How To Work From Home Without an Investment

By | September 1, 2015


If you want to know how to work from home without an investment, I have good news for you. Would you like to know how to start a home-based business with no money? Would you like to know if you could make a lot of money by “working from home?” Do you want to know how to start a business and work from home without an investment? Keep reading because I am about to show you how.


Home Office

My Home Office at home

What if I told you YES, for all the above questions?


The picture you see above is my home office in a spare bedroom. Since this is a home-based business, this bedroom which is now a “business suite” is a tax write-off. This is just one of the many benefits of having a home-based business. (Since I market online all the costs associated with this is tax deductible).


This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme or get-rich-fast. I am going to tell you four of my top choices in finding what you can make money from while working from home.


If you have read any email messages or watched Facebook videos that show people making thousands of dollars a day working from home with very little work or no time are all a fallacy. However, not all business models of working from home are scams.






There are actually several businesses that you can start with no investment working from home. This should be great news to both mothers or fathers that are stay-at-home spouses that care for their children. Single parents that are raising their children can also benefit from this ideal situation by working from home as a part-time 2nd job.


You CAN make a very good income working from home, but it will take work. It is attainable. It is not a hand-out and yes, you will have to work for every dime you get paid.
Just some of the benefits of working from home are:

  • you get to set the hours when, where and how you work from home.
  • You are the boss that makes all the decisions.
  • You decide if you wear pajamas or even get dressed.
  • You decide if you lounge out by the pool with your laptop or you sit in front of your desktop.
  • You get to choose what you market.
  • You are a business so everything is tax deductible.



how to make money without investment pic


But for the other people that have the entrepreneur spirit that desires more, this can be a windfall of opportunities to earn an income and still stay at home!






Whether you work from home part-time or full-time, the one thing that separates the successful from the not-so-successful is education.

What ever business you decide to start at your home, to be successful you must educate yourself on everything about the business. Remember, knowledge without application is meaningless. If you don’t apply that knowledge properly and with intent, it becomes useless.





Education is the foundation to every successful business. Operating a business from home can have many advantages and benefits. There are not many businesses that have made their money on sheer luck.


You only have to have two key components to be successful working from home. The first one is the desire; the second one is you have to be trainable.

For people who already have the desire to start working from home but just need a platform to get started, I advise to educate yourself by getting “Free Training” from Wealthy Affiliate University. 


work from home

The view from your home office at the lake.


When you do become successful working at home the picture above could be the view from YOUR home office.


For the people who want to work from home but don’t know where or how to get started, I have some very fantastic news. You don’t have to be a professional accountant or have a 4-year degree from college. You don’t have to be trained in any particular career to work from home.



The first hurdle to jump is deciding if your business is going to be “online” or “offline”? Many services oriented businesses such as installation, building, sales, etc can provide a person with a very legitimate income from working from home. Most of these jobs are for local clientele or within a specified distance from your home.




Some of your first steps to take to start working from home are to have a computer with high-speed Internet access. Then please read Legitimate Work At Home Jobs to get ideas on what you want to do.



Newspaper, radio ads, billboards, or television advertising is extremely efficient but expensive. So if you are looking to start a business without an investment online is your best option.



The “online” approach actually has more advantages to growing your business without an investment. Plus it has a market size of over 2 billion potential customers. Your customers are not just local citizens in your city or town area. Your customer base is global, which includes everyone that is on a computer!


I would recommend “online” marketing for the sheer volume your business can generate. Since today more people are online than ever before, this is the ideal way to market your business.


Whether you handle local clientele only or not, this is the best way to find your next potential customer. Your ROI will be much higher with an online approach to acquiring a customer.


Some different Businesses from an Online Approach



Of all the many varieties of working from home opportunities available to everyone, I am going to discuss the top four in my book of the best work from home opportunities. I do all of these below.

    • The best way to make money with no investment is with affiliate marketing


    • Making money from building websites for other businesses


    • Making money online with your own store


    • Making money by writing as a freelance writer



Man with money bag


Best Way to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing




The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to associate yourself with a very large, successful business that offers an affiliate membership. One of the most lucrative and desirable businesses to be associated with is



This has to be one of the easiest businesses models to set up. Anyone can do this too. Stay at home moms or dads, retired people on limited set income, or even a college student looking to earn extra income while going to school full time.



Real and legitimate affiliate marketing is different than the way the scams portray it to be. With many of the scams, in addition to their membership fees, you have to jump through hoops by purchasing several upsells of the product you intend to sell. But with “real” affiliate marketing you don’t have to buy any products or even pay outrageous affiliate fees.



In real affiliate marketing, you decide on a niche and then you write articles, posts and pages on as many aspects of the products associated with this niche of your website. If you are wondering what the hell is a “niche”, please watch the video below to learn what a “niche” is and how you make money from this type of business.


Or perhaps you are wondering how on earth are you going to build a website, if all you ever done is view your email or surf the web. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to start a business to work from home. You don’t build a website yourself, per say. You select a website that has a theme that corresponds to your business, or niche that you have chosen.





You can also view this quick video from a member of Wealthy Affiliate and see what her definition of a niche is and how to best pick one. What is a Niche
As you have just seen the definition of the word “niche” and how it relates to affiliate marketing, I am sure there is a niche that includes the very niche that you could be happy with working from home.



Affiliate marketing is basically taking a passion or hobby of yours that other people share the same interest in and creating a website that caters to the products associated with this passion or hobby. You write articles about these products that these people will be interested in.



If you become an affiliate to, for example, then you place links to the products on Amazon from the pages of your website. If a web surfer that clicks on one of your links to Amazon, then this link takes them to Amazon to purchase this product.



The even better news about this link is that whatever this customer buys while at Amazon from clicking your link, then you get paid a “finders fee” between 4% to 9%. If this customer buys a digital Television set that retails for $1200, then you just made 4% x $1200 = $48.00!



What is wonderful about affiliate marketing is that it never sleeps. It can be making sales for you 24/7 a day, 365 days a year!


Making Money Building WordPress Websites







Back in the day when I first entered Internet Marketing in 2006 there was no such thing as WordPress. There were websites, but they were very expensive to acquire and only a handful of people knew how to build one.,/span>



In 2015 there are over 1900 free WordPress websites and themes to choose from. So for a person to build their own website is extremely easy and even cheaper!
Of course, you are going to have to have access to a facility that will provide you with training, hosting, and the 1900+ WordPress websites that I am referring to. I am referring to using Wealthy Affiliate for all your training, your hosting platform, free websites, everything for one low monthly price.


As a work from home business opportunity, building websites can be a very fulfilling profitable adventure. Just for a moment visualize all of the businesses that are located in your home town. Many of these businesses are small Mom and Pop businesses.


Picture yourself selling one of these businesses a website and hiring you as a consultant to write the content for their website. Or just paying you to manage their website for them. You do the advertising for them but of course, you never use your own money.



You don’t even have to be an expert on building a website. It is a very simple 4-step process, from creating your website name (domain name) to choosing which theme you want to use (1900 + and growing).

    • You create your website name


    • For a free website, it will have the name at the end


    • You choose which theme you would like to use (1900 plus themes to choose from)


  • Click the “Build my website”



Now you have your very own website – for free!



So a great business model for you to work from home as a business webmaster is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. In this membership, you get an unlimited number of websites. But the best is about to come…



As a member of the best affiliate programs you not only get me to help you when ever you need but you also get every other member there as well.. And that is 200,000 members and growing!


With your membership now you have website hosting all for one low price. If you are able to go out in your community and sale small business owners a website of their own and you as the webmaster, You charge them your membership fee, write all their content, and you earn a monthly recurring fee from each business that hires you as their webmaster.



This is just one of many business opportunities you get when you have your own website and a hosting platform.



Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to build your own website:

Build my website in less than 30 seconds!


I would also recommend you to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate by reading another article: Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2015.


Making Money as a Writer




If you can communicate and tell your story to people, then you can be a content writer. Writing is nothing more than communicating by words on paper. For me, it is much easier to communicate by writing than by talking to a stranger.



This is one of the main things you do with Affiliate Marketing is write content. You write about products and tell people what you liked about it and why. You try to convince people without really selling. You just give them your honest opinion and if they agree, they buy – you make money!


Writing jobs




Just look at the websites that have sprung up in the last several years. As you can see, people blogging every day, everywhere about everything, about nothing. Some of these people have found how to make money on their blog and some of these people are making thousands of dollars every week! There are many, many jobs as a copywriter nowadays. Look how many people advertising their services on,,,  etc.



There are hundreds of companies, large and small looking for writers. Some companies actually employ one or two in-house editors but the bulk of writers today all work as freelance writers working remotely from anywhere in the world!


If you join (for free), you have access to their huge database of entrepreneurs and businesses that are always looking to hire someone with talent with working from a computer.



Writing is something we all do on some level. Do you write emails or messages on social media? What about text messaging? These are all forms of content writing. Now once you gain a little education about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and some Keyword research your services as a professional content writer can more than triple the fees that you charge.


As I said earlier, many companies are looking for a good copywriter to write content, sales copy, sales descriptions, vacation getaways, and brochures. With just a little education about keywords and SEO, you could be earning recurring monthly revenue from the likes of or Look how many products these two businesses have listed to sale.



You could be making thousands of dollars a month by contacting one of the vendors at Amazon or eBay and rewrite their sales copy so their product sells much better. Most of these vendors will gladly pay you 20% commission on every one you sell. Just think what you could do with the content on some of those products.


And since practice makes perfect your talent will only get better.


Making Money By Selling on eBay



This is where I got my start in online sales was at eBay. Why? Because they already have traffic to their website. Tons of traffic! You can open a store on their website platform. You get the options to sell at auction, to sell as a Buy Now, or sale price not negotiable.


my eBay homepage


The only hard part is getting people to want to buy your items you have for sale. This is probably due to if you are new on eBay you have a low feedback score. People are hesitant on buying from low feedback scores. The higher your score the more likely you get a sale but also the more eBay likes you. This is very important.



With eBay you can sell anything (almost). You can get started by selling your used things around the house, This does two wonderful things. It cleans your house of all your junk, plus it makes you money! Once you begin to master eBay, how to list your items, descriptions, price shipping, etc then you can graduate to more things to sell by drop-shipping. Drop-shipping handles the inventory, all you do is sell the item, the drop-shipper ships the item, once the customer pays you; you pay the drop-shipper.



I know a person that he started a business selling other peoples stuff. He travels to garage sales, estate sales, yard sales, etc. He sees an item he thinks will sell on eBay. He always brings his laptop with him where ever he goes.



He checks eBay on the item. He sees the price. If the buying price and selling price is where he decides will make a good profit, he buys the item. One hour later it is listed on eBay with picture, description, shipping info, everything. He started out small, but now he has grown almost exponentially.


In fact, I wrote an eBook how to sell on eBay and become your own boss by working from home. I tell you exactly how the man above went from making just $4 dollars a day to over $45,000 a year. You can get the eBook here: How To Sell on eBay


Other Legitimate work from home jobs


make money today


The best work that you could possibly find is the work that you enjoy the most. Then the work is not really work, because it is your passion. A passion will have you doing more, adding value, which will show in how you conduct business with other people.


If you brainstorm about what kind of job you would really, really want to have at your work from home location, and write down your three top choices of your favorites, what they be?



Chances are these three choices you wrote down don’t have anything to do with your current job or your last employment. If they do, perhaps your not ready to be your own boss and work from home.


If your three top choices are related to your passion, like sewing, or baking,  even child keeping, then with a little more thought you have actually found your ideal niche that you should base your next work from home business around!



I choose Affiliate Marketing for several reasons. First of all there is no inventory you have to invest in. There are no employees that must be hired. There is no building or lease agreement or commuting expenditures. Why? Because you are working from home.



To get an idea on the many tax deductions that come available to you because of having a home-based business, please go see this book. It is a must for any entrepreneur: home based tax deductions.



The main reason I recommend affiliate marketing is because it works with little to no investment. I studied at Wealthy Affiliate University to learn all about affiliate marketing for the other work from home opportunities that are actually a spin-off of affiliate marketing.



The key things that you learn from wealthy affiliate are the actual components that run other work from home business opportunities. Such as:

  • Becoming a SEO Webmaster for other website owners



  • Selling your keyword services to the highest bidder




  • Teach or coaching how to build websites




  • Selling your writing content expertise




  • Create and sell your own eBook collection




  • Do PPC,Email and Video marketing campaigns for clients




  • Selling stock photos to stock agencies




  • Resume writing, b2b copywriting, ghostwriting




  • Get involved with selling your services abroad for free travel




  • Help businesses with social media interaction




As I said earlier the more of these skills you learn, or already know, the better prepared you are to become a consultant to major businesses. Everything that I have just mentioned can be learned from the Wealthy Affiliate University.



For $47 a month you achieve more skills to make money online than someone graduating from the Ivy league of honorees. Seriously, you probably spend more money commuting from you regular job than the cost of the online university of wealthy affiliate.


highly recommended  


You wanted to know my recommendations on how to work from home without an investment. This is how you achieve success. You must first acquire skills which can only be learned two ways, the hard way of trial and error or the easy way, through wealthy affiliate.
I hope you read my FAQ page on how to keep yourself from being scammed online.


I hope that I was able to give you some ideas about how to work from home without an investment. You can either build it and leave it alone to make passive income or you can market yourself and be active with social media and grow your online business exponentially!



To Your Success!

2 thoughts on “How To Work From Home Without an Investment

  1. Bryan

    So many good points here Kenneth. I don’t think people realize all of the possible advantages of being able to work from home. Tax deductions are clearly a huge plus, but freedom, flexibility, and being able to set your own work schedule has definitely won me over.

    I have personally tested a few different online platforms to learn more about affiliate marketing in particular, and they are definitely not all rated equally in my books. Based on numerous references from friends and colleagues, I took wealthy affiliate for the free test run and was highly impressed. For me, it felt like being able to pursue a second degree in something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. I’m definitely not focused on the short term with my projects, as I know building any new business takes time, but continually seeing progress day in and day out makes it all worth while.

    I’ll eventually try out a few other methods of online business as mentioned above, but I am having so much fun with my current projects, its hard to step away even for just a minute!


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      I agree with you Bryan about affiliate marketing to make money online. Once you do several lessons in Wealthy Affiliate University, the ease of making money becomes fun. By joining the free portion of wealthy affiliate all it cost you is time, which in this case, is an investment in yourself and in your future. It doesn’t get any better than this! I wish you much success and have a glorious day!


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