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Using the “right” Keywords for your articles will get you found in the organic search results. It is the “finding” of these keywords that are key to your success.

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A few years ago when I started Internet marketing we all just used the external google keyword tool. This tool was also the same tool that someone would use to start building their Adwords campaign.

This tool was free to use and as far as I know, everyone that had a website used this same keyword tool to find, select, and use the keywords. It was an amazing tool. At the time, that was all that there was.

Then Google stopped that freebie usage.




You have to open an Adwords account before you can use this tool now. But I didn’t know if using it was going to still be free or if I had to buy Adwords to get to use this tool. So I stopped using it.


Consequently, having access to a reliable keyword tool for free had run its course. And Like everything else, there was a price tag on usage. Now don’t get me wrong, there are several keyword tools available, but not at an affordable price.

I know that I was never going to pay $70 or more a month to use a keyword tool, along with other analytical search queries, like, so I found myself without a keyword tool, for a while.




What about the “FREE” Keyword tools online? Are they a source for competent selections of good keywords for a website? Below is a screen shoot of a “FREE” keyword tool, named “Keyword Tool


free keyword tool



However, you get what you paid for, right? In the example above the “free” keyword tool will find some relevant keywords, but DOESN”T tell you the search volume or the competition. I searched the term “basketball hoops” as an example. The results, See below:


free keyword tool


The free keyword tool above doesn’t provide any essential information for you to get a true summary of the keywords you should be going after. To “upgrade”, see the screen shot below:


free keyword tool upgrade



NO Thank You. For less than half of the price above I get full access to keywords, search volumes, competition, page rank, plus many more essential information blocks. I have found a Keyword Tool that is perfect in finding the “Right” keywords that are perfect for my content.



How Does Google Search Engine Work?


To make your website SEO ready, which means Search Engine Optimization, you write your content in a specialized way so that your content becomes searchable by the search engines.


Search engines had to come up with a system to identify the most searched term that people use to find the information they are seeking. These terms, called keywords, are what everything is based on in the search engines.

There are actually several different values the search engines, as well as the keyword tool, uses to rate or identify these keywords. But the two main components in Google’s search engine are:

  1. Search Volume (traffic)
  2. Competition (how many websites using this keyword)


When someone types words about what they are looking for in the search engine box, these words become Keywords. The search engine rates these words by popularity, that is the more volume of people typing the same word or word phrase the higher the search volume for this keyword or keyword phrase. The GKP (Google Keyword Planner) below:


Google Adwords keyword tool


This keyword will show in the results page having the most “traffic” because this word or word phrase was the most popular and most used. The second most popular keyword will show result of traffic slightly lower than the first, and so on down to the least popular keyword.

Each keyword will show in the results page in a monthly search volume. Likewise the competition and the Number of Websites ranking for this keyword will also be calculated in a monthly segment. The picture below is a search for swimming suits as a keyword with my keyword tool, Jaaxy. The first column is the volume of searches for that keyword. The second column is the amount of competition for that keyword.


swimming suits keyword tool
The monthly volumes will differ because they are all based on the volume of searches per month. So in the winter search volume for “swimming suits” will be extremely low, compared to the same search term in the summertime.

Likewise the rankings of website fluctuates in the search engine results also. For example on your website you have a post about how to train your dog to fetch. Your post was #14 in the search results (page 2) on Wednesday. Friday it dropped down to #42 (page 5). Monday of next week it was back at #14. So rankings do fluctuate.


The Keyword Tool uses all this data that the search engines have gathered and now makes it available for you to find just the right keyword or keyword phrase that has the right volumes.


The “average monthly searches” is sometimes mis-leading because of seasonal high and low demands, For example, Halloween costumes will have a high search volume in October but low search volume in January. The average is the mathematical average between the high and low seasons. per keyword.


The New Keyword Tool is Born


I can’t tell you the date when this keyword tool became Internet ready. All I can tell you is that I am very thankful that it is available. I learned about it when I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Keyword Tool I am referring to is Jaaxy. I use Jaaxy every time I write. I use it for search terms, I use it to find the best keywords, the worse keywords (what not to use), and all the essential information that will help me get my content higher in the search engine results.


Because if your website content, post, pages, pictures, etc is on page 999, NO ONE will ever find your website or even know that it exists!


In the real world that would be the same as building a store and not having any roads, parking lot or sidewalks to the store. Who is going to find your store? If no one can find your store, what are the chances that you will sell anything?

For a website lives in a virtual community of thousands of other digital files on a server computer. The Domain name for your website is the address where your website can be found. So in essence, the Keywords are the streets, sidewalks and parking lot that connect your website to the world.


That is how important Keywords are. They are the life blood to any website. So if you are having trouble getting any organic traffic from the search engines, the keywords could be your problem.

That is why I recommend Jaaxy because of the ease and the accuracy of there data. The price of the Professional version is very attractive too at only $19 a month. Come see for yourself….


Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy keyword tool



The picture above is my homepage screen after I log into Jaaxy keyword tool. My account is the “Pro” account, which cost $19 a month for access 24/7 and unlimited searches.


That is not even the best part of this Keyword Tool! There is a third column, QSR, which means Quoted Search Results. It will give you a color, Green for good, Yellow for medium competition, or Red for Stop, do not use.


I want to explain the tool bar so that when you access your 30 free searches you will already know how to find the information you are searching for.

The very top you see (from left to right)

  • Jaaxy Pro;
  • Search;
  • Site Rank;
  • Training;
  • Affiliate Program;
  • Upgrade;
  • My Account.

* Jaaxy Pro is the level that my account is set at.

*Search is the actual screen pictured. This is where you type in the keyword you want to investigate (the lower left box that says: Enter a keyword to start your search).

*Site Rank will open a new screen where you type in the URL of the website you want to investigate, and the keyword or title of page/post. Jaaxy will tell you if the search finds that page/post in what position within the top twenty pages of Google.

*Training will open the glossary to explain what each term means.

* Affiliate program explains that if you join Jaaxy as a member you get a referral fee for each member that joins.

* Upgrade is self-explanatory

* My Account is where you log out.

Jaaxy keyword plans


The picture above is the available Plans that you can subscribe to at I subscribe to the “Pro version, which costs me only $19 a month. That’s a bargain for everything that is furnished!


Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy keyword tool


There are so many features that you can use from this tool bar. This is so much better than the external google keyword tool that I use to use. The second level in the toolbar:

  • Keywords
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Saved Lists
  • Search History
  • Search analysis
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Brainstorm


*Keywords opens up the screen (1st picture), that lets you search a keyword. It can be one word, two or more words. If your words are between Quotation marks this asks Jaaxy for an exact match to the term you specified (typed).

*Alphabet Soup – this will give you keywords from “A” to “Z”. Whatever you type in for the keyword Jaaxy will give you a search sequence of every word that is associated with your keyword, that has to do with “A”, then “B”, then to “C”…to “Z”. (The keyword entered is “Marketing”; See picture below).

Alphabet Soup

*Saved Lists as a member you can save your searched keywords in a lists for your inventory. You can then either view it in Jaaxy or send it to yourself in CVS form for your spreadsheet program.

*Search history gives you the history of every keyword that you have searched for.

*Search analysis gives you the results of the site rank of the url and keyword from all three search engines – Google; Bing; and Yahoo.

*Affiliate Programs will give you details about a keyword that you searched for that may be used in an affiliate program onCJ; Link Share; Digital River; or Click Bank. Than it will give details of Program name;Product Website;Alexa Rank; Commission; and Network.

* Brainstorm helps you think of different keywords that you never considered.


So to become a member and then use this keyword tool is in my opinion the second most important decision that you can make. The first smartest decision that you can make is obviously, start your own business online.


Once you research online and decide on a particular ” niche” you would like to exploit (start a business in), then I would suggest first read my post, “What is a Niche”, to help you in your decision.

You can also read for more information in the “Getting Started” page.