How Some Affiliate Marketers Are Finding Success With This Secret

By | May 31, 2019

I want to share some very inspiring stories of how some affiliate marketers are finding success with This Secret. It’s not about the niche or the affiliate program they are promoting. It’s the marketing technique that they have utilized that gives them the edge over other affiliate marketers. If you want to know how to earn more money as an affiliate marketer, do what these individuals are doing!

Some Success Stories of WA Affiliate Marketers

One of the members that I am following at Wealthy Affiliate or WA for short is Tony Hamilton. Tony has been an online marketer since 2007 and he writes that 2018, has been his best year ever! His short message is worth the read. You can read about Tony Hamilton and his amazing story.


Tony Hamilton 2019


2018, Year In Review: $40K Thank You WA! Happy New Year!

Another member that I follow is G. (alias littlemama) wrote this blog post on January 2, 2019. Littlemama has a website too but her main concentration is with her YouTube channel and her Facebook group. She joined WA in 2016 and has already surpassed me with earnings of over $40K in 2018. She is an exceptional marketer that is an example of what all other online marketers should strive to be like.


As you can see from the image below her earnings for 2018, – just two years after joining WA and learning how to be an affiliate marketer!

littlemama 2018 WA earnings

From her own words, she credits all of her success to following the step-by-step procedure of the training we receive at WAU (Wealthy Affiliate University). She says, “I started here in Sep/16 and my first full calendar year, I didn’t do too well revenue-wise but this is how it goes when you’re building your online business. Mid 2017 was when I really started writing a lot more on my blog, daily in fact, and continued to do so throughout 2018, with some slow down in the latter part of 2018.”

“If it wasn’t for that ramp up in 2017, there’s no way I would have made what I made in 2018.”


LittleMama success screenshot



$4.7K Month – SEPT 2018 Monthly Report!

Another good friend and member of Wealthy Affiliate is Jerry Huang, which in less than two years has skyrocketed his earning from less than $100 to over $4,000! Read his story here JerryHuang.


Success stories of affiliate marketers



JerryH success


My WA Affiliate Commission Report For September 2018,

M. (alias AffTraining) updated his blog post, October 2, 2018, where he posted his earning for the previous month of September. He says “I got started a bit late this year because I was temporarily promoting another affiliate training program for a while. I came back here in March after the other program I was promoting proved to be far less effective than WA. The commissions were actually higher there, but my conversion rates were terrible (so I made less) and I saw far fewer people succeeding.”


AffTraining earnings report


Obviously, some affiliate programs are better to promote than others according to AffTraining. In his own words, he says that even though the commissions earned from some programs are higher it doesn’t equate to a better program. It’s not as simple as comparing dollar amounts earned from the various programs but the actual program quality itself.

WA is unique from other training programs because WA is not interested in earning money from their actual members like so many other programs are designed to do. They are more interested in teaching the affiliate how to be successful with whatever program they decide to promote.

Other training programs are all about up-sells and down-sells to their own members instead of concentrating on actual training that gives the affiliate the skills to be successful with any program they decide to promote. This is why I am a member of WA and why I probably will be for life.

Is this typical of all affiliate marketers? I would guess to say no. Some do a lot better. Most do a lot worse. It boils down to how hard you work in marketing your affiliate program that decides how successful you become.


AffTraining Vegas Trip


In case, you were unaware of the incentive that members of WA are striving to win in the WA Referral program, if you refer 300 people and they join the premium level of WA in one calendar year, you win an all expense paid trip to the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Summit. This summit is sponsored by WA owners, Carson and Kyle.


Travel expenses, hotel suite, food, drinks, entertainment, plus summit all free. The summit is a meeting with the owners to discuss the new business that is in store for members of WA. WA already has some best online tools furnished to the premium level members and every year they offer more.


To actually win this Vegas trip is a dream come true for everyone that participates in the referral program.


My First $25 As An Affiliate


MGaspary had no previous training as an affiliate marketer before she joined WA. This is when she began to learn the techniques that are used to make you a successful entrepreneur. She wrote on her blog post,  May 30, 2019. She credits her willingness to learn the WA step-by-step procedure for being successful in online marketing.

I had no skills as an affiliate.

I had no marketing background.

I was a fan of low-quality posts just because I wanted to publish more.

If you talk with her today she will tell you that she owes her success to commitment, desire, and following the step-by-step process of success.

“Instead of stepping back with doubts in my head, I move forward even with fear inside me. Instead of being defeated, I choose to win. I step forward, and here I am, I earned something.”



Is It Possible To Make Five Figures A Month?

According to another WA member, Roy Bretton, earning 5 figures a month is attainable. From his blog page he writes:

[ First of all, I’m not making five figures online a month at the moment, but I know that it is possible with hard work and consistency, I have had those days when I have made over $1000 a day but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen enough at the moment! I know quite a few people that are genuinely making well over five figures a month online regularly and legitimately, which is highly important for me.] To read the rest of his story click on Roy Bretton.

A part-time affiliate marketer, Raynold, wrote back in November 2018, that he has a Health and Wellness blog that only has 20 blog posts on it. He said when he checked his “Amazon associate account, wow, I made 12 sales!” He said this inspired him to start writing more posts. His message can be read at Borneoman.


Edy Chandra has been a WA member since 2015. In her blog post on WA in November 2015, she wrote that even though she had been away from posting anything online she continued to earn commissions. See her picture below.

Edy Chandra


She continues to get better because she doesn’t quit. She continues with the training that WA provides and tries to use the skills she learns. She isn’t always successful, but she doesn’t quit because of failure. Read about Edy Chandra.


Another member that I follow and admire is Vitaliy G at WA. He has been a member of WA since 2007 and is always helping other members with their online business. He recently wrote on his WA blog that was a very good read. It’s inspiring to read success stories of other members that have gone through the same training that you have gone through, or going through and they are finding success. That tells you that the training you are receiving works.

I wanted to share his story because it is about setting your sites on the big picture by creating goals, learning new skills and following the training step by step.


Can someone make a full-time income promoting WA? You bet they can!

His story is how to be successful by Following the Training, and Be Patient and work your butt off. His story can be read by clicking on Vitaliy G.

Vitaliy G



Chris Lee is also a member of WA since 2012. He is living proof that the training that is taught at WA reflects in his success. In his blog post dated March 2016, Chris says his success was when he decided to just keep writing post regardless of success or failure. The title of his post is:

Proof Success Takes Time

His story of actually quitting his online marketing because of no results shows that online marketing is not instantaneous. It’s a business that grows slowly over time. If you ever hear anyone tell you that you can get-rich-quick with online marketing is after the money you have in your wallet. RUN away from them as fast as you can. Online marketing is not a sprint. It’s more of a marathon.

People online today are fast to exit a site and very slow to trust. This makes online marketing a challenge. What worked last year is not working this year. Trust is not won on the first visit. It takes several visits from each person that visits your website to build a relationship with them. It’s in this relationship building that you build trust.

Consistently, honesty and hard work all are factors in growing an online (digital) marketing to being successful. The stories above are proof that it takes time. Have you ever heard that Rome wasn’t built in a day?

These are just some many, many success stories I see every day when I log into WA. You can’t help to get inspired by reading how these ordinary affiliate marketers are finding success. Is it the singer, or the song, that makes these people so successful… You decide.


Do you have what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur? To see if you have what it takes to be successful with online marketing, check out the ingredients of these successful marketers: The Ingredients of the Best Internet Marketers


How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur


Want To Learn How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer? Click HERE for details!


Learning how to be a successful online entrepreneur either takes years of trial and error or training from a specialized marketing school. This is a very specialized occupation where the people that have the skills earn most of the money. What little money is left over is shared with all the other online marketers that have little to no training at all.

It’s not unusual for a successful online entrepreneur to earn over five figures in commissions a month. It’s not common by no means, but it does happen. It’s all in the way they market themselves that lead to this kind of success.

Start with knowing On-Page SEO. Without on-page SEO any success at all is merely luck only. So on-page SEO is the foundation. The second most crucial step is the Off-Page SEO or digital marketing that takes the on-page SEO and notches it up to a whole new level.

My post of On-Page SEO is a must read to learn how to build a good foundation on becoming successful with online marketing. Off-Page SEO is the second post that should be read and practiced getting the most out of the SEO of your website.


How to be a successful entrepreneur


Become A Successful Entrepreneur


What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? Dedication? Commitment? Desire? Skills? Training? I would truthfully say that it takes a little of each to be successful.

It isn’t the niche that they are in because there are lots of money to earn in every niche (market) that exists. It isn’t the desire to be successful because we all have a desire to be successful.

This is why when people ask what should they do to earn online income that they are told to do what they love. When you first build a website and select a niche to market in you are going to experience some good days and a lot of bad days. If you select a niche just because the commissions earn on every sale are large, what will keep you adding new content to your website if you are not getting any website traffic?

Doing what you love drives you to continue to add content even when you are not making any sales or getting visitors to your website.

Is it dedication or commitment? When starting an online business a lot of people expect to see results right away. They get frustrated if they are not getting any visitors to their website. They get even more frustrated if they don’t get any conversions from any visitors that do come to their website.

This is the other reason to choose a niche that you love, else you claim that online marketing doesn’t work and you simply quit. Without giving your new online business time to mature and for your website to rise in the SERPs you have to be convinced to keep adding content and not quit.
What skills or training must be learned to become successful with online marketing? Writing good quality content for your website or marketing platform and then getting the word out to the world that you are open for business. Some ways to let people you are open for business is to join Facebook groups in your specific niche. Answer questions or comment on threads to let people know you know what you are talking about.

The more problems that you can solve for people the more likely they are going to remember who you are and follow you. This is where you begin to build a relationship with these people. People buy from people they trust. Without building a good relationship you’ll never have any customers or conversions on your website or marketing platform.

Join forums in your niche, follow people who are already successful in your niche on Twitter, YouTube, and other Social Media platforms. Post something every day. Record video and put it on YouTube and/or Facebook. The more channels you open the faster people will get to see you and know you.

If you are consistent with your posts and videos people will begin to follow you. This is how you market in 2019.

The best part of learning online marketing is that it doesn’t take years anymore to become successful. You can do it in your spare time from the right source. The right source is where I have learned all my skills at online marketing – and you can too! To learn more about my source of online training please refer to my review of Wealthy Affiliate.


It’s crucial to your success that you build an environment that people will be comfortable with. This is why Content is King! Write high-quality content and do it often. Let people in your circle and other social media platforms that you just finished an article for them to read and let you know if they liked it.

Engagement on your website or blogging platform is another ranking factor that doesn’t get much print. The more engagement you receive is like adding votes in your favor. Soon the search engines see this as more content on your web page and give you a higher ranking.

I hope you enjoyed reading the successes of these affiliate marketers as much as I liked researching them and help to tell their stories. I would like for you to share this post with others and let them know if they want to be successful in online marketing, to come here to learn.

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