How To Make Money On Affiliate Programs

By | April 26, 2019

Of all the different ways to earn money on the Internet, there is no easier way than to learn how to make money on affiliate programs. Affiliate programs were designed for you, as an online marketer, to share in the wealth of getting people to buy online.



There are a number of affiliate programs that anyone can join, for free, that allows you to tell people about a product or service. You direct people to the website that offers the product or service. If the people you direct buy something, you earn a finders fee or commission. It is that simple!





Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started on earning commissions from the Internet. By joining one or more of the many affiliate programs available, anyone with a computer and Internet service has the potential to become an online marketer.



Most successful online marketers started out doing online marketing as a part-time business. They joined one of the many affiliate programs and started writing quality content about the products they were directing people to buy. As their writing skills improved so did their traffic to their website. As more people became customers so did the income for the online marketer. Soon they were able to do online marketing full time, work from home, and ditch the 9 to 5 job forever!



There are several different ways that an online marketer can get paid by using affiliate programs.

  • PPC
  • PPL
  • PPS
  • CPA



PPC, or Paid Per Click, is the most common form of earning commissions through affiliate programs. How this works is a visitor reads an article on a website and decides they want the product the article is about. They click on the link provided which takes them to the website where the product is selling from.


The link provided by the affiliate program is a special link that identifies the affiliate as the responsible individual that has sent the buying customer to their website.


If the customer buys the product then a commission is earned and the affiliate will get paid.


PPL, or Paid Per Lead, is another form that the affiliate can earn a commission. It involves a visitor to complete an online form, like an application or a contact address, and the affiliate will earn their commission.


PPS, or Paid Per Sale, is very similar to the PPC above. How this differs from PPC is that the merchant pays the affiliate whenever they direct a customer that buys a product from their website. It can be a percentage of the total sale or just a fixed fee amount. It usually pays a higher commission than PPC.


CPA, or clicks per action, is a popular form of earning commissions in that an affiliate directs a visitor to a website that is requesting the visitor to enter information, like for example, complete a survey.



Affiliate Programs for the online marketer



A List of the Top Ten Affiliate Programs

  1. Amazon Associates – ( Who hasn’t heard of Amazon, right? Yes, they have an affiliate program. The name of this program is Amazon Associates. It has an attractive compensation plan. The more people that are directed there and buy, the higher the percentage in commissions that are earned. From 4% to 9%. Another great feature about this associate program is the commissions are based on every product they sell. No matter what product that brought the customer to Amazon, if they buy anything, a commission is earned.
  2. ShareASale – ( This affiliate program has been around for a long time and has many categories for just about every niche available. It is easy to join and it’s free. Most of the links that they provide are direct links and banner ads.                                                                
  3. Clickbank – ( If you are looking for a digital product that pays out high commissions then Clickbank is the go-to source. They also offer just about every category for any niche. It is very easy to join and it is free. A Clickbank member is given a “hoplink” that they can use to get credit for every product they sell. Every item on Clickbank has its own unique sales page and banner ads to help the affiliate with marketing and making a sale.    ClickBank Marketplace
  4. Rakuten Linkshare – ( This is one of the most popular affiliate programs for affiliates as well as merchants. They cover just about every category imaginable and is a highly trusted Japanese owned company. They pay out once a month in checks or auto deposit. It is free to join.              Rakuten Linkshare
  5. CJ Affiliate – ( otherwise known as Commission Junction, is one of the oldest affiliate programs in America. It has a little more requirements for people to join, thus it is best for the experienced affiliate. It focuses mainly on Pay Per Call networking that pays good commissions to users for creating further leads to products that they sponsor.
  6. Offervault  ( this is one of the larger CPA networks with over 39000 offers which allows affiliates to target certain offers that will attract clicks by the visitor. It is also free to join.
  7. JVZoo – ( very similar to Clickbank but it specializes in high-end product launches and is best for only the advanced online marketer. Commissions are usually quite large, ranging in the neighborhood of $1000 per sale. If the affiliate has a large list of subscribers then this program could be very beneficial to the affiliate.
  8. eBay Partner Program ( The largest online auction sites that pay the affiliate for directing visitors to eBay to make a purchase. The more traffic the affiliate sends to eBay, the higher the revenue that can be earned.   eBay Partner Group
  9. Shineads – ( This is one of the new affiliate programs that recently became very popular in earning online revenue. It is a PayPerVisit network that pays the affiliate or publisher a commission on per visit to their ads. It is very similar to PayPerClick but there is no disabling of earnings for bad clicks. This is a great substitute for Google Adsense.
  10. RevenueWire – ( This is the newest affiliate program to the network of digital products but also is taking the lead in sales and popularity. It is an answer to Clickbank, or JVZoo, which is offered to over 200 countries worldwide, spoken in 24 languages, and has international tax collection and management. It is in no question going to soon rise to be the biggest brands.         



The list above is in no way the only affiliate programs available to the affiliate. Just Google “Affiliate Programs” and the search engine will return pages of affiliate networks. These networks help the beginner, as well as the experienced online marketer, in creating an income stream to rival traditional salaries of the 9 to 5 employed.



Affiliate marketing is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. Sometimes compared to the “Tortoise and the Hare story”, it is a slow and steady rise in earning by climbing higher in the search engines rankings.


By learning how to use affiliate programs properly success will come naturally. Just a matter of time. I would suggest reading my post about what ingredients do successful Internet markers have to see if you have the traits to be successful.


The best way to succeed with affiliate programs is to know the best way to incorporate them with your online marketing. My number one choice in training in how to use affiliate programs is learning how to be an affiliate marketer



To Your Success

4 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Affiliate Programs

  1. Gomer

    My friends are making lots of money right now with a hyped network marketing opportunity. They are showing their commissions checks live or in screenshots, but no matter what they do, I am not attracted. For me, what is impressive is, if someone can show me a money making machine like a website that’s monetized by affiliate programs. It’s no longer the amount of money that impresses me, but how the person earned that money. 

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You know, Gomer, earning income from affiliate programs provides not only honest money but helps build trust with your constituents and this is where you start to build success and wealth.

  2. Netta

    Kenneth, thanks for this post explaining affiliate programs and how working with them can earn $$$.  I do appreciate your starter list of affiliate programs as well.  

    I especially like your point that affiliate marketing is best as an adjunct to other kinds of online marketing since it does tend to build momentum slowly.   

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Netta, for your agreement that by using affiliate programs the potential of increased revenue and is also the easiest to obtain online.


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