How To Start In Affiliate Marketing

By | March 20, 2017

What Is Affiliate Marketing About

If making passive income is what you desire then you must learn how to start in affiliate marketing first. This will open doors to many other platforms online that will be your key to financial freedom.


Affiliate marketing is nearly always the cornerstone of an online business first starting out. The reason why this is so is that it is the easiest way for a business to start making money.


There is always going to be a lapse of time before a business can build an online presence. Before this business’ brand gets well known, it may struggle with sales. By marketing affiliate products this business won’t have to lose out on earning online income.


There are dozens of affiliate programs that sponsor hundreds of businesses worldwide.


Affiliate Marketing



Amazon, Nike, Apple, are just some of the hundreds of big brand names you can become affiliated with. Most of these big brand businesses started out small. But with the power of affiliates promoting their products, they soon became the super-stores that they are now.


To be an affiliate all you do is promote one or more products. Every time a visitor on your website buys one of these products, you get paid a commission. The best part of this is you could be sleeping when the product sells. You just earned an online income while you were sleeping! How cool was that?


These products don’t even have to come from the same company that produces or sells them. If the products all belong to the same niche then they can be sold from your website. To learn more about this please read what is a niche marketing.


The first thing you will need to start in affiliate marketing is a website. With a website, you decide what niche your website will be about. Once you decide on your niche, you name your website with a “domain name”. You find a Host that will store your website to be served on the World Wide Web.


Once you have a host and a website, you can now join an affiliate program to become an affiliate. It is best to learn other key principles of having a website by reading these articles:

The hardest part about getting started in affiliate marketing is to avoid being scammed. There are still online predators out there that will promise easy money, making money quickly and all that other BS. Being an affiliate is no different than having your own business.


You still have to be careful, though. To become an affiliate of any business is FREE. If someone tells you to pay them for the opportunity to be an affiliate – run – because this person is a scam artist!


The best way to avoid a scam is by learning from A wealthy Affiliate Review Scam.


It still takes work to get a business set up to operate online. But since most online businesses can be automated, they make money 24/7/365!


Now that you understand a little about how to start an affiliate business you will need a website. You can get a FREE website. Actually, as a free member, you get two free websites to do as you wish.


As you will see in this video below, you can build a website yourself.

Build a website in under 30 seconds!


                                                                                          Good Keywords

Keyword Tool

The other key principle to earning online income as an affiliate marketer is by using the best keywords that will get your website the most traffic. This requires a state-of-the-art keyword tool.


A keyword tool gives you all the information you need to attract traffic to your website.


Keywords are like signs that people see as they surf the digital wave. In order for people to find your website, you need these signs or your website never gets found.


A keyword tool has four metrics it uses to judge the search terms people use when looking for something online. It measures the total volume of people, the amount of traffic, the number of competing websites, and the quality of the search term.


Ideally, a website is going to select a keyword that has the greatest amount of traffic and the least number of competing websites.


All of which is found in the training of Wealth Affiliate. They even have a FREE keyword tool to use. This allows you to find just the right keywords that will maximize the amount of traffic your website gets. As pictured below is the free keyword tool to use at Wealthy Affiliate.



WA keyword tool



These metrics are figured in monthly volumes of people. The first column of the keyword tool is the total number of monthly searches globally. This gives you an indication of whether the search term is popular or not.


The second column of the keyword tool is the traffic the search terms receives. This number is the total amount the search term will receive if the web page is in position one, page one of the search engine. A website that has a page in this position can count on receiving about 60%-70% of this monthly search volume.


The third column is the amount of competition. This shows the total number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword term. The QSR number is the quoted search results of Google. As I said earlier, the lower the number the better in this column.


The last column is the keyword quality indicator which judges the quality of the keyword term on a scale of 0 to 100. the higher the number the better.

For an even better keyword tool (as pictured below), is Jaaxy.



keyword tool Jaaxy



Affiliate Marketing Programs


There are a number of high-quality affiliate programs to join (which are free) to be an affiliate. Several of the most widely known are listed here:

  • Amazon Associates – Once you are a member every visitor you send to Amazon via a link from your website that buys a product – any product – you are paid a commission.
  • JVZoo – This website is a sponsor of many digital products, programs, information products, digital tools, etc, that pays very high commissions, many of which are recurring every month. (See What is smart passive income).
    ClickBank – This was the first business to offer digital material to affiliates to sell from their websites. Many of these programs pay 75% commissions or more.
  • ShareASale – This website has hundreds of mid-size companies that sponsor affiliate marketing in several different niches.
  • Rakuten Marketing – Another very popular affiliate program sponsoring hundreds of mid-size to large businesses which are for more advanced affiliate marketers.
  • Commission Junction or CJ – A very popular affiliate program in a wide range of niches.
  • Offervault – Very similar to CJ above, they sponsor more products for beginning affiliate marketers.
    eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network – One of the oldest auction-style websites that are open to anyone with or without a website. It has over 1500 advertisers and 200,000 publishers.
  • Spotify – For music lovers. Has a unique membership and affiliate program.

To summarize how to get started in affiliate marketing is that it is one of the oldest ways to earn an income and also one of the easiest ways to earn online income.


Many businesses of all kinds that have their own products to sell also have affiliate products as well. This is because brand name products that already have much advertising for them already have buyers looking to buy. If your website also sells this product, chances are the buyers will buy from you.


Another fabulous thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to buy the product beforehand to sell. There is no inventory to store, no warehouses or not even a store to rent. Just put the product link on your website and make commissions.


Is This Too Hard?



To earn a large passive income from affiliate marketing takes experience in website design, development, and marketing skills. There are only two ways to achieve these skills. Time and/or training…


To save yourself years of learning the skills by trial and error there is a much easier and faster way. Get all your training, marketing tools and knowledge from one place. Click the Get Started Now button below to learn how you can be earning affiliate commissions in no time.

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I hope you found this information useful to you. I would like to hear your thoughts, suggestions, or recommendations on this post. Also if you know of someone that could use this information to please share it with them!




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