How To Make Money With The Internet

By | March 12, 2017

I Discovered why I was always failing at online marketing. There were a few fundamentals to master before I knew how to make money with the Internet. Now everything is easy and not as confusing as it used to be. Read on to see how I mastered making money on the Internet.


Making money from the Internet is different than working a regular day job. With a job, you trade your time for dollars. There are only so many hours in a day that you can successfully work. Even if you get paid a lot per hour, there is still only so much you can make, period.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a dollar for every minute in a day? What does that calculate to be? Sixty minutes in an hour, twenty-four hours in a day. That equals one thousand four hundred forty minutes. So making just one dollar every minute would give you $1440 a day. Hmmm, not a bad return, is it?



The Internet has the potential of creating this kind of wealth. Why? Because it is mostly automated. A website never sleeps. It is open for business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year! Oh, but wait. It gets even better! What passive income is about and why is this even possible?


There is some hard work initially to set things up to make everything work automatically. But once this automation is set in motion, you start making money while you sleep. What is smart passive income about explains how anyone can earn this easy online money.


There are lots of different ways to earn an income from the Internet. Most of these ways are from having a website. But there are other ways that don’t necessarily require a website. I want to show some of both types, that is, with a website and without a website.


Ways To Make Money With The Internet

  • 1. PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • 2. Sell own products on eBay, Amazon, Etsy
  • 3. Craigslist
  • 4. Completing surveys and sweepstakes
  • 5. Affiliate Marketing
  • 6. Building websites for people
  • 7. Google Adsense
  • 8. Create content for people
  • 9. B2B marketing
  • 10. Indeed
  • 11. Social Media for networking
  • 12. Create video’s

The more you know


I will discuss how to make money on the Internet Without Website first. The potential of income is limited only to each offer or sale, with little, if any automation.




PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is one of the best ways to start building an Internet business with or without a website. There are many different businesses and affiliate programs that you can advertise with PPC and get paid commissions for every offer that is sold through your link.


All PPC is buying advertising links to put onto the search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The trick to good PPC advertising is selecting a good link that buyers will click to buy the product that your link leads to. Every time your link is clicked your account is charged a fee. So your objective is to create a link that only buyers will click.


If information only seekers click your link, chances of making a sale are slim. A spectacular way to advertise because your link is at the top of the search engine pages. This works best for marketers that either is experienced in keyword research or who have access to a good keyword tool. Jaaxy is one of those keyword tools.


By using “ClickFunnels“, an online marketer can reap all the benefits of earning commissions through affiliate marketing.


Sell Your Own Products on eBay, Overstock, Amazon, Etcy, Shopify

By using one of these sites that already has millions of customers you can market your own products. Scale up your sales by utilizing these popular sites without the burden of having your own website. Just rent a store on one of these sites and sell your own products. You may even find vendors that can furnish your store with other products that will help get more people into eBay auction siteyour store to become potential customers. One of the best online entry programs to establish your experience and skills for online marketing success. You can sell your own products, new merchandise from vendors, other suppliers, or drop-shippers, even used merchandise from your own home, garage sales, or estate sales. Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.



Another great place to begin selling to the public is through craigslist. One of the best known online classifieds to sell your own stuff or other people’s stuff. Every city has one of these websites or access to one in their state. You find a category that your product fits into, upload a description and pictures. A great way to make extra money and helping clean out the clutter around your house. There is even a market for products that you might find at a garage sale to sell on craigslist. A lot of opportunities for the right person.


Completing surveys and sweepstakes

It doesn’t pay a lot of money to go online and complete store surveys, but if you have absolutely nothing to do then this does provide a form of income. A great place to start earning online cash is through ClixSense. This online business pays through their affiliate program, PTC advertising, Clixgrid Game, offers, surveys and tasks. While you are at home, instead of web surfing you can be making money with ClixSense.


Affiliate Marketing

By far the easiest way to earn money passively is by becoming an affiliate marketer. There is no inventory for you to buy. You don’t have to sell your own products. A ll you have to do is to promote other people’s products. This is usually best done with a website, but not always. Can be done as a PPC campaign. A good example of this is the product reviews everyone is reading. Have you ever wanted to buy a product but wanted more information? A product review supplies this needed information so that you can make a wise decision before you purchase. These product reviews are written by affiliate marketers (most of them anyway). For a great explanation of affiliate marketing read What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works. Looking for a way to make extra money learn How Easy Is Affiliate Marketing. There is even great training to learn about all the dos and don’ts about how to be successful at affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate University.

There are dozens of affiliate programs that are free to join. Each program may have hundreds of different businesses that are looking for people to promote their products. Some of the big name businesses you may heard of before, Amazon, Nike, Apple, all have affiliates promoting their businesses. Two of my favorite programs are Rakuten Linkshare and ShareASale.


These next examples are With A Website.


Building Websites For People

If you can download a WordPress website and add some content, pictures, etc., then you can become a webmaster for other businesses. There are hundreds of businesses in your local area that probably want a website but just don’t have the time to build and manage a website. You can do this for them charging a small monthly fee or even a small percentage of the profits from the website sales. As of today that are roughly 2400 themes written for WordPress that are free to download. Just go to and download a free website.


StudioPress Themes for WordPress


website builder



Another option with using websites is to build your own website, write content and publish it. Next start getting traffic to a website through organic search and PPC campaigns, then sell it to the highest bidder. A website is a valuable real estate, especially one that is receiving a lot of traffic. Selling website space is another proven strategy for receiving a monthly recurring income.


Google Adsense

This is another very easy program to install on your own website. It is advertising from Google that pays the website owner every time one of the advertising links is clicked. Since popular websites that receive lots of traffic have valuable real estate, it is only fitting that they get paid for advertisers to rent this space. This could potentially add up to hundreds of dollars a month. This is really easy passive income because all you do is furnish the website.


Creating Content for People

Have you ever wanted to be a writer? This can be a fantastic career choice for anyone that can write. There are thousands of websites that are looking for content writers. Some of this content a writer may have to do a little research on the subject and then write an article on the subject. There are thousands of freelance opportunities just waiting for the right author. A great place to start is by visiting Some of the many places to find writing engagements are:


B2B Marketing

Businesses all over America are looking for more customers. The way to find these new customers is by helping these businesses with marketing techniques using the Internet. The more a business can build its brand the more widely known they become to people. Creating apps for these businesses, getting people to follow them on social media, or even using PPC to get people to click and make lasting connections.



A good place to find a job. There is always something available here, If you really need to find a job then you can find jobs posted on company websites, through temp agencies, and more by using Indeed. If money is what you are looking for to earn from employment, then you will want to browse for career opportunities.


Social Media For Networking social media

The quickest way to get traffic to any website is through social media. There are several career choices in this field. You can help businesses keep track of their followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc By creating a following, a business can build its brand awareness which will lead to more customers.


Create Videos

Research has shown that people tend to buy more from watching a video than by reading a review. Creating a video isn’t that complicated anymore. By using a couple of programs you can become an authority in video publication. Just look at Youtube to see the number of videos being produced and uploaded every single day.


Today the statistics on YouTube videos being watched are mind-blowing! A video is being watched every second of every day. Just think what a video could do for you?


I hope that you found this information useful to you. Earning income is always good. By earning income from home is even better. If you found this information useful to you I would like to hear your comments or suggestions. If you know someone that could use this information I hope that you share it with them.


Are you ready? Are you ready to dive in and get a piece of this online income?



If you are ready today to start earning an online income then get the training you need to be successful immediately! Click HERE to join for Free and learn to earn online income.


To Your Success


6 thoughts on “How To Make Money With The Internet

  1. Kien

    Hi Kenneth,
    I agree that doing online business is getting more simple now. You also have a great point about passive income. When you work a normal job you trade your time for money. When you have a website that makes money for you, it’s like you have an asset that will generate income for you every month. I feel that it should be everyone’s goal to find a way to increase this Internet asset and improve their cash flow.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Kien, for your observation in the benefits of having an Internet asset. As the world economies shift from the industrial age to the technical age we are seeing fewer jobs because of automation resources. This further erodes the job security of everyone. Having multiple streams of income is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

  2. Robert Prescott

    WOW, there are definitely a lot of possibilities to earn money online from the comfort of your own home. Some of these I knew about and have done myself like selling and doing drop shipping on eBay. But I guess that once you have the knowledge in how to build a website, that would open up the door to even more money making possibilities.

    If a person is creative enough or at least motivated to try different direction, they could have multiple streams of income. Of course I am sure that the money would trickle in at first, there has never been any business online or off that made an honest killing on the first day , but in the long run it could be a gold mine approach. Thank you for not just listing all of the different ways in how to make money with the internet, but also explaining each way.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Robert, for your recognition in all the benefits of making money with the Internet. I showed the most popular types of entry level positions for people looking to earn a real income from the Internet can do so. It also shows the trend of the economy moving toward going more digital which, the sooner, not later, that people engage in earning from the Internet the better.

  3. Jen

    Hey Kenneth,
    The beginning of this article reminded me of the Warren Buffett quote, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” The internet has so much potential for monetization, so many people don’t realize how easy it can be to get started. You have listed many excellent ways to do so. I recently began affiliate marketing, in which I also incorporate Google Adsense, affiliate networks, Amazon, and others that you mentioned. It’s a whole new and exciting world out there when you realize the income that you can earn from simply using the internet. Great post, thanks for a great read!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Jen, for reading my post. Affiliate marketing is easy when you do it correctly. The programs I’ve listed can work for anyone regardless of experience or knowledge. Having a passive income of any kind is always much better than not having any at all.


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