How To Make Money With A Website

The best way to create passive income is to know how to make money with a website. There are many opportunities to making a huge income from a website. Does blogging make any money online? What about niche marketing websites? These and other questions will be answered below. If you apply any of the following steps to your online marketing then you will create a path to passive income that will last for a long time.


How to make money with a website

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One of the most asked questions of newbies (people new to online marketing) is wanting to know how to make money with a website. The easiest way to start making money immediately is with affiliate marketing. Okay, what is affiliate marketing you ask?



In Affiliate Marketing you are informing your website visitors of a product for sale that belongs to another business. If your reader clicks on your website link to buy this product, then you get paid a commission, or finders fee. What is great about this procedure? Several very important keys that make this system so popular:

  • There is no product inventory for you to stock or to buy
  • There is no shipping costs that you must deal with
  • You have access to thousands of different products
  • Your location is irrelevant because of the Internet
  • A website is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Anyone can do this, no experience necessary



Another reason that affiliate marketing is so easy and popular is because some of the biggest companies in the world started out by selling their products through affiliate marketing. Companies like Apple, Nike, Amazon, Sears, just to name a few. These companies still have affiliate marketing as one of their core elements in producing income.


So Step One and one of my favorite in how to make money with a website is Affiliate Marketing.



how to make money with a website


There are literally thousands of companies that offer affiliate marketing of their products. Even eBay has a referral program by referring someone to a product to buy at eBay, you too get paid a commission for sending the buyer there.



It is very possible to be making money in less than 30 days by using one or more of the affiliate programs listed above. You can build your website in less than 60 seconds, and once your website is published, you can start adding affiliate links to your site. The best content to start writing are the “Affiliate Product Reviews.”



By writing reviews of different products you are almost guaranteeing in sending a visitor to the product page and buying the product. Why? Because 88% of all online customers were directly influenced by reading a review before deciding which product to buy.

6 Various Ways To make Money With An Affiliate Website

  1. Amazon products
  2. Other affiliate programs
  3. Adsense Ads and other advertising programs
  4. Build a list
  5. Relevant advertisers
  6. Create and sell your own products



Amazon products

By joining the amazon associate’s program you have the permission to place any product link on your website to earn a commission from amazon. For example, you place a product link of a “Vitamix 5200 Series Blender” on your website. This blender sells for $469.99. If your website visitor clicks on your link, the link immediately goes to the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender buy page.


If this visitor buys the blender then you get paid a commission for every thing the customer buys at this amazon visit. A commission between 4% and 9% is your earnings, or in this case, 4% of $469.99 = $18.79. That is your income for just directing the customer to amazon to purchase the product. How hard was that?

Other Affiliate Programs

Along with almost every product company has an affiliate program to sell their products. Some of the top affiliate programs to join are as follows:

  • Commission Junction (
  • Google Affiliate Network

Adsense Advertisements

What is adsense? Adsense’s is Google’s pay-per-click advertising ads that you see on websites. An advertiser buys an add through Google. This ad is then placed on various websites, according to how this ad is set up with Google. Every time a website visitor clicks on the ad, two things happen. First, the advertiser is charged by what Google sets as the per-click charge. Second, the hosting website where the ad was clicked gets a share of this advertisement revenue.




So a website that has a lot of traffic can usually make anywhere between $100 to $500 a month just from visitors clicking the advertisements. Every click will send the visitor to where ever the advertisement has linked to. This is why the name is called Pay-per-click. Money is generated ever time the ad is clicked.


Adsense is not the only pay-per-click advertiser program. There are others, like:


Build a List

How many times have you heard that the”Money is in the list?” It is true because when you own a lists, in this case, a lists of email addresses, then you can sell more than just once to a customer. In many cases, the customer will buy from you time and time again. So you get their email address, send an email with a product link, and if they buy from your link, you get paid again and again and again.


Build a list



How do you start building a list? By giving something of value away for free in exchange for their email address. This could be an eBook that you write, a lists of something specific, or a how-to manual about something.



If you know an answer on how to solve a problem that many people are having, you could very well give away your answer in an eBook and get thousands of email addresses. Then once or twice a month send an email with a product for sale to all these names on your list. The average sales from a lists like this is 58%. So theoretically, you could sell 58 people out of one hundred. Not bad considering you could do this twice a month for now on.

                                                                                                 making money with a website

Relevant Advertisers


Another easy way to generate revenue from your website is to rent out some of your “website real-estate”. Your website, just as any land property or building property is valuable real-estate. Some much more than others. If your website is receiving a lot of traffic, chances are good you could contact other website owners in your same niche and sell them (rent actually) some of your website space.

If another website owner agrees to your proposition, you would have a simple contract drawn up, with each of you agreeing to whatever the contract specifies (like how many ads, which pages, where on page, etc). The website advertiser would email you their advertisement, link to their website, etc. You would then upload this to your website and place where the contract specifies. Every month, you then get paid for this rental space.

Create and Sell Your Own Products

Informational services is one of the most lucrative business products anyone can have success in selling. Why? Because it is “free” to produce, “free” to ship because it is digital, so the customer just downloads it to their computer. You only have to produce just one and then make copies of it. How-To do something guides, instructions, or manuals, or anything that will help a customer solve a problem, are in high demand. Like the eBook below that I wrote a few years ago.


Master guide in selling online


An eBook that explains how to make money with a website, for example, could be your ticket to making a lot of extra income. An eBook that shows people how to become debt-free by being frugal or a guide to show how to budget money efficiently are very popular subjects to write about.



Top 10 tips to improve your amazon earnings would be another great eBook that could make you hundreds of dollars. An eBook is very easy to write, just using your word processor on your computer, turn it into a PDF then upload it to your website. Once you have a PayPal account, you can create a Paypal “Buy It Now” button, and when a customer clicks on your PayPal button, it takes them to PayPal to buy your eBook.



Once you are paid, then PayPal re-directs them to the download page to get their copy of the PDF. This could be happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a great way to make money with a website.

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This is only a sampling of where to start making money with your website. This by no means is the only way to make money. I will be continually adding and updating information so please don’t click away and never return. You may be missing the best information to come…

I would love to hear from you on your opinions of this article and would enjoy having your suggestions or comments. Also if you know of a friend who could benefit from reading this article, please share it with them!


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