How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Site

By | January 31, 2017

Learn how to create an Amazon affiliate site in the time it takes to drink one cup of coffee. The hardest part about creating an Amazon affiliate site is deciding what niche you wish to promote.


cup of coffee

Amazon has more products to sell than any other dealer online. To become an Amazon affiliate, also known as an Amazon Associate, is just a five-minute free sign-up on their website. To become an associate for Amazon see below the link that will take you to their sign-up page.


Once you are a member of Amazon associate program you are eligible to earn commissions on any product. Yes, this is correct, any product.


How To Become An Amazon Affiliate

To be eligible to earn commissions from Amazon on products you promote you must be a member of the Amazon Associate Program. To sign-up is free at amazon associate program.



What this means is if you promote shoes, for example, and the customer that you send to Amazon to buy the shoes also buys a blender, you receive commissions on the shoes PLUS the blender!



Depending on the number of customers that you send to Amazon will determine the percentage of commissions that you can earn. Their commission structure pays between 4.5% and 9% of the total sales per visit, per customer.


So for the example, if you have an Amazon Affiliate Site for promoting running shoes, your niche website will be all about running shoes. You may want to just promote one brand of running shoes, Nike or Adidas, for example, or you may choose to promote them all.


The website above is an example of a niche, which in this case is “running shoes”. The great thing about being an Amazon Associate with an Amazon Affiliate Site you are eligible for commissions on everything Amazon sells.



The only bad thing about becoming an Amazon Affiliate is that it is closed to people living in certain states.



If you live in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina or Rhode Island you are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Associate program. The reason being is because of taxes that the states legislatures have incorporated.



The cash-strapped states are taxing any commissions earned from Internet sales by their citizens. Amazon refuses to honor these new tax structures.



Amazon has banned any citizens living in these states from belonging to the associate program.


Amazon has said, “We oppose this new tax law because it is unconstitutional and counterproductive. This new tax law was supported by the big-box retailers which also are located outside the state.”



“This new law seeks to harm the affiliate advertising programs of their competitors. Similar legislation in these states has led to job and income losses, and little, if any, new tax revenue,” according to Amazon.



How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Site


The first step to building an Amazon affiliate site is to select the niche of the site. The “niche” will be the group of people that you are catering to. In the above example, ‘running shoes’ is the niche for the group of people interested in running shoes.


Any and every niche can be profitable for the site owner. Some niches may have more buyers but they also have more competition. If any niche has buyers, then there will be competitors competing for their business.


The two most competitive niches for anyone are the Internet marketing and the weight loss niches. The reasons, of course, is there are more people looking at “making money online” and “losing weight” than any other groups of people online.


Don’t let this stop you from considering entering these niches. If you are unique or different in what you have to offer, then there will be a group somewhere especially for you. Remember, there are over 3.7 billion people using the Internet.




Amazon Affiliate Marketing



The next biggest hurdle after selecting which niche you want to promote is:

      • Building your website
      • Finding a website host



The easiest and most popular type of website to build is a WordPress Website. A WordPress website is actually already built. All you have to do is select which Theme you wish to use. This may be difficult.


The reason this may be difficult is that as of today there are over four thousand different themes to choose from. This number, 4000, is just the free WordPress Themes. There are paid WordPress Themes, which also number into the thousands.


A “paid” WordPress Theme is a website that you must buy a license to use their website. This paid website is a regular WordPress website that has been customized with certain features not normally found with the theme. This customization allows the company to “sell” a license in order to use their branded WordPress Theme.



Once you buy this license, it is good forever. You only pay once to use this Theme. You pay one price for the website, but you are given several “outer skins” to choose from. You can rotate from one skin to another. The choice is up to you.


These paid themes are not always better than a free WordPress theme, it is just what pleases you as a site owner which one you prefer.


Personally, I like the Genesis Theme built by Studiopress because it uses a framework that has a child theme on top. This means it uses the Genesis framework which is the actual engine of the website. The child theme is the outer layer, or skin, that changes the look and feel of the site without changing how it works.


Why Genesis is the Foundation of Any Smart WordPress Design
Genesis Framework by Studiopress


Click Genesis Framework  to get the best WordPress Theme – Genesis




Once you decide on the niche your site will be about and then select which theme you wish to use as your website, the hardest part has just been finished!


The rest of the work is to know what you are going to say and how you wish to promote the Amazon products on your site. Do you know something about the product that you will be promoting?


The best way to promote a product is to “not sell”. People hate to “be sold”. I know I hate it. I am sure you hate it too.


To have the best luck in convincing your website visitor what you are promoting is just for them is to tell your story. Tell them like you are telling a friend about something you just purchased.


Let them know just how happy you were after you discovered how this product made a difference in your life. The best way to do this is to own the product yourself.


The best way that I know how to be a great Amazon affiliate is by learning these “10 Tips On How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing”.


Once you have your site built you have to have a “connection” to the Internet. The way you get your website on the Internet so everyone can find you is to have a “host”. A host is a company that has an Internet Server that houses your website.


For more information about finding a Host, building a niche website and starting your own Amazon Affiliate Site please also read these articles:


There are several hosts to choose from. Some of the larger or most popular hosts today are iPage, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, and HostGator. These companies all offer various packages to host your website. They all have plans that can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly.


These companies don’t offer any training for individuals that are new to online marketing. The only company that I know of that offers hosting, domain name registration, free SSL certificates plus free training is Wealthy Affiliate.


To learn more about this company and their services please read my article review of A Wealthy Affiliate Review. They even have a starter package of two free websites!


Now that you have a niche website already built and have a host to get your website on the Internet, it is time go full speed ahead!


You are going to start writing articles which will be the foundation of your content. Your “content” will get found and indexed by the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


This content will be ranked by the keywords used in your articles. The higher the ranking of your keywords will place your content higher in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).


The higher in the SERPS almost guarantees the search engines sending more traffic (visitors) to your website. More traffic means more potential customers. More customers equal more sales.


So the objective of your content is to get more traffic to visit your website to read your content. The better you become with your keyword research the better your content writing will be. This is all related to your expertise or training.


The better use of keywords will greatly influence the ability of your content to rank high in the SERPS which will lead to more visitors and more conversions. This, my friend, is what online marketing is all about.


Google has said time and time again that “Content Is King”. This means the more trained you become the more odds in your favor in creating a successful Amazon affiliate site.


There are many online tools available to you in getting more knowledgeable. I hope that you have found some information to lead you into creating a successful affiliate site. Please share this information with others that you know are seeking this information.


To Your Success





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