How To Earn Passive Income Working From Home

By | June 17, 2019

Learning how to earn passive income working from home without investment is easy with the Internet. With a website, you can be making money while you sleep. This how-to guide will show you everything you need to know to get started making money today.

Whether you want to earn passive income for extra money or a full-time income, if you follow this How-To-Guide you can be making money in a very short period of time. Some points made in this How-to-guide will be discussed in detail.

Sit back with your favorite drink and learn how you can earn a passive income working from home.

What Is Affiliate Marketing About

Passive Income Ideas

Earning Passive Income From Investments

Earning Passive Income From Time And Effort





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What is Affiliate Marketing About

This may be a question that you will want to know the answer to. It is one way to earn a passive income stream working from home. The Wikipedia definition for what is affiliate marketing about is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

This means in laymen terms that for every customer that you direct to a vendors’ website from your affiliate link on your website to buy a product you will earn a commission or a finders fee. This happens to be the easiest form of earning revenue from the Internet.

It is also the least amount of expense for you as an affiliate to earn a commission.

To be an affiliate all you do is join an affiliate program. These are free to join. There are many affiliate programs available in almost every niche imaginable. To learn more about earning commissions from affiliate programs please view my post about How To Make Money On Affiliate Programs.

Just one of many affiliate marketing programs is to become an associate of affiliate program. It is one of the biggest online markets to be associated with. As you probably already know if you want to purchase something online then go to Amazon to get the best price. This makes joining the Amazon Associate Program such a wonderful way of earning a passive income because everyone buys online at Amazon.

When you join Amazon Associates you are given an affiliate code which you place on your website (more about how to do this in a moment). This code is a link to Amazon. When a visitor to your website clicks on your link the visitor is taken to Amazon to purchase the product. If the customer buys the product, you earn a commission on the sale.

Currently, the commissions that can be earned from Amazon range from 4% up to 9%. The more business you send to Amazon the higher the percentage of commissions you will earn.

The best part about this program is no matter what the customer buys you earn the commission on the total sale amount. To give you an example of how this works,

You have a website about running shoes. A visitor to your website likes the review of the Nike running shoes you have on your website. They want to buy these shoes so they click the link that Amazon has provided you. The link takes them to where the Nike running shoes are pictured.

The customer buys the Nike running shoes, but while they are there they also buy some socks, a belt, and a ceiling fan. You are paid a commission on the total sale, which includes all the products bought – the original Nike running shoes plus everything else they purchased.

This is just one example of the affiliate program with But there are many others. In fact, almost any product sold today will have an affiliate program associated with it.

The top nine Affiliate Programs today that let you join for free and choose any vendor of their membership, for any niche that you want to affiliate with, are:

There are many other affiliate programs to research to find the best companies that fit your website niche. If you are looking for a wholesaler to supply your eCommerce website with products, then WorldWideBrands is the website to contact for a full list of all the wholesalers licensed in the USA.

Passive Income Ideas

It has been said that the average millionaire has seven different streams of income. But most millionaires don’t have seven jobs. Instead, they have harnessed the power of passive income and earn interest on their assets. For most people, this would be the ultimate dream. But in reality, it took some effort in the beginning to earn a steady flow of passive income.

What would you say if I told you that it is possible for you to build a passive income stream today?

First of all, what is passive income? Wikipedia defines Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.

Another term associated with passive income is residual income, which is money you earn while you’re not actively working. So instead of trading your time for a paycheck making someone else rich, you are earning a steady income derived from an investment or work done a long time ago.

There are two approaches that you can take to earn a passive income – Investment of money or investment of time and effort. The first section is some ideas on what you can do with money to grow the interest received from the money invested. The second column is what you can do with a little time and effort to grow your money over time.

Investment Income

  1. Park your money in a high-yielding savings account
  2. Investing in a pool of real estate properties (REITS)
  3. Purchase rental property
  4. Invest in dividend paying stocks
  5. Build a CD Ladder
  6. People to People Lending
  7. Buy an income producing website
  8. Rent out a room in your house

Investment of Time and Effort

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Start a Youtube Channel
  3. Create an online study course
  4. Become a content writer for websites
  5. Sell your own photographs
  6. Rent out your car
  7. Write Do-It-Yourself information help books
  8. Become an author

Earning Passive Income From Investments

This is the old-school approach to earning passive income and it is achieved by investments. Before the Internet, this was the only way to earn passive income. It usually took a large amount of money invested in one or more areas that paid interest to you from the investment earnings.

Today with the banking system not paying any interest on the money in your account your money is just sitting there not working for you. The only way to get your money working for you instead of working for the banks is to invest in other areas that pay you interest.

If you have a chunk of money sitting in a bank account that is not working for you then this approach is the fastest way to start earning passive income.

Park your money in a high-yielding savings account

You will never build wealth or earn passive income from the interest that banks pay you on your own money. It is really a crying shame how banks operate today. You can overcome this hurdle by investing in a high-yield paying money-market account.

Online banking is the way to go if you want your money working for you instead of the bank. Some of these online banking services pay up to 2.50%. This is a much better way to earn interest without tying your money up in a long-term CD.

Investing in a pool of real estate properties (REITS)

This can be a very lucrative way of earning a passive income without the headaches of being a landlord. Invest money into a real estate investment trust (REITs) and get paid every month on your investment. Most investment firms have several REITs accounts designed for a group of investors to pool their money and invest in properties that pay the group a percentage of the rent. It is much safer than outright ownership of individual properties because your money is diversified between everyone belonging to the group.

Purchase Rental Property

The old-school way of earning passive income is by buying houses and becoming a landlord. You invest in a property and rent it out. Depending on the type and location of the property the income that you receive can be substantial. If you have the tolerance to deal with tenants that don’t pay their rent then this is a tried and true means of receiving a monthly income.

Invest in dividend paying stocks

Another more traditional way of earning an income off of your investments is from investing in the stock market in stocks that pay a quarterly dividend. Municipal bonds like public utilities are one form of many options available to people that want a safe way to not lose money in the stock market downturns.


Build a CD Ladder

This is a form of not tying your money up into a long-term contract. The way this works is to invest a pool of money into each of three CD contracts. One for six-month CD, One for a twelve-month CD, and the last in an eighteen-month CD.

When the six-month CD reaches maturity, reinvest into an 18-month CD. Same goes for the next twelve-month CD once it reaches maturity. The last CD reinvests it back into an eighteen-month CD.
This way of staggering your maturity on the CD’s your money is available to you every six months, without being locked in a long-term contract.

People to People Lending

A people to people lending group does exactly what it implies, lending money to people and earning interest on the money. Another name of this type of investment is Peer to Peer Lending.

Lending Club is just one of several options of lending money to people who normally can’t get a loan from a bank. The way this works is to invest money into Lending Club and they pool your money with other club members and loan the money to individuals for all sorts of loans. Your money is diversified between other club members so if any loan goes into default you only lose a small portion of your money.

Buy an income producing website

This can be a very attractive approach to earning a passive income from online marketing – without you building the website yourself. Websites are bought and sold every day. Some of these websites are earning several thousand dollars each month. By buying one of these successful enterprises you become the sole proprietor in all the profits generated from this investment.

Two very well-known firms that buy and sell websites are Empire Flippers and Flippa. Depending on the amount of money you have to invest will determine which of these two investment firms work better for you.

Empire Flippers have websites that range anywhere from $20.000 to over $2,000,000. Now, most of these websites have multiple earning sources so you can actually start earning an income from the first day.

Flippa isn’t quite as large as Empire Flippers with starting prices as low as $1000. It uses an auction type format where you bid on websites that are up for sale. If you are lucky you can buy a website for as low $1 and reap the benefits of any income the website produces.

Rent out a room in your house

You have heard of people renting out their house to people that go vacation or are in town for a sports’ event. Welcome to Airbnb. You sign up with Airbnb and decide on whether you rent out a spare bedroom or your whole house. There are no long-term contracts plus you are insured up to a million dollars if anything is damaged or stolen

Earning Passive Income From Time And Effort

This section is what you can do with a little time and effort to grow your passive income over time. Some ideas to think about will be listed below in a moment. The easiest way is by starting an online business that you have a passion for. Whether it is becoming an affiliate marketer with a niche website or an eCommerce website the same applies to each.


If you don’t understand what a “niche” is, please read my post, “Complete Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing” so that you will see the many opportunities in starting an online business.

For the fastest and best results starting an online business will be about a niche that you are passionate about. Business consulting, making quilts, gaming programs, pet supplements, whatever your experience is in or what you really have a passion for will be the best niche for you to get started in.

Check out Google. Enter a niche that you are passionate about, in quotes. Just under the search results will be all the websites that have content that has been indexed into Google. Look at the first ten sites. If two or more are affiliate sites, then chances are good that you can outrank them with your new information and new website.

Research into the different areas of what online business to begin is key to how fast you will find success. Some niches, like Internet Marketing, Money-making opportunities, and dieting are extremely competitive and hard for a beginner to enter these niches and find success.

Other niches such as cross-stitching, Do-It-Yourself help books, Family behavior issues, etc, if you have experience in these types of niches you may find success very quickly.

I would suggest following your heart when selecting a niche to start an online business. You can go with an online store, like Shopify, or eBay, or start a real website. Whichever you decide you will have to devote a lot of time and work in the beginning to get your business established and getting enough traffic to start getting any revenue earned on a consistent basis.

Rinse and Repeat. When you have built an online platform that is making consistent passive income, time to start a new adventure into another niche and build it, work it, and market it just like the first successful platform until it too is producing passive income.

You do this two or more times and now you have multiple streams of income flowing into your pocket from your online businesses.

Affiliate Marketing

This form of earning passive income takes time and effort but is the easiest approach to becoming your own boss and earning extra money up to a full-time salary. This is what I have found to be the best online income producing approach when you are starting with a small shoe-string budget.

To learn more about this attractive way to earning an income off your efforts please refer to this article, Complete Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing.

Start a YouTube Channel

Another great way to begin an online money producing platform is to open an account with YouTube. By creating videos and uploading to this platform you can become a household name and reach thousands of people all around the world. You can make videos from Do-It-Yourself repairs to Affiliate Marketing. When you have over a thousand followers to your YouTube channel you can start earning income from the Google AdSense advertisements on your channel.


Create an online study course

If you are experienced and want to take advantage of helping people solve their problems you can create a How-To course and upload it to an online platform like Udemy or Teachable. These two platforms get thousands of visits each day from people wanting to learn from the courses available. You will get a percentage of every course sold on the platform plus the satisfaction of knowing your experience is not being wasted.

Become a content writer for websites

For anyone that enjoys writing this is a very attractive way of earning an income from your efforts. By submitting your name and a brief summary of the topics you have experience with or will research for a fee this can be made into a full-time income. Platforms like Fiverr, Tumblr, Freelancer, Guru, Problogger, are just a few of the many freelance writing platforms that pay you to write articles.

Sell your own photographs

If you like taking photographs then this may be a great way to earn passive income from your passion. Shutterstock is one of many popular platforms that photographers upload their photos to that are offered for sale. When website author needs a photo for their website they go to Shutterstock and select a photo from the thousands of pictures that are on their website. If your photo is selected you earn a percentage of the selling price and sometimes leads to a recurring income.

Rent out your car

Believe it or not, by joining GetaRound you have the option of getting paid to rent your car to people who need a ride. Different from Uber which pays you to give people a ride you can rent your car instead of your car sitting in your driveway depreciating.

Write Do-It-Yourself information help books

Create information guides or eBooks and sell them, or offer them for free to capture a customers email address. By getting an email address you can contact the same individual over and over again with offers from you that you get paid a recurring income.

You can put these on your website as a lead magnet to entice the website visitor to download your help book.

Become an author

One of the best ways to create a passive income stream is writing your own book and upload it to Smashwords. This platform will distribute your book to all the big book stores like Amazon Kindle, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, and others. Any book that is sold is earned income, or you can get paid by letting people rent the book from the big book platforms.


When you want to earn passive income there is always a way to accomplish this task. With the Internet, this has become an even bigger possibility to achieve.

I hope that you found this information helpful to you and I invite you to share it with friends that could also find this information helpful to them. If you have any comments or suggestions I invite you to either leave a comment below or contact me with your message. I look forward to answering you and be as helpful as I can,

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