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Hello, my name is Kenneth and I welcome you to my website, How To Make Money EZ .com. Here you will learn how to make money, the easy way, by creating an online business.


I intend to show you the different ways to make money using the Internet by virtue of my experience and knowledge. By Picture of Mefollowing the strategies and precise methods I use, you will learn how you can dominate any market you desire. The online world is huge in size with hundreds of different markets and even more micro niches. Each one of these markets is full of people looking for a business that they can trust. Why can’t this be you?



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Whether you are new to online marketing or already an online millionaire, the information you will find here will help each of you. I have found it essential to connect with other like-minded marketers to acquire the mental focus to stay abreast of the market you are in. I guarantee you will be surprised by the number of accomplishments you will achieve regardless of the affiliate network you enter.




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My desire is to give you the ability to enter any market with confidence and create an income stream that can be repeated again and again without fail. Because failure is not an option!




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More about me:


I have been active in Internet Marketing since 2006. I started with eBay. Then I read this book by Robert Allen, talking about having “Multiple Streams of Income”. In his book, he described what could happen if a full-time job would ever expire. Robert discussed how important it was, more so today than in any other time in our history, to have multiple streams of income to rely on.


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We have all heard it before, “The only guarantee in life is death and higher taxes.” This doesn’t have to be the grim future to look forward to for you, however. There is a better outlook. I know from first-hand experience. Let me tell you my story.



I decided then that I never wanted to fall victim to becoming unemployed by the marketplace. In other words, my employment no longer being in demand. In Roberts book, he described having multiple websites that all were making a little income. So if one website was to stop making an income, the stream (money) would still flow because I had other websites that were still making money. Wow, what a brilliant idea!





In 2008 I decided to accentuate our income by creating a website that my wife and I could earn a little extra income from. We went with Site Build It as our website builder and host for our website, www.Cajun-Country-Foods.com . We were about to monetize our site when all of our plans, our dreams, everything was totally destroyed and devastated!

“My wife had just been diagnosed with Lung Cancer! OMG!”




Remember what I had said earlier in Robert Allen’s book about being prepared for the worse scenario possible of losing an income stream?  Was this about to happen to us?



The next eight months were the worse days of my entire life. I have lost family members before, but nothing as tragic as losing a wife. To make a long story short, not only did I lose the love of my life, my best-est friend in the whole wide world, but I also lost her stream of income. What was I going to do now? I lost my wife in 2010. I lost everything.



Fast-forward to 2014 when I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate. It was like receiving a breath of fresh air. As I read the welcome page and navigated around their website, ideas began to pop in my mind. Could this actually be possible I said to myself?


This gave me the motivation to start over with my dream, my passion, and rebuild what I had lost. Today, I am confident again. I have found success and I want to help others achieve what I have found.


There is no better feeling than when you feel devastated from losing your income or losing a family member to be given a second chance at winning again! 



I welcome you to read the information I have provided on my website. I encourage you to follow my strategies in building an online empire where you will gain freedom and unquestionable satisfaction by living life the way YOU want, not by what others command of you.




To Your Success!
Kenneth Merrick


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