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Start earning passive income today by learning how to create own website to earn money. You can have your own website built especially just for you, by you. The best thing about owning your own website is that it will earn money 24/7!


create own website to earn money


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There are only two reasons why anyone would want a website. They either want a website to provide information or they are building a website that makes money. The mass majority of websites today are built to earn some kind of income. Whether it is from selling products or services, their main focus is in providing a return on their investment. What ever the purpose may be, I will show you the how to create own website to earn money.




Best Ways to Earn Passive Income


Of all the things that anyone could be doing with their spare time to make money, the easiest thing to do would be to create a website. A website never sleeps so it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can provide a passive income that enables you to make money while you are sleeping, or playing golf, or watching TV.




accessing money from computer




Owning a website today is so easy. You have several choices to get one, free and/or paid websites, but they all are as easy as downloading to your own computer or having it uploaded to your hosting company, like To avoid any problems or delays, follow the next steps to ensure success.




I want to provide some insights to anyone that has never owned a website before. Follow these steps to create own website to earn money.

  1. What questions to answer before you consider owning a website
  2. What your website will be to to earn money
  3. How much it will cost to have a website
  4. How to market your website once you build it
  5. Discuss the different free and paid website services.



Make money with no money


1. What Questions to Answer Before You Create a Website

To give you the best opportunity to create own website to earn money you want to answer these next questions. These answers will provide you with what options are available and how best to continue.

  • What is the purpose of your website? To sell products or services?
  • What are your passions or favorite things?
  • What experience do you have?

The first question to answer is why do you want a website? Will you be selling your own products, or someone else products? Will you be providing services for someone, or directing people to some other service-oriented establishment? Will you be telling people how to cook so you can sell cookbooks or make holiday ornaments? These questions are just an example of what you want to answer so you are able to make the best choice of websites below.



2. What your website will be to earn money?

This answer will decide whether you build a Blog, an affiliate or niche website, or an eCommerce website. The easiest websites to build are the blog type websites and have your affiliate links sprinkled throughout your site to earn money. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, the link takes them to the product page where the visitor has the choice to buy or not buy a product. If they buy, then you get paid a commission on the sale.



An affiliate or niche website is just that. Same as above except you are writing review content to display to compare one product against another so customer learns which product is the best. Most products today are sold only after a shopper reads a review about it first. Furnishing reviews to your website will give you an edge to providing a solution to solve a customer problem.



3. How much it will cost to have a website.

This is another excellent question because no matter where you go to learn about having a website, nobody ever tells you the real costs in having your own website. So let me be the one to either excite you or disappoint you.


You can create own website to earn money for FREE, and have up to two free websites. Free is the best price you will ever get on something that has the potential to earn money. If you really want not only one, but Two websites for FREE, I suggest you click on the build it button once you name your website. The diagram below allows you to add the name of your website and see if that name is available to you.


The Free SiteRubix Website Builder



To finish answering question #3, having a website is NOT always free. You have to have the website hosted onto a server computer that has access to the World Wide Web. This is not free. There are several hosting companies with various packages, like Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc, which costs range from anywhere between $3.95 per month to $50.00 per month.

Then there is the Domain name (the name or address of your website) which normally is between $8.95  and $13.99 per year. If you want a specific domain name that already has been bought or taken, you may buy it but the price could be $1000’s of dollars more.



4. How to market your website once you build it.

This is where most people completely disregard when they build a website. This one phase of your online business plan can totally jeopardize your success if not carefully done correctly.



This is where or can create very attractive websites, but teach you nothing in return. You buy a website with all the bells and whistles. Looks very sharp! Even the Domain name is sassy. You find a host, pay your yearly fee, and then find you have “0” traffic. Why?



It turns out you bought just a website. You didn’t get any training or lessons on how to market your website! I call this the shiny ball syndrome. You bought a shiny new website but received no training on how to operate it. Like buying a car before you learn how to drive…



The best way to explain this is when you own a website, it is actually on a hosts computer server, along with several other million websites. The only way people are going to know your website even exists is by finding it in the search engines when they type a search term.


The search engine is the only road access to your website. Your domain name is the street address of your website. So in order for people to find your website, your website name (domain) has to be in the first page of the search engine or else no one will ever see it.





The SiteRubix Domain name finder above is actually your key to success. By joining Wealthy Affiliate FREE program, not only are you able to attend Wealthy Affiliate University for FREE, but they also teach you how to “earn while you learn”. This will give you enough training to find success and earn money from your website.




5. Discuss the different free and paid website services.

The Wealthy Affiliate has a very unique affiliate program. They have two programs within their memberships. They have the FREE membership, where you are:

  • Given two free websites.
  • Given a total of 20 lessons on writing content, keyword research, marketing, etc.
  • 24/7 access to the owners of wealthy affiliate.
  • total access to everything for the first seven days of membership.
  • Free keyword tool.
  • Access to communication to the community of members for the first seven days.
  • An offer of joining premium membership with a discount on first months fee.
  • A referral program that pays you $8 a recurring payment for every month a new member stays a premium member.


The premium membership has even more benefits but costs you $49 a month membership.

  • An unlimited number of websites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Total access to the community, the owners, and over 50 lessons!
  • 24/7 help in the Live Chat Room
  • $23.50 recurring monthly income for every referral to Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Free keyword tool.
  • Free trip to Vegas for every 300 referrals to Wealthy Affiliate per year.
  • For helping other members, they have an ambassador program with big incentives for helping.


So I dare anyone to tell me that they can get these benefits and recurring monthly income from any other affiliate program. I also dare to say the websites you might get at, or may be pleasing to the eye, but will they guarantee your success? I think NOT!



Also before you go out and buy a website-in-a-box at, or, answer one question. Are you knowledgeable enough to continually add articles (content) to your website and market to the world? Will you be able to write keyword-rich articles and do it skillfully with SEO and market on social media to pick up thousands of visitors’ traffic? Will you be able to market your website via all the channels available on the Internet?



If your answer is yes, then you don’t need my suggestions. If your answer is no, or maybe, then I have exactly what you need. If you are on a budget and want to learn the quickest and surest way to build a website and be successful, then click the link below:


There are only four different types of websites to choose from as far as I’m concerned. All of these websites can be free or you buy one. Depending on what your website will do to earn money depends on which kind of website you build. The list below are the four types of websites:

  • Blog website
  • Information website
  • Commercial or eCommerce website
  • Niche or affiliate website


A “Blog” website could be anything from providing cooking recipes to selling lessons, to pet care. This is the most common type of website. There are thousands of blog websites created daily, 99% of them are WordPress websites, meaning they have the ability for interaction between site and visitor.




Another type of website is the type that only provides an “information service” for online visitors. is an example of a website that only provides information, for free to anyone that happens to land on their web-page.




The third different type of website is a “Commercial or eCommerce website.” This is a website that has products or services for sale. An example of this could be,, or These websites are usually owned by the corporation but are operated locally per each store. Academy is a sporting goods store that uses an eCommerce website to sell and advertise their products online at The website extension “.com” means commercial usage.




The last type of website is the very popular “niche website”. A niche website is a website that markets to a specific group of people. Whether they are selling their own products or services or someone else products or services. This niche website is specific in its target market. An example might be a website offering diet products that would be in the “health and diet niche”.


create your own happiness


A website selling products for hunting would be in the “hunting” niche”. So as you can see there are literally thousands of niches, or markets, available to choose from. These niche websites all have one thing in common, they are providing content (articles) about their category of products so that they may “create own website to earn money.”



An affiliate website is a website that you are an affiliate of. For example, has an associate program where you send customers to Amazon ‘s website to purchase products. When the customer buys a product you are paid a commission, or “finder’s fee” between 4% and 9% commission on the sale price, whatever the customer buys.



What Is a WordPress?




wordpress logo





A “WordPress” was originally designed to be a free website for anyone. The organization,, has over 1900 free websites with different themes available for free to download. You just download the theme you prefer, find a hosting company to host your website to, upload your website to your hosting company, buy a domain name, and your bare website is now published and live for the whole world to see!




There are also many design companies that take a free WordPress, design a specific attachment called a “plug-in” to the website in which now this website is owned by the design company and can, therefore, be “sold” because it has something added. This is the difference between Paid and Free websites.


Create own website earn money


Think of who is your customer and how can you help them. What problem does your customer have that you can solve? Can you offer a review of a product so your customer can decide which product may be the best choice? If you can build a relationship with your customer, trust comes easy which will eventually lead to more sales.




If you are an author and want to self-publish your own books, for example, then you may want a website to sell eBooks. Digital books, called eBooks, are the easiest and cheapest product to create. They live on your computer. Many people are making thousands of dollars a month selling eBooks on or How-to books solve people’s problems so this makes them in constant demand.




Information products, like the eBook example above, is a niche market that caters to people’s needs to solve a problem. It can provide a large income to people who can create good information products if they can get their website at the top of the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. is another website vendor that offers digital products for other people to sell on their websites. Clickbank provides all the services like sales copy, squeeze page, download product, tracking, transactions, etc.


how-to books


To help you decide what “niche” or market you want to start a website in can be a choice between your experience and your passions. The two strongest components that a successful website owner has is if they are experienced and know their product very well, and that they have a passion for promoting their product.




If you are an expert in your chosen field or about a product, know it inside and out, you could very well be successful in providing your knowledge to help customers make their buying decision. You become an authority that helps to build a relationship with buyers. This relationship builds trust in your opinion and helps the buyer make a good decision.





The common question most people have when wanting to create their own website is “what will I sell?” What niche market would best suit my experience or desires? The most common answer to this is to pick your passion. What that means is this: you don’t necessarily have to be an expert on a particular product to be successful in promoting the product.




If you really like to sew, for example, it is a hobby that you enjoy very much. It is your “passion.” You could have a very popular and successful website that caters to people who also enjoy sewing as much as you. You could provide different techniques on how to sew or a shortcut that most people are not aware of. You could become an affiliate to a sewing machine corporation and tell people about the different models and earn a commission on the machines sold. Your target market is people who also enjoy the hobby of sewing.



snip it 10


Pick your passion will provide you with the inspiration, the desire, and the willpower to keep writing and adding content even when you are not getting a lot of visitors or selling any products. Eventually, your hard work and dedication will make you successful. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. It takes time to grow a business into a self-supporting entity.



The power of the Internet has over 2 billion people online every day.



The more content you write, the more you add, the better the search engine rankings your website will start to get, the more traffic you find. This leads to more sales and this is the formula for success.




I want you to have success in creating own website to earn money. You have a large choice in what themes to select as well what plugins to add and how your navigation will work. So I will have other articles for you to read below that explains everything you need to know how to create own website to earn money!



Welcome to the world of Passive Income! Enjoy your success!

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12 thoughts on “Create Own Website To Earn Money

  1. Shawn

    This is a great time to be an affiliate marketer and this deal you are talking about fits that like a glove.
    The two free websites and the training I used when I first started my free websites walked me through how to build it and how to maintain it.
    Thanks for the article, a good read!


    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Shawn and you are very correct in that there is no better time than now, to create an affilaite website – for free – at Wealthy Affiliate and start earning passive income 24/7.

  2. Brian

    Hi there,
    Thank you for posting this thorough article. You’ve hit allot of good points especially when you’re talking about learning how to grab a slice of the 2 billion people that are out there on a daily basis. Anyone can find an online service somewhere and throw together a webpage of some kind. But that means nothing if nobody can find it without trying to. Being educated by the experts is a tremendous help! I completely agree with you about WA, as you not only learn about creating a website, but also how to be found and seen by the masses.
    All the best,

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Brian and I have to agree with you on the point that a webpage is meaningless unless you have the knowledge to use it wisely. The teachings you get at Wealthy Affiliate University far outweighs anything that you can learn yourself by trial and error. Why buy a Cadillac if you don’t have a drivers license? Same is true about a website. Why create a website if you don’t know how to add content or market yourself? Nobody learns that until “after” they already have a website. Good point Brian.

  3. Jessica

    Hello Kenneth,

    I really like what you have provided in this post. I could see someone not knowing anything about building a website, but wanting to make money from home, coming to this post and having an “aha” moment. You have provided great details about why a website will work for you, instead of you chasing someone else and being scammed. Your argument is one that I think many people will have to think about when they see the benefits to having a website. Thank you for providing a link to the free website builder program!

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Jessica I am glad that you liked my page and I agree with you that by having a website you really can earn extra income. Many people I have met at wealthy affiliate are making six figures a year, some even monthly, so hey, I know it works! I know their free website works too. I hope that others have the benefit of reading this page so they may find comfort in learning how to become debt-free.

  4. Jovo

    Hi, I find your text interesting and I have learned quite a number of new things and terms. But I did not understand the difference between blog and affiliate site, and niche site in the item 2. They all lokk tye same to me. Ecommerce type site has remained unclear, you mentioned it in the item 2 and then explained far below again but I am not sure about it true meaning. Is it when I have my own product, physical or intellectual to sell?

    In section 5 you write about free keyword tool. Are you sure it is really free?

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you Jovo for your comment and I will try to answer your questions now

      A blog site can be the same as an affiliate site, since most blog platforms are trying to sell something. It can also be an eCommerce site because many SEO services use a blog website to strut their wares. A niche website is usually an affiliate website but in a more controlled smaller section of a particular niche. You are correct in saying they all look the same. It stands to reason that a wordpress website can be used in any type category, so whether it is an affiliate, blog, or eCommerce site they all look the same.

      The keyword tool that I was referring to is the wealthy affiliate keyword tool. And YES, it is free to use if you are a member of wealthy affiliate. It is very simmilar to the Google Keyword tool with Adsense.

  5. Viljoen

    Hi Kenneth

    To start a new website is very cheap and there is no limit to how large you want to build it. I can also add that the nature of Google rankings (if you do it right) will result in a long-term passive income. I would like to know what you think of the website builder plans like Wix, or Weebly. Do you recommend either of them to start your website with?

    That is just the nature of a website that is optimized for SEO.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Good day to you Viljoen and thank you for your comment. You have no idea how cheap you can build yourself a website AND get training on how to do your own SEO to it. Would you believe you can do all this; build your website, get training on SEO and producing content, all for FREE! Yes you can have it all for free. By joining my favorite university at Wealthy Affiliate, you can have your cake, and eat it too!

      As far as answering your question about Wix, or Weebly website builder plans, you get a website at a minimum of $25 a month total cost. But you receive no training, no SEO suggestions, and no coaching. I would suggest that you also read my other post: . Here I discuss the difference in website builder programs, and who I recommend as the best.

  6. Chris

    I recently tried to build my own website using the Yola platform but it ended up being really basic – I am curious if all website builder programs are the same. I want to know if you used that platform before and do you know of any ways you can make the sites more dynamic?

    If it doesn’t work out I think I might look at this Site Rubix option – would you say it is simple to get the hang of?

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You know Chris, most drag and drop website builder programs like Yola, Wix, Weebly, etc, all will build a website, a very simple and basic site. For more money, you can add other components to make it much more pleasing and functional. But they all lack one key ingredient…. They offer no training to help your website start getting traffic. A website without traffic is like having a car with no gasoline, its nice to look at but you can’t go anywhere.

      A SiteRubix website is a WordPress site that gives over 2300 optional themes to use as your website – plus training on how you can get traffic. FOR FREE! So why spend money on a drag and drop website builder when they don’t show you how to get traffic? Your best option is to join Wealthy Affiliate for free, get a SiteRubix website, and start earning online income.


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