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Welcome to How To Make Money EZ! My name is Ken and I want to thank you for visiting! Whether you are here as a total newbie not knowing anything, or someone looking to expand their knowledge of Internet Marketing, you have found the right place to be in. (please don’t be offended by the term newbie, we all have to start somewhere).



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So let me get right to the point… If you are an experienced online marketer, more than likely you will want to move immediately to the What Is Affiliate Marketing page where you will find top-notch work from home programs.



For anyone else that may be here for the very first time, or totally new to making money online, then please continue reading this page.




It doesn’t matter WHY you are here. What matters is that YOU ARE HERE and I intend to make your visit worthwhile.  If you are just looking for a way to earn a little extra cash or someone that wants to change careers you will find what you need to know at this website.


This website is for everyone: the Retired person, the Stay At Home Moms or Dads, Students, part-time or full-time. The information and opportunities you will find here will get you all set to be a successful entrepreneur!



You see, my experience has taught me that Knowledge, without application, is meaningless. 


If you haven’t found success with the knowledge you possess, then you need to change your application in how you use it. As I use to say years ago, “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted the first time.”


I can attest to this old saying because I lived it. Let me introduce you to How To Make Money EZ and by using my techniques, I can make you successful with your online marketing.


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If you can follow procedures and follow a step-by-step plan, then I can assure you the right training is available. Having the courage to say, “hey, I want more out of life” is definitely a step in the right direction. It only takes Four things to start something from scratch and make it become successful. They are:



financial security



(1) Your Own Website

Not something that you can drag n drop like or an Apps store like where the more you add, the greater the expense. No. I am talking about a real full-blown website that has your personal touch and appeal. A website that is a reflection of you.


(2) Training

What good is a website unless you know how to build it, use it wisely, add content to it, and how to market it in Google? Like driving a car, you must be properly trained or else you run the risks of failure. Remember knowledge without application is meaningless.


(3) Online Coaching 24/7

Again, coaching when you need it is a must. Most regular businesses are closed late at night or on the weekends or holidays. When you have a problem or a question you need the answer now. It can’t wait until tomorrow or next week. Another feature I am continually updating is the lessons on “How To” so don’t miss any of them.

Knowledge is Power if used the right way. Many questions arise that are never covered in a training manual. If you have access to successful owners to answer these questions for you is the best reason to team up with these successful individuals. That’s because they have been there, done that. They already know. They can give you insight on things to come that can’t be found anywhere in print.


(4) Always Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Like teaching children before crossing the street, or when you cross the railroad track; Stop, Look and Listen. The same is true about the Internet. If it sounds too good to be true, then your instinct is telling you to beware. Always research and do your homework. Question everything.



Learn what other businesses are doing, and then you do it better. If you study your competition to see what they provide their customers then you need to match that plus more. The business that adds more value than the customer expects is the business that will always be successful. If you want to be a millionaire, you copy what millionaires do. Chances are you will also become one. The same is true for a Baker, or a gardener, or even an author. You copy how they do things. Then rinse and repeat.


What Does Successful Online Work From Home People Do?








Knowledge is Power and the ability to use that power to overcome the 9 to 5 scenario is the power to succeed where others have failed.



Like riding a bicycle or playing the game of golf. You are not born with the expertise to be the best from the start. You fail over and over. But you get just a little bit better each time, till the day comes that BOOM, you are as good as anyone around!


Don’t take for granted that there are only three or four ways to make money online; If you can’t do what they say you must do then all is lost. That can’t be farther from the truth!



There are actually hundreds of thousands of so-called business opportunities online. It can be a daunting task to find these little jewels or golden nuggets without breaking the bank. But it is achievable. The possibilities are what we all strive to find. Let the treasure finder in you surface to bring home the bacon, and the wealth.



Now don’t get me wrong. If you have ever tried to generate money from the Internet in the past, chances are you already know what it feels like to be scammed, to have spent more money on a program that ever receiving back in reward.



Trust me, I am not here to take your hard-earned money away from you. I want you to earn way more money than you ever spend! If you already know how to work hard, to be honest, to help others, then you have the qualities to build a business that will be successful for the long term. I can tell you from experience and I welcome the opportunity to help you achieve all that you can be.



If you have the sincere desire to get ahead of the pack, to work from home and be all that you can be, then you CAN succeed in this business and I want to welcome you aboard!



In order to build a skyscraper, you have to build a very good foundation, else it will not stand. The same is true for business whether it is online or not. You must first build a good supporting foundation. Then regardless of how high you build, it will not fall.







So before you decide whether this program is “right” for you or not, I am asking for just an honest “look”. See if this could be what you have been waiting for… Just click the link to find out how easy it is to build your very own website for FREE



Among all of the hype and BS, there are a lot of programs touted on the Internet, on Facebook, Twitter, etc that claim lots of easy money to be made working from home by doing almost nothing at all. In all honesty, think about it as a company, would YOU pay someone money to do “almost nothing?”



Hmmm? I rest my case.


Looking for the truth about how to make money without an investment, learn the expense before you buy.

So remember the four things I said earlier you needed to create a succeeding business online? I belong to such a program that can deliver all of this to you for “FREE”! Yes, this is no typo. Let me show you what you will getbefore you can find your wallet with your credit card… (P.S. You won’t need your credit card).


    • Not just one, but two fully featured WordPress websites, fully optimized on state-of-the-art high-speed servers, websites that are already programmed with SEO and four necessary plugins.


    • 10 Free lessons that will train you on how to become an affiliate marketer, write content for your website, and marketing your website to gain traffic.


    • A free keyword tool that you can find and select the best keywords for your website.


    • Continuously updated video lessons unlike any others online.


    • Live Chat with access to over 500,000 entrepreneurs that have experience.


    • Instructor-led courses.


    • 24/7 access to lessons, the owners of the program, and website support that is second to none.





So you get all this WITHOUT any money! Put your wallet or purse away!



You are not under any obligation to join. You are also under no obligation to upgrade to the premium level of membership. You can remain a “free” member till you die if that is what you wish. The BEST thing about this program is that it cost you nothing, nada, zilch, to try it. If you decide later on that you aren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur,  just quit the program and you have lost nothing but your time.



However, if you find that you like the knowledge that you are gaining and the perks that come with belonging to a great program why not upgrade your membership? You will find the premium membership level has even more, benefits! Here you get unlimited access to everything!


Another ‘Great’ benefit of becoming a premium member is the commissions you earn if you refer someone to join Wealthy Affiliate. If your referral becomes a premium member you receive $23.50 per month, every month, for as long as your referral stays a premium member!




So here is the “Link”, Work From Home, to just go see what I am talking about. Whether you just want a website for your own work from home business or learn how to be an affiliate marketer or both, is all up to you.


Even if you need a website for your brick and mortar store the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate will give you the wisdom to rank your business website high in the search engines.


Remember, no job is guaranteed anymore and the more income streams you have the more likelihood you will not live in poverty – ever!


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What Is An Affiliate?



I hope that I was able to provide you with something more than just a dream… But a real opportunity! Please comment below about your ideas, your thoughts, or even your questions.


To Your Success!

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