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By | December 1, 2015

create your own website free

Creating your own website free can mean the difference between becoming profitable in days versus years. Have you seen the amount of money website designers charge these days? If you can find a WordPress website for very little to no money down, wouldn’t you be better off starting your online business in the black, and not in the red?








Let me give you some advise while shopping for your website. First and foremost, I do not know of any websites that tell you the “whole” truth about creating your own website free. There are several website builder programs that do a good job in building you a custom website, but they are not free.


StudioPress Themes for WordPress


The second thing assuming you do create your own website for free what do you do now? It can’t connect to the World Wide Web unless it is uploaded onto a server computer. This server computer is called a host, and since they are in business to make a profit, you must rent space on their server computer to be able to connect to the World Wide Web. This is where your free website begins to not be free anymore.



create your own website free



The Third thing to consider is your website address, or “Domain name.” You must also rent this name. It is like renting a post office box at your local post office. There are other necessary add-on, or plugins, you must also buy in order for your website to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.








However, if you think about it, these costs are very minuet compared to what a brick and mortar business must pay every week. I guess that is why you always hear other websites telling you that you can create your own website free. But in reality free is free, and almost free is not free.



Now my friends at Wealthy Affiliate DO have a FREE website builder that will ALWAYS be FREE. It is a Website. If you would like to see a sample of this FREE website please click on my other article,The-Free-SiteRubix-Website-Builder. Here you will learn all about how easy it is to create your own website free plus even more free stuff!


With a website you also get free lessons to help you get your website indexed by the search engines so you can get your website on page 1 of Google. You will also get free use of their Keyword Tool that helps you find the best keywords to use to get your content (articles) to the top of all search engines.

Would you like to see just how fast a website can be built? Would you believe in less than 30 seconds?



If you are not sure in what to do, where to get your free website, or who would be the best company to try out first, please consider this… How experienced are you in online marketing?





You have two options here if you have never had experience in online marketing. Option A is DIY. Teach yourself. Acquire the skills by trial and error. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Get a book to teach you what you should know…


This book comes highly recommended by many webmasters that have found success with this book:


How to Make Money with a Website: Build your own WordPress website in less than 30 minutes and begin making money in less than 30 days


how to make money with a website




Option B would be this approach. Join wealthy affiliate through this link, Wealthy Affiliate. When you join wealthy affiliate for free, you automatically get two free websites and free lessons. If you decide later on that you just don’t have what it takes to be successful with online marketing you can quit, and all of this would have cost you NOTHING.



By taking option B you open the doors to learning the skills necessary to become an online marketer. You have two websites that can literally start earning you passive income in less than thirty days! Plus you get free lessons and the free keyword tool. Then you can exercise option C, which would be to upgrade your free account to a premium account, which opens more doors to even more benefits.



So which option above looks best to you? Option A, or B? Option A is a good option if you already have a website and you just need to learn a little more about marketing so you can become more successful. I started out in online marketing with this approach, DIY.



Back a few years ago there was no WordPress website builder programs around. You only had two options. Teach yourself website design, learn html coding and learn by trial and error. The other option was to pay a designer “guru” $1000’s of dollars to have a website built for you.



I chose to teach myself. I had a huge learning curve to tackle. But I did it. I wasn’t successful overnight nor even my first two years. But I survived and honed my skills, and kept pushing forward. Then a found Wealthy Affiliate and all my problems were solved!




This approach is the best for someone who has time to learn by teaching themselves. It is also good for someone who already has a website but just needs a little more knowledge. It is the best teacher too. However, option B combines these two options into one, with a much less learning curve, no costs, plus acquiring online marketing skills.



If it was me ten years ago, and I had these two options to choose from, I believe I would choose option B because:

  • You get two free websites
  • You get lessons that show you how to build your website
  • You get marketing skills
  • You get a free Keyword Tool
  • It is FREE, it can never cost you anything
  • You acquire knowledge that can be used for any online business



I am hoping that I provided you with two good options to solve your dilemma in what path to take to acquire your free website. Either option will work, it all depends on you. I would like to hear from you on if this article answered any questions you may have had.



I am open to comments or suggestions from you about what I had to say about how to create your own website free. If you know someone that should read this article, I want you to please share this with them through social media.


To Your Success!

6 thoughts on “Create Your Own Website Free

  1. Billy Hunter

    Hi Kenneth,
    thank you for helping me with my website issues. FINALLY someone who gets the whole creating process! I do have one question for you though.. What is the best way to make passive income form my website and attract more attention?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you very much Billy about understanding the little details of online marketing. You asked a good legitimate question. In my opinion the best way to make passive income is through having a niche website with affiliate links throughout your content. The more popular you can make your content the more traffic you can get through the search engines. Using the right Keywords will get your website ranking in the serps where you find your traffic. I hope this helps you Billy.

  2. PhilL

    Hi, Ken. great article, I’m sure it will help a lot of people that want their own online business but are confused on where to start.
    The answer, of course, is to start for free, learn all you can, build a website and see if this is right for you.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You know as well as I do Phil, the only way to actually succeed in life is to just go for it. It amazes me why so many people would rather work 40 years at a job that is going nowhere than to step out from under their comfort zone and do something that they thoroughly enjoy that adds meaning to their life! If you never get wealthy but love what you are doing is a hundred times better than doing something you hate for your whole life. Stress will kill you. That’s why I tell everyone why not try it for free. This is better than not trying and dying broke!

  3. Elektra

    Hi Ken, it is a great post! I would really recommend to everybody choosing option B. I was amazed how much info you get during a training at WA and how easy set up of your website becomes then. It is really true, you can build your website in less than 30 seconds. I look forward to learning more from this website. Thank you!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Electra for your kind words. The best way to have a successful website is to go through the training that WA provides it’s members. You don’t have to remain a member forever, but then, I don’t want to miss out on all the opportunities that other members provide. To Your Success.


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