How To Start A Business Online For Free

By | September 5, 2016

It is very easy to learn how to start a business online for free. In less time that it takes to make a pot of coffee you can already be online with your own business website. Whether you are new to using a computer or new to being online. It doesn’t matter. What I am about to reveal to you are the secrets to how to start a business online for free.

how to start a business online for free



I am a DIY person that would rather do things myself, in my own way, instead of relying on someone else to do it for me. Granted, there are some things that I delegate to someone else, like doing my taxes or repairing my air conditioner. Same is true about running my online business.
There are only a couple of duties that I delegate to more qualified people, but basically, I research, then build, then write, then publish my website content, then sit back and relax because the hard part has just been completed. A little marketing then in only a matter of days, PRESTO, I am now getting traffic to my website.


If you think that you are not capable of starting your own online business then you need this information that I am about to reveal. I am living proof that anyone can build a website and learn to be very successful at online marketing!



If you are ready, right now, to start your own business online for free then please refer to: Start A Business Online For Free ! to get started immediately. The link I provided will show you how to build a website in less than 1 minute, for free. You will even get ten free lessons to help you get started with building your own online business!


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This is NOT another gimmick to get you to buy into a ‘drag ‘n’ drop’ website builder program. Those programs are prone to errors and upsells, a total waste of your time. Refer to my Wix Review to see what I mean.



If you would rather read further to learn even more information that will show you how to be more of a successful online business owner, then by all means, let’s continue.




How Much Does It Cost To Start a Business?


There are always costs involved no matter what you want to do. Some of these costs can be very minor, whereas others can be very significant. These are real facts that you must include in your decision on what type of business you are going to be. Knowing the costs up front will enable you to be prepared.


In order to have an online business, you are going to need a platform in which to operate from. In most instances, you are going to need a website. There are basically two types of websites. There is the WordPress website, which is normally free, but there are some WordPress websites that you buy and some of these can be expensive.


website builders



The other kind of website is the html coded website, which was the original type websites when the Internet was first started. Most of these websites cost money because you either have to pay a webmaster to build your website, or you can use a “drag ‘n’ drop” type program where you build it yourself.



The WordPress website was made very popular by Google a few years ago when it launched These websites were initially designed as a blog type website. As these websites gained popularity, more application programs, called “plugins”, were created to help the Worpress evolve into a fully functional website.




how to make money with a website

As stated earlier most of these websites are free. The free websites can be downloaded to your computer from There are several website design firms that customize one of the free wordpress websites, which then becomes the property of the design firm. Now you must buy a license to use this website. This is how the free wordpress websites become paid websites because you must purchase a license to acquire this website.



The costs of these can be minor and as little as $9.99 all the way up to $299.00. The old cliché of “you get what you paid for”, is also true in websites. These websites you buy have some good features, such as support for fixing errors, and superior design and functionality.



Some of these firms are “My Theme Shop”, “Studio Press”, and “Web Developers”.



Initially having a business website is going to cost you $0 dollars. This is great, so far. This is assuming you go with a free WordPress website. But to connect this business website to the Internet is going to cost you some money.



There is going to be a “hosting” charge, which is the cost per month or year that your website resides on the hosting companies computer server that accesses the Internet. This is also a minor expense, anywhere from $10 per month up to $40.00 per month. This is minor because the expense of a Brick and Mortar store, a monthly rental is an easy $900 per month.



Now that you have a website, it is going to have to have a name. This name is called the Domain, which is like an address. This is why all Domain names are unique so that digital mail that is sent to or from websites will get to the correct party. You have to purchase a Domain name.



Buying a Domain name is like buying a mailbox at the post office. You are merely renting the domain name and you pay a yearly price for this rental, anywhere from $3.99 up to $16.00. This can also be big business in buying and selling Domain names.



Domain name search



These Domain names will all have an extension after the name itself, like “.com”, or “.net”, or “.org”. The “.com” which designates a commercial site is also the most popular because most people already are accustomed to typing a “.com” after entering the Domain name. But more and more extensions are being incorporated because of the sheer number of websites on the Internet.



Once a person has a website, a Domain name, and hosting, it can now be considered a “business”. Most of the time there are no other fees involved that are upfront expenses once your website is live on the Internet.


Secrets To Success


Collecting payments from customers will require a merchant account, which like having a bank account, isn’t normally free. The merchant account, like “PayPal” for example, is free to open and charges a small fee for every transaction that is initiated.



Most commerce through the Internet is not taxed. But any income that is made must be reported to the IRS every April. Some states, however, tax revenue that is derived from the Internet. Any sales or commissions from your website will be taxed and paid first before any funds will be collected and distributed to you.



Different Types of Business Online


There are several types of Internet businesses that are the most common. It can be a business that offers local services, like an automobile garage, a house contractor or repairman, a cable TV provider or yard services. These businesses will usually have a website but are locally accessed only. They can’t provide service to someone across the country.



Another type of online business is an affiliate marketer. This is one of the biggest markets on the Internet today. This market grossed last year an access of $300 billion. That is billion with a “B”. The biggest names in popular stores or brands all offer some kind of affiliate programs. To be an affiliate is like finding and sending a customer to the store you are an affiliate with.



what affiliate marketing is all about
 is the biggest Internet retailer that offers an associate program that pays commissions of between 4% and 9% for every customer your website sends to Amazon and they buy something. Apple, Nike, Old Navy, are just some of the hundreds of businesses that have some type of affiliate programs.



Affiliate marketing also has another name of “niche marketing”. Niche marketing is having a website about your passion, your experience, or a product that is in demand. This could be about anything. There are hundreds of niches. Remember, anything you do that others do too, is a niche.


accessing money from computer




A niche website, for example, could be about science fiction movies. Star Trek or Star Wars comes to mind. You could be an affiliate with the Star Trek store that sells hundreds of Star Trek related products. Or the Apple Iphone. You could sell Iphone cases. Another niche: Wine and Beer making from home. Let’s not forget about the vitamin or weight loss niche.



Affiliate marketing is also the easiest and least expensive business to operate online. There is no inventory to purchase or store, no big building to rent or build, no employees to hire, no commuting to and from work.



Another great article to read would be about What is Affiliate Marketing Training. Or another good read is Legitimate Work At Home Jobs with No Fees.



Another type of online business is the research type that will do any type of research the client request all based on per assignment fee. This became popular several years ago when corporations started down-sizing and put many people out of work. This could include writing research papers for magazines, different kinds of technical institutions, etc.


Creating resumes for clients, doing bookkeeping for local or national corporations, writing books or journals, even writing digital eBooks for different businesses. Freelance writers are in demand and making very nice yearly salaries.


Is Training Provided?

For the most part, any business that offers a service online to a national or worldly audience will have some type of experience in the service that they are providing. Training for a position on the website team will be more of a customer service oriented kind of training rather than a skill or experienced only.

highly recommended


For the working-at-home group of people, there is training for this lucrative market. There are many skills to be learned in knowing how to be successful with a business online. These skills are NOT taught in school or learned from any previous work experience. These are skills in marketing in social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.



There are also many skills required to become an experienced webmaster, knowing how to code your website, fix flaws or errors, know how to install different plugins (applications), and how to change the colors, the format, to reformat documents and many others.
The BEST place to get any kind of this training is to go to a school, like Wealthy Affiliate University. It is not an actual school, per say, it is an entrepreneur membership site that furnishes training in all of these areas. Website building and customizing, WordPress debugging and manipulation, re-formatting documents, how to market on social media, where to get free graphics, how to install plugins, which plugins are a must to have, and many more skills.



I would highly recommend reading My Review of Wealthy Affiliate to get an idea of how to earn an income from the Internet and how to have a successful online business.



Everyone has a passion about something, right?. I don’t care who you are, there is something that is deep-down within yourself that you really care about. Whether that maybe a fantasy, a hobby, a desire, or a talent, there is something that if you had the chance, you would love to do this for the rest of your life!


Exotic Travel Writer

Okay, now picture that image in your mind for a moment. Now tell yourself that you can do this, tell yourself that it is possible, and you will learn how to make all your dreams come true. Just like the best-selling book, “Think and Grow Rich”, you can experience true wealth by having a positive attitude that will lead to you acquiring the knowledge and skills to satisfy your desires.



I hope that I have lit a fire within your soul that is now raging to know how to reach your goals to secure your financial future. So please bare with me, picture again the online business that you vision in your mind. Now start thinking what is the name of this business you see in your mind?



Visualize this image being a success and you seeing your business growing and becoming more popular and achieving all that you desire. This is the goal that you want to ultimately achieve.



I want you to know that this visualization was not just a fantasy. If you truly want to have a successful online business then you have to acquire the knowledge to make it all possible. You see, knowledge without application is meaningless. You must have a gateway to get where you want to be from where you are right now.



That gateway is a place on the web that provides all the knowledge, the ability and the support to take your desire of a successful website into reality. This place is Wealthy Affiliate.



Wealthy Affiliate is an organization that provides a university that teaches you the knowledge and the skills to be a successful entrepreneur to become a successful online business owner. First of all, it is a membership site. No one else that is not a member will have access to the free lessons that are given to free members.



Secondly, they provide two levels of membership, the “free” member and the “premium member”. The free member gets two free websites and ten free lessons to become an online business owner. This is only just the beginning.


I hope you found this information useful and educational. I look forward to you sharing this information to someone you know that needs this and possibly getting to work with you as another entrepreneur.


To your Success!

4 thoughts on “How To Start A Business Online For Free

  1. Jim

    Wow Ken, I’m impressed. You’ve covered everything here. You make it sound easy. Is it really that easy, or are there things that I won’t find out till I get there, if you know what I mean? Besides the hosting an buying a domain name, what else is there to pay for. How about down the road? How much more will there be. I’m just trying to be realistic, so I want to be prepared if I get started with this kind of a project. As I said you’ve been very thorough, but I still have these few questions. I’ll be looking for your reply, Thanks

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Jim, for your kind words. I tried to cover every detail of expenditures that you will encounter when first starting a business online. The only thing I left out was the steep learning curve that everyone will meet. Not so much for people that are already familiar to working with computers but some of the older less familiar people to the Internet and computer software. Once a few codes are memorized, all is good. Happy success to you Jim!

  2. Kenny

    Hi Ken,

    I did try Wix before reverting to SiteRubix on WealthyAffiliate. I’m not sure if Wix still has this problem but it’s kind of heavy on resources when you have too many ‘objects (i.e. images, text box ) etc.

    And I realised I can’t change the theme after I built my website. After I switched to SiteRubix which is using WordPress, I’ve no such problems.

    As for Wealthy Affiliate, it’s been almost a year and I’ve absolutely no complaints with the training. And there are no single upsells. I highly recommend it to everyone!


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Kenny, I have heard many people tell me how error prone the Wix Website Builder Program is. This is sad because building a website is the easy part. The marketing, the SEO, that is the time-consuming, sometimes difficult part about having an online business. I like your name, Kenny, by the way. I wish you much success!


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