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By | March 23, 2017

You Don’t Have To Have Long Legs To Outrun Your Competition

Build it and they will come is NOT the fastest way to get your website ranking at #1. This is the fallacy of many website owners. Just because you have a website and it is indexed by all the search engines, there is no guarantee it will get any traffic.


Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Without traffic, a website is just another file tucked away somewhere on a server computer. In order to avoid this slow death, you must be able to drive traffic to your website.


You don’t have to have long legs necessarily to outrun your competition, but you do have to have the reach. You must be able to get out into the marketplace and drive this traffic to you.


Let me repeat that… You must be able to get out into the marketplace and drive this traffic to you.


There are a few steps to follow to get a website receiving traffic. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your website’s #1 ranking. Google is very slow in responding to a new website so it is up to you to address this attention.


Doing keyword research and practicing good SEO techniques are mandatory for the long haul. This is necessary for sustaining growth. However, this doesn’t do anything for receiving traffic today. What you must do now is to go out and get it.


I have come up with a comprehensive guide to getting traffic so you will outrun your competition. I will list these in the order of importance. These techniques will have your website ranking high in the search engines in the shortest amount of time.


There are several different ways or channels to go drive traffic to a website. With the search engines changing their algorithm on a regular basis these channels come and go. They all have advantages and disadvantages.


The first most logical place to start is to get the training. Learn how to build a website that will sustain continual growth throughout the lifespan of the website. There is only one place that offers the training courses as specialized as these. For SEO and SMM marketing, marketing tools, and certifications, this place is Wealthy Affiliate University.


To learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate can do and the many services that they provide, please see my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

WA Logo


Wealthy Affiliate University is a full-service online company. They have a full range of services for any business. Not only just training but also domain name registration, hosting, building WordPress websites, SSL certifications and more.


Every week not only is there a live training video hosted by wealthy affiliate but training lessons from many of the members of the wealthy affiliate. These lessons range from the total newbie person to online marketing up to the most advanced marketer.


What every member learns is how to keep their website high ranking in the search engines. This ensures continual growth for the long term by creating good quality content. As they say at the wealthy affiliate, “This is not a sprint but a marathon.”
If you don’t need the proper training or you just want to know how to outrun your competition then follow the steps below.


Paid Advertising

This is the quickest and most efficient way of driving traffic to your website. Remember, nobody knows that your website is live. The only way people are going to know is by you telling them and by organic search. Organic search will take a time to grow. It is the slowest way to gain traffic.

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Yahoo and Bing advertisements
  • Ezine marketing
  • Local yellow pages


Google Adwords This is the fastest way to the top of the search engines. It is also the most expensive. This can sometimes lead to a bidding war between clients. Depending on how deep your pockets are will depend on how long your business can sustain this type of advertising. This advertising is immediate and results can be measured weekly.
There are a wide variety of advertising options, such as local clients in a particular city only up to state-wide or global reach. There is no minimum and you set your daily budget.


However, with paid advertising, once your campaign is over, so is your instant traffic. It is best to run a two-week campaign and then check Google Analytics for your results. You may have to tweak your campaign or even use split testing to see which keywords drive the most traffic to your site.


Facebook advertisements These advertisements are much more inexpensive but they only reach the pages of the people on Facebook. These advertisements can be set for many different options, such as ad bidding. Ad bidding, for example, decides how many people will see your ad, how many times will a person see your ad, and at what cost will your ads be delivered. Similar to Adwords bidding but much more costs effective.


Yahoo and Bing Advertisements Very similar to Google Adwords with your ads only running on Yahoo and Bing search engines. Not as expensive as Adwords because it is not quite as competitive. These ads still reach millions of people, though. Once you submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tools, in a couple of weeks you normally get a $100 dollar advertising coupon to use on Bing. By using a good keyword tool like Jaaxy you can find choice keywords to maximize your reach to attract targeted traffic.


Ezine Marketing This used to be one of the best ways to get the word out to people about your website. It was one of the quickest ways to get backlinks to your website which help in your rankings. It is still a proven strategy because the articles that you submit to these ezines get published all over the net. This leads to thousands of people seeing your articles. If your article is high quality there is a good chance that your site will get a lot of traffic for an extended amount of time.


Local Yellow Pages A good channel to let people living locally, statewide, even regional conduct online business with your site. Very cost effective, just a few dollars a month for ad space.


The only disadvantage of paid advertising is once your paid advertisements stop running, so does your traffic. If by chance you had an offer that you were able to get your visitor’s email address onto your list, then not all was lost.


Social Media

Social media is immediate traffic that can pay huge dividends in just a matter of hours. There are literally hundreds of channels with each one having thousands, even millions of followers.

  • Twitter
  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcast


Twitter This is a good channel to tell people about your new post. There is even a space on your Twitter profile to leave your URL. Use it, along with leaving a link to your site, newsletter, or favorite article you have written. Follow influential people in the same niche as you on Twitter and get them to follow you also. Every time you post to Twitter, these influential people will see your post and then they spread the word like wildfire.  Twitter Logo


Facebook Create a FaceBook page for your business (website). As people begin to share your post this page will start getting value. This value gives your page authority for other benefits, such as getting your posts into the news-feed. This FaceBook page will become your “brand” which links to your website and share your articles with their friends. This value leads to the ability to promote FaceBook ads, plus helps with your search engine rankings.  social media



Instagram Just like Twitter there is a space to add your link from your website. This is actually the only place on Instagram that you can use an URL, so remember to take advantage of this. If you work diligently in creating a brand then when people see your pictures they will know where to go to see your offer.


Pinterest Placing pictures from your website to your Pinterest boards allows people to see and share your pictures as well as your link to your site. Having a Pinterest account that is valid also helps with search engine rankings because the more Pinterst Logodigital connections you get started, the more influential your site becomes.





Quora Create a Quora profile with a link back to your web page or relevant articles. By answering questions on relevant subjects will lead to your authority of the subject which will send hundreds of viewers to your site. Placing links in your answers will drive even more traffic to your site. Do try not to sound too self-promotional or ‘spammy’, but add value to your answers. This will help to give you authority and better search engine rankings.


Quora Logo


LinkedIn This site still has a lot of clouts if you are able to post any articles here. By providing a profile of your site you can create ties and follows to influential people in the same niche. If your website is also your business, include this as your experience in your profile. This adds legitimacy to your site since you have it listed there as your business. This network of influential businessmen and women can lead to unbelievable connections and great traffic.  LinkedIn Logo




Podcasts By searching through Amazon authors you can find several podcasts that have thousands of viewers and listeners. By sending these broadcasters an email asking to be a guest speaker could lead to an avalanche of new visitors to your site. Follow Pat Flynn’s guide to starting a podcast which is how he built a huge following of Smart Passive Income site.





There are many more channels to discover in social media. There are more than what can be mentioned here. YouTube, Flickr, Edgar, Vine, etc just to name a few. Very soon I will be publishing more channels and instructions on getting traffic to your site.


Thank you for reading my post and I would love to hear what you thought, your comments, suggestions or recommendations to this post. If you know someone who should know of this post, then please share this with them.



To Your Success

10 thoughts on “Get Your Website Ranking At #1

  1. Kevin

    A great rundown of the different ways in which someone can attract traffic to their site. It really is just traffic + conversion = profit. I want to know which one of these traffic-generating sites do you like the best?
    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Kevin, for your observation and I couldn’t agree with you more. You can’t have any conversions without any traffic. If you don’t have any conversions, you don’t make any money. So saying that traffic + conversions = profit is very true. Thank you for reading my post and leaving your comment.

  2. Kurtis Quick

    You missed the most important social media. Instagram. Pinterest and Facebook are not very clever at hiding their ads. Instagram you use your ads the same way you post a picture and it reaches thousands of people. I have been driving traffic and making a lot of money from instagram. Add it to your list. No wait, start using instagam

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Kurtis, for your suggestions about adding more information about Instagram to my list. I know they are a great place to share pictures but I didn’t know the amount of traffic one could harvest from them. Hmmm, thank you for the tip.

  3. Maria

    Hi there, There is a lot of great information here! I am learning all the avenues to get the word out about my site and you’ve given me a few extra ideas. Love the way you write, very clear and makes me want to come back to see what you have to say! Thanks!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You know Maria, SEO is mandatory for the long haul, SE rankings, and providing quality content. However, it will take at least a year, if not longer, to start getting traffic to your site. For immediate traffic, you must go out and get it. I only gave you my short list, there are many more avenues that all offer traffic to develop.

  4. Grace

    I really like the fact that social media can bring in traffic with absolutely no cost but your time. If someone was starting out, which platform(s) should they concentrate first on?

    I don’t have the time to do all of them at once, but would like to start with one that is relatively easy to get traffic to my site.

    Any advice, would be awesome, thanks!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Grace, for your agreement that social media can grab traffic almost instantaneously. Exactly which channel of social media would I recommend? Hmmm, you know it really doesn’t matter which one to do first. That would depend on which one you are most comfortable with. If you Tweet more than you FB, then Twitter is the one you start with. The critical point is to concentrate on one before jumping onto another channel. It is better to do and know one 90% than to do five of them and only do each 10%.

  5. M.Ramlee

    Hi there thank you for these tips,

    I have two questions – surrounding social media
    1) How effective are Facebook Ads – I have tried to use them to get more fb likes, but it does not result in traffic to my site entirely.
    2) Is twitter really relevant, I don’t understand do people really follow the link they found on twitter, plus it is hard to get genuine followers.

    Thanks, Mlee

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Mlee, for your comment and let me give you some advice. When using FB ads you must offer something either for free or of spectacular value in order to get FB likes. Also by using FB links back to your site, you need a way to capture their email address so you can contact them with your offers. If you use Twitter, again you must be giving people some added value, like a new post you just published that will help solve problems for the people in your niche. Always – add value.


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