How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer

By | February 5, 2017

To learn more about how to become an amazon affiliate marketer with unlimited potential, please read this page! The information I am about to reveal could possibly make someone a wealthy person.



Long before the Internet was born affiliate marketing was being practiced. One of the oldest marketing concepts that have been used by most of America’s businesses.



Sears and Roebucks was one of the first American businesses to incorporate affiliate marketing.



With the innovation of online marketing new heights are being mastered every day by thousands of online marketers. This has lead in making Amazon the largest online store in America.



Let me ask you a question… Is there any other passive income strategy that can make you wealthy? I’m not talking about just earning a small amount of income once or twice a month, but real life sustaining income.



Becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer could possibly be the key to a wheel of fortune.



*Have you ever bought a product to solve a problem and been very happy with your purchase?

*Have you ever discovered other important features or uses for this product?

*Then find yourself telling all your friends about your discoveries?

*You have just become a marketer of this product.


See how easy that was?



What I am talking about is niche marketing in it’s purest form. If you want to know more about what niche marketing is please read what is niche marketing. You’ll discover a fascinating concept to earning an easy passive income stream.



My definition of an affiliate marketer is a promoter of goods or services like the ones found online at Amazon. Amazon is America’s version of China’s Alibaba. If the product can be sold legally online, then more than likely this product is sold at Amazon.



There are three ways to earn income from Amazon:

  • Amazon Associate Program
  • aStore – which is having a storefront selling any product listed on Amazon.
  • Amazon Kindle



Becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer is easy just by completing an application. Less time to becoming a business owner than drinking a cup of coffee.



To see just how easy please read how to create an Amazon affiliate site.



Once you are a member of the Amazon Associate Program, you are eligible to receive commissions from products you endorse on your website. Not only just the products you endorse but any product. Let me explain…



amazon associates


Since you are a member of Amazon you are entitled to earn commissions from any product that is bought through your affiliate link. This link is the key to your passive income.



To be a successful online marketer just follow these steps:

  1. Create a niche website or blog about a certain subject, product or service
  2. Write articles about this certain subject, product or service.
  3. Become a member of the Amazon Associate Program.
  4. Copy links from Amazon website and paste these links in your articles from products in your niche.
  5. If a website visitor clicks on your link, they are sent to Amazon website where they can purchase anything Amazon sells.


If the visitor purchases a product, you receive a commission.


It is kinda like getting paid a finders fee. You have found a buyer that wants the product. Your suggestions have satisfied this buyer’s curiosity and they are now ready to buy. You have conveniently provided a link to the product for this buyer. What else does this buyer need to get the product?


How hard was this?



Amazon Affiliate Marketer




Similar to the product reviews we have all read before. You are finding out information about the product BEFORE you buy. If the reviews you read are enough to sway your opinion, you buy.



This is what an Amazon affiliate marketer does on their website. They provide easy to understand information about the products they promote on their website.



Of course, the best thing about being a member of Amazon’s associate program makes you eligible on any product the buyer buys through your Amazon link!



For example, you have a niche website about Dog Products, like dog collars, dog leashes, dog grooming supplies, etc. You get a website visitor looking for grooming supplies.



This visitor likes what they read about the unique dog brush you wrote about in your article. They want this brush. This visitor clicks on your Amazon link. This link takes them to the product page on Amazon.



While they are there they decide not to buy this brush but instead, they do purchase a dog bed, a CD player, and a music CD.


You get paid a commission on all three products.



Even though your link was to a dog brush doesn’t matter. Your link provided a sale for Amazon, so you receive a commission anyway, regardless what the buyer was originally shopping for.



These commissions range from 4.5% to 9% of the total sale of products. So for example, your buyer instead of buying a dog brush they purchase a $1200 TV, you get paid a commissions check anywhere from $54 up to $108.



How To Join Amazon Associate Program


You can join the Amazon Associate Program two ways. If you are already an Amazon member all you have to do is:

  • Go to
  • Click on the link at the bottom of the page. “Become an Affiliate”.



amazon login


If you are not a member of, just go to Amazon and join. Then click the “Become an Affiliate” link at the bottom of the page.


create amazon account


Once you are on the Amazon Associatesamazon associates page, click on the “join” icon. It is free to join. Probably 98% of people that join are approved.



NOTE: The only negative thing about this program is it is NOT open to everyone. People living in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina or Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Associate program.


See my explanation why citizens from these states are not eligible for my article how to create an Amazon affiliate site.



Another great thing about being an Amazon associate is the links are already provided by Amazon. There is no HTML coding to write. Just copy and paste the link onto your website page, post or sidebar widget.




The links are either “product links” like the one below,


amazon product links




or use a “Banner Link” like the one below,

amazon banner links




These special links are encoded with your particular affiliate link so that when someone clicks this lick, only you will receive a commission.



Get an aStore




The other earning potential from Amazon is by having a storefront that features anything Amazon sells. With four simple configuration pages, you will be able to create a custom storefront in minutes. No programming knowledge necessary. Keep visitors on your site longer.




amazon aStore

Any associate has access to aStore and there are no fees associated with building stores on your sites. Simply click on the aStore link on the Amazon associates page to create your own Amazon storefront.


Amazon Kindle

The third way to earn passive income from Amazon is by becoming an Indie author. By writing a book you can have it published by Amazon Kindle which publishes your book in both digital and hardcover form.



eBooks are books in digital form which have steadily grown in popularity since being introduced in November 2007. The number of new independent writers has also skyrocketed.



By writing a book and following some standard formatting rules you too can become the best selling author. By submitting your book in PDF form to Amazon Kindle the author in you has just been born!



I forget to tell you the best part about becoming a Kindle Indie author… It’s Free!
I hope you like the information that I have furnished about how to become an Amazon associate. This is such a marvelous opportunity to earn extra passive income. I look forward to answering any questions you may have and hope that you share this information with your friends who may need this information.



Are you thinking about becoming an author of your own books? It is much easier than you think. I can show you everything you need. For just pennies a day, you could become the next Best Seller on Amazon!



What are you waiting for? Click HERE for more information!



To Your Success!



6 thoughts on “How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer

  1. Steve

    Great article and thanks for the information. I’ve been looking at the Amazon affiliate idea and knew that you can send site visitors to specific Amazon products. What I hadn’t realised though, was that if they bought anything else on Amazon while on the same visit then you could receive the affiliate payment for that too. That makes it a really interesting proposition!

    Thanks again for your insight.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Hey, I am glad you found my post interesting, Steve. It amazes me how easy affiliate marketing can be if you know how. Knowledge without application is meaningless unless you use it to benefit yourself.

  2. Furkan

    I am very interested in Amazon affiliate program. But I really don’t know what to do about how to choose affiliate program. My friend says he gets much more income with using eBay with much longer cookies. Do you have an idea or experience about it or what do you think it would be a better choice for me? My niche is about sport products by the way.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      I tell you Furkan, as long as you do not live in a state where your association as an affiliate is banned, you have an unlimited amount of earning potential as an affiliate versus having a store front with eBay. I started out with eBay but quickly outgrew the constant fees and policy changes. With eBay, for $25 a month, you can post up to 15-20 products in an eBay store. As an affiliate with Amazon, these listings are free and your not limited to how many. The more traffic you can get to your website that click on your affiliate link, the potential of earnings is really phenomenal. Good luck to you Furkan.

  3. Peter

    If you own a niche website and aren’t an Amazon Affiliate then you’re leaving money on the table. It’s not the only way but it’s simple and easy as you point out in your very thorough review. Thanks for this, really well done.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Amazon is a great business to be an affiliate for Peter because of the number of products you can earn commissions from. It is easy and all of the links, pictures, and descriptions can be copied and used on your site. You have to refer a lot of customers to them to reach the 9% commission which is the only downside to their business structure.


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