How To Work From Home and Earn Money

By | May 14, 2019

There is no better time in history to learn how to work from home and earn money than right now. The opportunities today to earn money while working from home are at an all-time high because of the Internet. More and more people are opting out of the corporate 9 to 5 job market and doing something they love instead of trading their time for a paycheck.




You hear it every day how people are earning an income and blogging their way to becoming debt-free. The abilities to earn commissions from products being sold online is very attainable for most people. From college students paying their education expenses to retired people earning extra income is all possible because of the Internet.



How Working From Home and Earning money is Better Than Peanut Butter on Pancakes



Just think for a moment what it would be like working from home… Thirty-second commutes to the office, work in your favorite clothes or pajamas, no rigid office rules or nosey co-employees in your business. Just working from your favorite chair, or room, or even your patio. Life would be good, wouldn’t it?



This lifestyle is all possible – and more – and yes it gets even better. Working from home gives you the ability to live life on your own terms, doing something you love. Whether it is taking care of children or avoiding the turnpike and the hour+ commutes to and from the office. Working from home gives you the freedom to enjoy every day instead of just the weekends.



No experience necessary… how many jobs in the corporate world can offer this?



It is quite attainable and more rewarding than you can imagine. According to recently released data from the US Census, in 2017, 5.2% of workers were working from home and are able to afford all the perks of staying at home and continue to earn an income. This amounts to around 8 million people.



There was also a recent poll by Gallup that working from home allowed many employees to retain their job. This is evidence that more and more companies are seeing the benefits as these employees tend to be more productive and less likely to leave. The facts are that happy employees are productive employees.



It is true that many of the work from home jobs were first developed for the higher educated professionals, like managers, financial professionals, designers, and especially computer scientists. These careers have seen the largest increases. Yet more and more regular office and trades professionals are opting for the self-employed freelance environment.





It’s not for just the professionals anymore. Regular people, people without careers or a degree in business are finding more opportunities by working online and doing what they enjoy the most – freedom.



Of course the more experienced you are in your field of study the higher your income can reach. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a degree then you are destined to earning a small income. There are many, many people with less than a high school education earning over 50K a year. So thinking that working from home is only for others or that it’s just not right for you – think again.



Extra money can be made doing surveys, like $250/month but by thinking outside of the box and using your skills a much higher income can be made. There are hundreds of unique positions available no matter your age or qualifications.



It is well worth your time and effort to deeply consider some of these options below that provide employment positions in all areas of expertise or experience. You reap what you sow. If you have the desire to work from home and earn money, there is no better time than right now.



Working From Home To Earn Money


From earning full-time income to just earning a little extra money there are many ways to work from home and be self-employed. It doesn’t take a degree in business to be eligible to earn this money. All it takes is a little work and a desire to make your dreams come true.



I have divided this money-making opportunity into two groups. The first group, group 1, are opportunities to make extra income. These could be as simple as having a part-time job delivering pizza in your home town or driving for Uber or Lyft. The second, group 2, are opportunities that can evolve into a full-time income.




  1. Test Websites for $30 an hour – There is a company that will pay you to go to a website, click around it and complete a report about the quality of the website, navigation, etc. How it works: They pay you $10 for every twenty-minute video you complete. UserTesting will pay you to visit certain websites or apps, then complete a set of tasks, and record your thoughts. This doesn’t pay a full-time salary but this is great to earn extra money. To sign up for Usertesting please visit
  2. Take a Survey and makeup to $250 – just complete an online survey or product test and make money from home. This can be easily accomplished by just watching TV. You can not only earn extra income but you’ll also be eligible to earn gift cards and credit vouchers. Some of many of the paid survey websites are as follows:
    1. Survey Junkie
    2. Inbox Dollars
    3. Swagbucks
    4. Pinecone Research
    5. OneOpinion
    6. American Consumer Opinion
    7. My Soap Box
  3. Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card – By signing up with MyPoints you will earn a $10 Amazon gift card. Shop over 1900 stores, including Walmart, Amazon, and Target through MyPoints and earn points for your purchases. You can then redeem your points for gift cards, travel miles and more from over 75 retail, restaurants and travel partners.
  4. Watch Movie Previews and like videos – Nothing better than to watch videos and get paid to do this from your home. Sites like Swagbucks ask you to watch certain videos and like them. You have to watch for a certain number of minutes which you’ll be told ahead of time. You could earn over $200 a month (earnings vary). You’ll earn Swagbucks for watching (points that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal). You can get $5 just for signing up!
  5. Review Stuff – write a review for Yelp and earn anywhere from $1 to $50. There are also other incentives available from Yelp.
  6. Deliver Pizza for your local Pizza restaurant – In a big city you can make up to $1500 or more a month delivering pizza. This is a fabulous way of making extra income for people wanting to become debt-free, Living like no one else now so as they can live like no one else later is not a dream anymore. It is being done every day throughout America. Just listen to Dave Ramsey on talk radio and his message is clear…”You can become debt-free by living on less than what you make and use all other dollars to pay off your debt.”
  7. Drive for Uber or Lyft – Making an extra $500 a week easy can be done if you are driving a later model car. No experience necessary. if, like driving, this is an ideal position. More money can be made if your city is large. Go to the website, or to get qualified and start making extra money. Something to think about.
  8. Earn while you shop – another great way to save money is through shopping online through Paribus, a site that gets you money back from your online purchases. Once you sign up, this online tool will scan your emails for an online receipt. If it discovers a retailer that offers discounts, it automatically refunds your money. A very handy tool to subscribe to.
  9. Become a Real Estate Investor – You don’t have to be rich to invest in real estate. Just a $500 investment allows you to invest in real estate and let Fundrise do all the work for you. Through Fundrise Starter Portfolio, your money will be split between two portfolios that support private real estate projects around the United States. You will earn a modest return on your money, which is better than the return you get from a bank savings account. As one member stated,“I don’t have to manage them; I don’t have to do the work to improve the properties; I don’t have to find tenants, evict tenants. I just get paid from my investment.”
  10. Sell Your Stuff – A great way to make extra money and de-clutter your house – all at the same time. There are several places that allow you to sell your stuff online. Depending on the site you advertise on it can be local only or worldwide. Craigslist ( allows you to sell nationwide or just local. eBay ( is another site that gives you the flexibility of selling “as is”, “But It Now”, or “auction style” and let customers compete on selling price. Another great platform is Facebook Marketplace ( I have sold a lot of used household items locally through the Facebook/marketplace.

I did some home improvement projects for my house recently. Our built-in oven wasn’t performing adequately for my wife. My wife was catering to a local store and she needed an oven fast. We opted for a slide-in model. In replacing the oven with a slide-in model, we no longer needed the built-in stove, so I removed the cooktop, cut out the drawers under the cooktop for the slide-in stove. When I removed the oven I replaced the empty cabinet with three drawers to accommodate my wife and all her pots and pans. The oven and stove I removed. We sold on Facebook marketplace. It sold in one week!




If you are still looking for more revenue to earn, check out the sites below for a more permanent solution to earning on online income.




  1. Consultant – How many professionals or experienced tradesman could make more money helping other businesses be more productive or profitable by using their experience? From an experienced printer to a mechanic to a bookkeeper this job market is wide open for individuals seeking to advise businesses on how to streamline their procedures to stay competitive and productive. This is an excellent position for the older, more experienced person that is not ready to retire but still wants to feel productive. What better way than use your valuable skills to teach others – and earn an income.
  1. Blogging online for money – There are literally thousands of people making money every day online from their blogging website. Regardless of their particular niche, they earn commissions as an affiliate marketer and just write quality content for their website. This career is not taught by any college or university yet many bloggers are earning a six-figure income or more. This is opened to all people writing about what they love. Just some of the categories are as follows:
    1. Travel
    2. cooking
    3. health, exercise, supplements
    4. personal finance
    5. crafts
  2. Start a YouTube Channel – Make videos and earn money not only from the products you endorse but also from the advertising revenue of your channel. The total number of YouTube users is around 1,300,000,000 and over 300 hours of videos are being uploaded every minute. That is a lot of potential buyers. Can you think of something that you can offer them to buy?
  3. Become a Freelance writer – if, like to write you can make a full-time career as a content writer with several of the most well-known writing platforms online. is a legitimate platform that starting pay is only $5, but can earn more with other services added to the initial $5. Regardless of what you are writing, eBooks, Technical writings, blog posts, content writing for websites, etc, there is a need for your talent.
    1. Blogmutt
    2. Freelancer
    3. Guru
    4. Online Writing Jobs
    5. Freelance writing
    6. Upwork
    7. The Barefoot Writer
  4. Become an Indie Author – Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Or even an eBook? if, have what it takes you can become a BestSelling author. All it takes is just one book to get you started. By submitting your book to, You can sell your book at many of the best-known book stores, like Barnes and Noble, Amazon Kindle, Books a Million, etc. Write an eBook or short stories and become the next Mark Twain.
  5. Sell Your Photos online – if, like taking pictures and are pretty good at it, you can sell photos to places like
    1. Shutterstock
    2. iStockPhoto
  6. Build your own store on Shopify if, really like running your own online store Shopify is hard to beat.

These are just some of many platforms to start looking at to either make a few extra bucks to earning a full-time salary. The Choice is up to you.

Do you have an entrepreneur spirit and you want to own and operate an online business? You will need to learn the specific skills that will launch your online business into the top of the search engines and become a very successful website business owner.

If you follow my lead, then you will want to get the training necessary to become a successful online marketer/business owner. Get my #1 recommendation and join For Free – Wealthy Affiliate University


6 thoughts on “How To Work From Home and Earn Money

  1. Mahin Al Banna

    Hey Kenneth,

    This is a unique and informative article I must say. I appreciate your great research on this topic. Making money online from home is becoming famous day by day. The work I was doing before was boring and exhausting so I left that. And wanted to do something on my own. But I did not have that many ideas on making money online. Your article helped me a lot. I have come to know many ways of earning through it. I love writing that is why I liked the idea of writing blogs on a website as there are so many opportunities. But how can I choose the best niche for me?

    Thank you for writing this helpful article.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You know, Mahin, it is not always about choosing the right niche. There is money to be made with any niche. It has to do more with having the skills to take that niche to great heights Doing what you love gives you the motivation to write on your blog even when your traffic is 0. You reap what you sow, my friend. It takes time for quality content to rank in the search engines and for people to trust you.

  2. Joseph Stasaitis

    I have to agree that done with the proper preparation and effort the timing is excellent for a home based business utilizing internet marketing.  There is tremendous potential for profit in many online niches.

    It is extremely important to gain the proper education and training in order to be an effective online marketer.  To attain the lifestyle of a profitable internet marketer requires a firm commitment and consistent effort.

    There are many ways to earn money online and it requires good research to find suitable sources of training.  Whether one’s goal is to earn a few extra bucks per month or a full-time income the opportunity is certainly there and there are many examples of this.  

    You have done good research and provided many viable resources.  Thanks so much.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Joseph, for reading my post. You hit the nail on the head about getting the proper training to be a successful online marketer. Education is power, and the skills required to earn money from a website are learned. you are not born with them. there are no shortcuts and doing a good research will always pay good dividends.

  3. RoDarrick

    This us a very interesting post and It has greatly enriched my knowledge base. Though it’s undeniable that a great level of freedom accompanies the working online. I’m only acquainted with freelance writing and raking surveys. I never really know of the other means of accumulating money online and this is a great info for me. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      There are several ways to work from home and earn an income, Darrick. If you don’t have the means or time to build a website, then chances are you did extra income to help with your finances. I listed some legitimate platforms in which anyone can make extra income without a website. For people who do have a website, the second group of platforms will be a good fit to earn a steady income while you are getting your website to rank. 


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