How To Earn Money By Writing



how to earn money by writing




I can’t think of a better way to be paid easy money than by learning how to earn money by writing! It can be a career that encompasses almost every occupation. A writer by trade, or “copywriter”, is a very lucrative career.



Oh, and the best part about writing?



It is one of the best ways to create “passive income” and to start earning a six-figure income! You’re no longer stuck behind a desk for eight hours or stuck inside a cubicle all day. NO INDEED! It can be writing on your laptop from anywhere in the world.



earn money by writing



Copywriting careers are not just for newspaper journalism or television anymore. Someone, somewhere, needs a copywriter as their assistant to get their job done successfully. Almost everything that can be sold needs someone to tell the world about it. How else would people learn that something was available if someone didn’t “tell” them about it?



What about becoming a “self-publishing Master Author” and create, write, edit and then publish your own books and eBooks? Did you know that today digital books are outselling traditional books in brick and mortar mega-giant stores 5 to 1? Did you also know that writing a book and becoming self-published is as easy as writing a letter on your computer?




Did you know that the biggest brands in the world, like Amazon, Google, and Apple will pay 70% of the selling price for the book and then market it to the world for free? Right now there are over 3 billion mobile devices worldwide, 3 billion internet connected laptop computers, and then about 2 billion Internet connected tablets – all selling digital eBooks. They are in virtually every market in the world which by selling your product through them, you control your own destiny!




These mega-companies are are changing the way digital products are being sold. They have made the $ 0.99 as a one-click- the impulse buy, an instant sale, which are making many self-publishing authors seven digit incomes! It’s a guaranteed, proven model that is sitting on top of billions in infrastructure, and the best part is YOU have access to all of it for free!




Right now is the perfect time to leverage this perfect storm, so your book becomes a 1-click impulse buy that is being promoted and marketed by the biggest brands in the world. By starting a simple conversation with a prospective customer, you build a relationship that builds trust. From here this relationship grows to where you are suddenly in every pocket, on every screen, being seen and heard and listened to and adored by a growing audience all over the world!




a road bridge to affiliate marketing




With the Internet a local story can be published and read about thousands of miles away, even become “viral”. Sell products to a buyer thousands of miles away. It is the “writer” that wrote the description of the product that was able to sell the product. It doesn’t even have to be a product that must be sold! It can be an idea.



You can be a successful copywriter in any niche. If you were to write about something, no matter what it was, and get it on the right platform, your odds of gaining success dramatically increase.



Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane



Back one hundred years ago there were only a few choice careers in journalism. There were the authors who wrote the books that everyone read. Then there were the newspaper reporters that wrote nearly all the daily local articles. Very few “freelance writers” were needed or even necessary. This was in the day before telephones, Interstate highways, International travel, or the Internet.




Do you remember Ernest Hemingway? What about Charles Dickens, or Charlotte bronte’, or George Orwell, Stephen King, Leo Tolstoy, even Mark Twain, just to name a few. All these writers had one thing in common… They wrote from their heart, their passions.



From novelists to newspaper reporting more occupations in journalism were born. The nature of writing has been constantly evolving, particularly due to the development of new technologies over the centuries. The pen, for instance, was a universal advancement from the “fountain pen”. From the pen, to the telephone, to the computer, to mobile phone the written word has progressed effortlessly which has dawned hundreds of occupations.




From author, to publisher, to editor, to self publishing, the advancement of writing has given birth to hundreds of multiple occupations that span the globe. It does not take a degree in literature to earn a six figure salary by writing. There are several programs that have allowed many part time writers to become successful and wealthy.



how to make money at writing



One very popular program is the “Barefoot Writer”, which actually has a course to educate and teach how to become a successful freelance writer. American Writers and Artists Association, or awia, website address is: They have a free newsletter if you are thinking about a writing career I would highly recommend you subscribe. It has stories of successful writers featured every month that tell you their process in reaching success.


If you are thinking about writing a book you can become a self-publishing author. The path to success has been greatly reduced from the way it used to be done. Now, you can write your own eBook, for example, about anything, and submit it to Amazon Kindle to sell. Their website is:



You can also submit a copy of your book to Smashwords to become a successful writer. Smashwords will publish your eBook in digital and printed form plus distribute your book to ALL the book stores and publishing companies, around the whole world! Book stores like Barnes and Noble, Amazon Kindle, Apple, Kobo, just to name a few. Their website address is: Smashwords does all the distribution of your book for free. They get paid when you sell a book which is almost half of the selling price. They have a suggested price list for your convenience. For example, the basic price of an eBook, $2.99, you get $1.90 out of the total. If you sold 100 books a month at $2.99, what would be your monthly income?



Writing Careers To Think About



If you are contemplating a career choice in writing, the following choices are careers that you may not have even considered as a practicable choice.

  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Blogger and website development
  • Executive assistant
  • Reviewer of food or the arts
  • Ghostwriter
  • Song writer
  • Grant proposal writer
  • Resume writer
  • Cover letter writer
  • Media Relations Specialist
  • Newspaper Columnist
  • Printing proofreader
  • Scriptwriter
  • Speechwriter
  • Technical writer
  • Translator
  • Video Game Copywriter
  • Exotic Travel writer
  • Short Story Novelist


As the list above shows, you have many directions as a writer to take. I want to illustrate a brief explanation of each to give you an idea of what to expect and how you can start a career as a writer and in some instances, earn a six or seven figure income.



Advertising Copywriter



The almost famous slogans businesses use to advertise their products are all created by the advertising copywriter. “Whats in your wallet?”, “Wheres the beef?” “Have it your way”, are just some of many examples of slogans that even children can almost recite from memory. This position sometimes has several writers all under one official head writer (remember television’s Dick Van Dyke show) that their sole purpose is to create business advertising. A stable and lucrative career. Another position that is in demand is the copywriter that creates store displays, product packaging, billboards, direct mail advertising, catalogs, and other promotional advertising.


Blogger and/or Website Development



Even though there are literally millions of blogs on the Internet today, skilled writers are still a hot commodity and in demand for big websites, blogs that are ranked high in the search engines, and product analysis. These positions develop articles that are popular to read in social media, sometimes even going viral, which can lead to instant success.

This is a perfect career path for the stay-at-home person to earn an income and still enjoy a rewarding and satisfying career in writing. The categories are unlimited for the person who wants more out of life than cleaning the house. To learn more about what choices you have in this field, learn how to work from home without investment.


how to make money from writing


Executive Assistant



Almost every fortune 500 company has one and many other businesses need one. This is the perfect career for a versatile and skilled person that is good at editing other people’s work. One moment they may be briefing the media on a particular subject then constructing a legal document for the companies attorney to helping design the companies annual report. These assistants can be women or men and many of them travel wherever their bosses may go.



Reviewer for Food or the Arts



Did you ever wondered why important information about food is just being published? A food reviewer that has a passion for food will help the unknown qualities of food get in the media and spread to everyone. I have recently become very nutritional in the selections of foods I consume and I need the information these reviewers write about. A billion dollar industry revolves around the writers of this category. Likewise the writer about the Arts is a writer that usually gets first-hand knowledge of a piece of art. This leads to a first glance and behind-the-scenes opportunity and usually involves travel to specific locations. Someone that likes to be in-the-know of the Arts will love the benefits that this career provides.


how to make money at writing



It is not a writer that writes about stories of ghosts. It is an actual career that many writers have grown famous from. From Wikipedia, the description of a ghost writer is a writer who authors books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, whitepapers or other texts that are officially credited to another person. Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, Tom Kahn, The Hardy Boys, all were written by ghostwriters. This is a very popular career that has roots in politics, big business, and in the entertainment industry. These writers are excellent at their craft but also able to be quiet and never reveal their true idenity.


Song Writer


Many song writers never sing a note their whole life. Many music artist never write their own songs that they sing. The song writer is a career that if you are good a poetry, for example, you may become a song writer with unlimited wealth. Do you know who Bernie Taupin is? He was the song writer, lyricist for Elton John, the famous piano/entertainer. He also wrote lyrics for songs that were produced by Alice Cooper, Heart, Rod Stewart, The Starship, and Melissa Manchester. A writer that has a passion for this type of writing can do very well by writing for someone else.


song writer music sheet

Grant Proposal Writer


This career is great for the freelance writer. Many times a non-profit organization will hire writers to create copy for grant proposals for governmental or charitable foundations. Grant writers are extremely valuable because they hold a significant impact on the success of the non-profit organization’s future. It is a type of technical writing that can influence the powers at be to fund whatever proposal they write about.


Resume Writer


This is a freelance position for a writer that can write a resume for someone to be able to secure employment. There are many templates to help anyone write a resume, but it is a good writer that can take a little information about someone and enhance their value immensely.


Cover Letter Writer


A good cover letter writer is an excellent business writer that conveys clients needs and wishes in a letter that convinces a proponent of their talents and strategic advantages over their competition. In just a short few words their cover letters get opened and read more than any other material.


Media Relations Specialist


This is the secret career for the person that prepares announcements that must initiate public awareness by dealing with the press. Many companies employ professional media relations specialists to help them interact sufficiently with the press so their perceived actions don’t alienate their future customers. The writers for Monsanto, for example, were able to fool the world for a couple of generations about their GMO foods. So this career can be in demand if you can write convincingly.

Newspaper Columnists


Even though a spot to be hired by a nationally ranked newspaper is extremely difficult for a novice, most of these nation writers first started with local and regional newspapers. Once they get published they can soon become a regular columnists which leads to more notoriety and helps them gain exposure and establishes them as an authority in their topic.


Printing Proofreader


This doesn’t sound very challenging as a career to be a proofreader but in fact, this is considered a trade in the printing industry, just as important as the stripper/type setter and the pressman. Today most customers send their work to the printer via computer. It has the pictures, documents, and instructions how they want the layout. The CSR enters job into system where it goes to graphic arts where they put everything together via computer.

The proofreader then skims over entire work looking for misspelled words (sent by customer). If corrections are needed, job goes back to graphic art to get revision, to contact customer about corrections before job is sent to pressroom.

The proofreader is essential to authors, publishers, print shops and editorial boards.




Every show on television, entertainment award shows, and sitcoms all employ a team of scriptwriters to write all the dialog between cast, news people or entertainers. Have you ever thought that you could have done a better job at writing the script than what was actually produced?  Depending on the category and just how creative you want to be, this is another great career for spontaneous writers.




These special freelancers are very skilled in knowing the person they are writing for and the audience they will be addressing. They obtain these jobs by freelancing, or through an agency. These are professionals that are very good with grammar, context, vocabulary and also must be able to write with their audience in mind, so as the message is understood by everyone.


Technical Writer


Have you ever considered writing product manuals for manufacturers? How many times have you opened the installation manual to find the language has been translated into your language but doesn’t make a lot of sense? Even though this may sound like a job that not creative in nature, it is in demand. The writer must be semi skilled at wording complex concepts so that the readers will comprehend what is written.




This career is ideal for the people who are fluent in more than one language. This career will be more in demand as more ethnic people move around the globe and that will need more translations of instructions in many different categories. Translating technical writings will also be more in demand.


Video Game Copywriter


What better way of enjoying your hobby than also being able to write the manuals for the video gaming industry? Not only does this industry need technical writers for the installation and repair instruction guide, but what about the description of the game itself? A creative mind is needed to add excitement, anticipation and drama to the introduction of the game to entice readers to purchase the game. This industry is booming so writers are in demand in the category.


Exotic Travel Writer


how to make money by writing


This is the dream job for anyone who loves to travel to far-away destinations,  like the beaches of Kamalame Cay, The Bahamas island, to the jungles of South America, to the outback territory of Australia. This is also something many retired people are finding that pays them to live on the beaches for three months at a time by writing articles to travel magazines, like  www.InternationalLiving.comAll you need to do this fantastic job (is this really a job?) is a computer, Internet connection and a desire to spend time writing about your travels, your adventures, what you encountered, and the pictures to share.



 Exotic Travel Writer




how to make money from writing


Short Story Novelist


If you think there simply is no money in writing novels anymore, think again. Mark Dawson is a self publishing success story that has writer wannabee’s lining up to talk to him daily. Amazon pays Mark $450,000 dollars a year. To date, he has sold over 300,000 copies about an assassin named John Milton in an article by Jay McGregor, a freelance writer for Forbes  magazine,, he is proof that anyone can become a best seller author, starting with a part-time hobby and turn into an occupation that puts you into total control of your own destiny.


In conclusion I hope you can see that choosing writing as a career can be exciting and quite rewarding financially. The better you are at communicating the better you will be able to command top salary in your chosen field. If you like to write and want more information, please contact me at I will answer any questions you have and direct you to more information on the subject you have questions on.


This story isn’t finished yet, there are so many more examples of how to become a successful writer to add to this post. I would suggest to continue to come and visit here often, because I am adding to this post more and more.


To Your Success!