world, but unless you can get people to read it, it is all useless. This is like building a Super-Wal-mart without building any streets or sidewalks leading to the store… How are people going to shop there unless they can get there?
My overview of 6 out of 10



What do I recommend?


I recommend you first read one or all three of these next pages about building a website.



Now my viewpoint is based on being a DIY man and getting the most out of the money I spend. I am very frugal so I can’t recommend something that I won’t ever use, regardless if it goes against the masses.



My recommendation hands down? Go with a company that has a proven record, the least amount of complaints filed with the BBB, and a company that will pay you back. My choice is to go with Wealthy Affiliate. To see why I recommend wealthy affiliate, click on this link =>Wealthy Affiliate