How To Spot a Work From Home Scam

By | August 6, 2015

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You read about it in the papers. You hear it from the people you know. Hell, it could have even happened to you already. How to spot a work from home scam is really not that difficult. There are usually certain signs that reveal the underlying scheme. Let us take a closer look at what you should be looking for.


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Why am I telling you all this? Because these vultures are stealing. They are giving the Internet a bad name. They are hurting my business as an Internet Marketer because of their lying and stealing. I am in business to help you, not take all your money. So that is why I am teaching you how to spot a work from home scam before it is too late!


The very first clue to a working from home scam is a “promise of man_with_money_bagmaking lots of easy money” for duties that are not that difficult to do.

When you hear that “anyone can do this”, or “Like taking candy away from a baby”, it is time to get the magnifying glass out and start looking for details that prove or disprove their claims.


PayPal logo           The second sign of a scam artist is their “proof of earnings”   which usually consist of a screenshot of their PayPal or Clickbank accounts.

If you see large deposits or a lot of consecutive smaller “sales” this is a tell tale sign you are being lied to. If you have been in contact with one of these individuals, or if you are considering clickbank

a work from home opportunity then you need to be aware of some simple steps that will keep you in possession of your hard earned money.

If it sounds “too good” to be true, then it probably isn’t true. Chances are this promoter is about to start their “Bait” and “Catch” scam routine on you.

The “Bait” is simply a tactic like telling you how you could be making hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours simply by following this promoters advise.

a. They may entice you with join now to be a part of the fastest growing industries in the nation, or

b.The clock is ticking, you have 3 minutes left to say yes, or

c. Work from home and be your own boss, or

d. Even earn up to a thousand dollars every month from your own home.

See how these promoters keep exclaiming the “Bait” of easy money for a limited time and how anyone can do this?

Oh, the “Catch“, they always forget to tell you that you must invest your money into their scheme in order to start right away and start making lots of money.

The third sign of a fraud are the “teaser buys”, little to nothing or very little money the promoter gets you to pay at first. Once you open your wallet, WATCH OUT! Here come the “upsells!”

Yes in order to get anything from the “scammer” requires an upsell to their precious software, or website, or the written lessons, etc, etc, to make any money possible.

Even after you buy all this, there usually is some form of assignment or obligation you must satisfy in order to start receiving payments in the mail.

Much of these assignments could be placing local newspaper ads, or printing documents, or buying supplies like software, equipment, etc that are necessary to fulfill a requirement.

I can tell you from my own experiences there has been absolutely NO ONE that has ever become rich by stuffing envelopes or from completing claim forms for a promoter.

I do know that you won’t hear about the costs until they have you foaming at the mouth to get your share of this “easy” money. But Beware!

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Some clues to their scams are:

  • Big dollars for simple tasks
  • Request for up-front payments or
  • They ask you to wire the money
  • Job offers from total strangers before they know of your skill level
  • High pressure to make your decision now

What You Can Do

Legitimate Home-Based promoters should show you in writing exactly what is involved with the product or service they are selling. There should be an easy understandable way for you to be paid. They should also be able to explain your options, such as:

  • What are the exact tasks that will be required from you?
  • How do you qualify for compensation, by salary, hourly wage, etc?
  • Who will pay you?
  • How much does the program you are joining/buying cost?
  • Membership fees? Equipment?
  • What is included, what is optional, what is extra, etc?
  • How will you be compensated for the fees you must pay?

These are some sample questions that a legitimate promoter should be able to answer for you. If they can not, invite them to leave your property immediately!

It is also wise to be able to verify these answers whether by phone, Internet, or business address. You NEVER give them your personal information like Bank Account, SS#, or employer address.

Blue Coat Security has just released their 2015 report on the safest sites on the Internet and also the shadiest sites to avoid. You can read more about it here: Cyber Criminals.

Another area of scammers that prey on the emotions of others are the scam artists that are found very prevalent in the Online Dating Sites. Beware! A very good post on this type of scam artist can be found here: If Online Lover Seeks Cash, It’s a Scam

If you are answering an ad online I would recommend to take your time with a decision. If this promoter is legit, they will wait for you. But if this company contacts you from out of the blue, be very suspicious.

You can also look up the promoter by typing his name and company into a search engine with a word like review, complaints against, scam, etc, to get any current information that may be questionable.


If you are still interested in a legitimate work from home opportunity and you have a desire to help people and get paid for it, then you are in luck…

    I can help you obtain a work from home job that requires someone with a computer, one hour a day of your time minimum to start but it won’t cost you any money. Yes, you read that right, I am offering this opportunity to you for free.

What? Am I crazy? No I am not crazy or a liar.

The opportunity is REAL, But there is a catch. It does require work, This is not a hand-out or a government benefit you are applying for. It is a legitimate work from home job. You will be required to learn some techniques about online marketing, building a website, and keyword research in an University. Yes, you will go to school, but online only. But again this training starts for free.

Does this sound like a scam to you? You probably are asking yeah, right, what is the catch? Would you like to hear more? You see, I am not selling you anything.

How can I be a scammer if I am not trying to rip you off in some form or fashion? If you want to pay me I will gladly accept your payment, but it is not necessary. You see, I am here to help you, not take your money! The opportunity I am referring to is working from home to make money for YOU, not ME. If that is what you want, such as:

      • Be your own boss
      • Own your own business
      • Have your own website
      • Be an affiliate for major companies
      • Work as much or as little as you wish because well, it’s your business
      • Get access to lessons that teach you how to build a website, publish your content, get ranked in all the major search engines, learn keyword research, even get certification as a webmaster


    ALL THIS FOR FREE! If you are still interested, simply click my link to your New Work From Home Job. I hope you have enjoyed my article and found it informative and accurate. If you would like to comment or add your suggestions then I invite you to leave a reply. I also request that if you know of someone who you think could benefit from this article, please by all means share it with them. I am here to help you, so if you need help, contact me.

18 thoughts on “How To Spot a Work From Home Scam

  1. rule2020

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you so much for these wonderful tips to avoid being scammed on line. Because of the popularity of the internet, a lot of people are trying to hitch the bandwagon and get a fair share of the pie.

    But some unscrupulous persons also hopped in to prey on unsuspecting beginners like me.

    Thanks a lot for pointing out some signs that would otherwise get unnoticed.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Hey rule2020, that is a fact that most people’s first attempt to making money online is from a failed “scam”. Not necessarily from lack of knowledge but the cunning ability of the scam artists. Sometimes it is very hard to distinguish between the two. I want to bring peoples attention to the possibility and what to guard against to insure their safety and enjoyment. It is for “them” that we aim to please.

  2. Tony

    Hi Kenneth!

    This is an excellent post highlighting how scam artists try to take advantage of people. It is sad to say that there are so many dishonest people out there and they will try any tactic to take our money from us.

    The ticking clock is actually humorous. “You have 3 minutes to take advantage of this deal!” – Yeah right, just click off their site and try again the next hour or next day and there is the ticking clock again. In reality, you have all they time in the world. They are just trying to pressure you.

    The main reason scam artists succeed is that people are desperately looking to change their lives for the better and are willing to put their hopes in these false opportunities. Logic often takes a back seat to hopes and dreams.

    Thank you for helping honest people looking for an honest opportunity!


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Tony, that is the truth about why we get scammed in reading this false claims. You said it perfectly, “people are desperately looking to change their lives for the better and are willing to put their hopes in these false opportunities.” I can relate. Been there. Done that. Tony, that is why it is up to you and me to persuade people to see through the BS and help them make better choices. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Edy

    Searching for a legitimate work at home opportunity is hard since there are plethora of scams out there. I myself had bumped into a deceitful program that consists of hidden upsells up to $15,000. Lucky me I never purchase their front-end funnel that cost $2000. I am glad to be saved by Wealthy Affiliate which is a very genuine platform. The community inside is helpful and never spam one another. I highly recommend it to folks who are serious in building a successful online business based on their passion!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Edy I appreciate your honesty when you tell of the multiple scams in existence today that we are all faced with. As for you and I we were blessed with finding wealthy affiliate and believing what we first read about. Had I known about Wealthy Affiliate when I started my presence online a few years ago, I would still have money in the bank.. lol. No but seriously Edy, you are absolutely correct about being saved by WA because of the passion they have for everyone within their community.

  4. PhilL

    Hey Ken, great article.
    I think people have a gut feeling when they’re walking in a “Sam!”
    But, if it sounds like it’s an easy way to make money and they can afford to lose it, they “try” it.
    Trying doesn’t work, WORK does. You’re going to pay for an education one way or another. But, it’s only IF you can Apply what you’ve learned that you will have any chance to succeed.

    Zig Ziglar once said, “you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”.

    I know Ken, knows this and he’s trying to help people with this website.
    Follow his lead and his advice, find some folks you can help. The rest is EZ.


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Phil for your words of wisdom. Zig Ziglar said it perfectly, just as all Christians are suppose to do, help people. I am a firm believer in helping as we are commanded to do. I have fallen victim to these artists more than once which is why I am here to help others make the right choice in how to make money the easy way.

  5. Mark Walush

    I love reading these types of articles pointing out obvious scams. While it is true that you need “spend money to make money”, these sites are clearly out to just grab your money and RUN! I also like how you mention destroying the credibility of the internet. It really does make it hard to market online with the ever growing fear that all of your personal data can be taken in an instant.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      The one thing Mark that you are so right about is the possibility of your personal identity being stolen, because of these modern day bank-robbers. Now every Internet marketeer must jump through hoops to build trust that leads to making a customer. It isn’t as easy as it seems. The scammers have hurt the new people getting started because they must work extremely hard to build a good reputation before they become trusted. So I agree with you Mark I wish the search engines did more to protect innocent people from these vultures!

  6. Oral

    A very good post Kenneth. I like how you walk your readers through the process of what to look for in these online opportunities that we are presented with day after day. If prospects follow your suggestions and take their TIME to do their research, many heartaches can be avoided.

    You have made it quite clear that your goal is to help people rather than taking their money, and I believe that is what is missing with the scammers. They may make a similar claim but with research the truth will be revealed.

    People must be prepared to work (a little or a lot) if they want to make some money. The get quick rich mentally is part of the problem why some are scammed. Continue to offer the help to those who seek it.


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Oral and I am glad you agree that if people would do just a little bit of their own research, most of them would never be scammed in the first place. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but there are lots of money to be made, if you do your research to find it. I am willing to share my resources but it is up to you to decide. Thank you Oral for reading my post and I look forward to you visiting again!

  7. Neil

    Thanks ever so much for the help on avoiding scams which is something I’ve struggled to do over the years on the internet.

    I’ve heard the get rich quick easy promises all to many times and also seen a lot of Clickbank proof earnings. The funny thing is, if these guys really are making so much money, why do they feel the urge to share it?

    Your legit option sounds more lucrative, so I’ll enter my details 🙂


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Neil for reading my post. If more people would investigate or research what they find on the Internet more people would avoid these so called gurus and scam artists. I welcome people to investigate me, find out if I am for real. I hope that you have learned about what is true and legit and researched my wealthy affiliate recommendation and then tell someone you know what you have learned. Good luck to you Neil.

  8. Matt T

    It’s unfortunate how many work from home scams are out there because the internet has truly provided everyone with so much opportunity to make money online. It all depends on finding the right training service and community that’s rooted in transparency and integrity. Something like Wealthy Affiliate, which I came across about two years ago, is a legitimate online business building service with step-by-step tutorials and guidance. Thank you for shining a light on some of the scam tactics these con artists are using.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You know, Matt, I am sure most everyone has been victimized once by one of these tricks that these con artists use. The more people that I can warn about some of these tricks or what to be on the lookout for, the better. I have been victimized and it doesn’t feel good.

  9. Warren

    Great article about these crooks. I love the “Time Limited or members are filling up fast” calls to action. I believe that anytime you have to pay money up front to have someone make money for you and you don’t have to do much but fork over the credit card number is a HUGE scam. You wonder how people can fall for them.. Sadly, they do. Good info! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Warren for your kind words. I lost money early in my quest to learn how to do online marketing. I believed their scam. But I was naive. I work too hard for my money to see it stolen, so I want to warn everyone else to not become a victim.


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