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By | August 17, 2019

If you are frustrated with your conversions then these 10 best tips to increase traffic for a website is just what you need. I know what it’s like to write high-quality content and very few visitors ever read it. After I started using these tips I’m about to show you, my traffic numbers have more than tripled.


increase traffic for a website

Start By Finding the Best Keyword Phrase

One of the most important attributes of getting traffic to a website is using a search term that everyone is searching with. It is not only vital to learn how to use a keyword tool but use it before you write a post.

This is what a keyword tool is designed to do, to help the webmaster find a search term that is the most popular. Let me show you an example of a screenshot of the keyword tool that I used to write this post.

If you need a keyword tool to do your initial groundwork then click on the link below.




increase traffic keyword screenshot

As you can see from the screenshot above I didn’t select the best keyword term available. What I consider the best term is looking at the monthly search volume (in the first column).

The term that has the highest number of searches would be the best, the third term from the top at 8220. The second very important number to look at is the QSR (third column). QSR means the Quoted Search Results or how many competing websites for this particular search term. The QSR number is 27. This is really great because there are only 27 other websites that are ranked using this exact search term.

The third and last number to keep in mind is the Traffic number. This search term has a traffic number of 1398. Again this is an incredible number.

The formula that I used to find my selection of search terms is this: Search Volume – 100> more is better; Traffic – 50> more is better; QSR – <200 less is better.

An explanation of the formula above is the search volume is not the only number to look at. It is important but the QSR number will determine if it is possible to rank for the search term or to leave it alone. So is the QSR number the most important?

Not necessarily. If the traffic number is below 50, then the search term is useless because even if you write a post and rank for the search term (get position one, page one of Google), you won’t get any traffic from the term because so few people will ever visit your site.

All three numbers are related so all three must be used together.

The last step is to determine which search term makes the most sense grammatically and how can it be used in a sentence. The example below is the same screenshot from above, just further down the page.

Increase traffic the website keywords

In the screenshot above which keyword term is the most grammatically correct? The keyword tool displays search terms that people use. As it turns out, people don’t necessarily use grammatically correct search terms. The search engines, however, prefer published articles to be grammatically correct.

Remember that you want to please the search engines but you are actually writing for humans.



Increase traffic to a website

SEO The Website

After you have selected your search term that you want to use as your title, to get people to click on your post you want to make the title attractive. The search engines display several results from the search term used. You want your post or web page to stand out from the rest so that people can’t resist from clicking on your post.

It takes a little strategy and wizardry to create a title that keeps the basic search term intact but makes it attractive to people. To make the title interesting there is a content idea generator that you can insert the title and it will display an interesting, more attractive title. Click on this word Portent to discover the possibilities.

The title is the subject of your post and obviously the most important part of the post, the rest of the post must conform to the title. A great explanation of how important this is to read this post Relevancy and Does Your Content Qualify?

To please the search engines a basic SEO procedure must be followed.

  • Title (keyword in title) (MetaTitle)
  • Description – preferably within the first 160 characters using the title in a sentence. (Metadescription)
  • Have a link to an authority site (like Wikipedia)
  • Have at least one link to internal web page
  • Use keyword and latent keywords throughout the page
  • Speed of the website also affects rankings so faster loading of the page is best

For a better explanation of the above SEO Factors please see How To SEO Your Website And Improve Rankings.

Finding Traffic Leads For A Website

Getting your web page to rank in the SERPs (search engine results page) will help with organic search volume. This takes time to develop. The 10 tips that I have been using to increase my traffic are:

  • Use Long-Tail Keyword phrase from keyword tool for title
  • SEO website (like I described above)
  • Submit the URL to Google Search Console
  • Submit To Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Submit a post to Facebook so all friends can see the post.
  • Submit a post to my YouTube Channel
  • Join forums in my niche and help answer questions for members seeking solutions
  • Submit a post to all Social Media channels
  • Run Adwords campaign on Google
  • Run Advertisement in Bing

Lead Magnet

Offer Lead Magnet On Website

A great way to entice visitors is to offer something for free. By giving the visitor something of value leads to building trust. People don’t buy online from websites they don’t trust. The best way to build trust is with a lead magnet.

The lead magnet can be used to capture their email address for your list building agenda. Remember, the money is in the list. If you have them on a list, you can offer things for sale again and again and again.


Organic traffic is for long term traffic. You might have written a post ten months ago but you will still be getting traffic today. Using Social Media will help in a much faster result in immediate traffic to a website. Of all the work involved in online marketing, 20% is actual research, writing, and publishing. The other 80% is marketing your website to the masses.

I hope you have learned some things on what to do to get traffic to your website. Another good post to read is

These Off Site SEO Techniques Makes Ranking 10X Better

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can reply below in the comments section. I look forward to what you have to say. If you know someone that could use the information above please share this post with them.

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22 thoughts on “[10 Best Tips] To Increase Traffic For A Website

  1. AirplaneJane

    I like the article and the ratio of search/traffic/QSR. One thing I think would also prove more dramatic is a chart of the traffic tripled and when you started implementing the process. I know for me seeing timing and knowing the equation of number of posts in a certain time frame as well as keywords helps. 

    thanks for the tips

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      The only chart that I can show is from my Google Analytics account. I had 95 visitors two months ago before the adjustment to my keyword formula. This month already I have had 401 visitors and the month is not over yet.

  2. Henderson

    I’m happy that these tips worked for you. I’m about to start my own business website and I need all the help I can get to get traffic so that I can gain customers. I will definitely bookmark your post for future reference. Thank you so much for these tips, they are really helpful to me. I already have access to Jaxxy so I’ll be using your formula in my research of keywords.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Henderson, following a successful entrepreneur, will benefit you in the future and help you find success faster.

  3. Nazmun Nahar


    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful article about the best tips to increase traffic for a website. I got this article on time. I have started my blog last year. But still, I am not getting enough traffic. But after reading your article I understand now why my traffic numbers are so awful. I see now that I should put more effort to find long-tail keywords.  I also didn’t give too much effort on social media as well. But after reading this article I understand, I should focus on Social Media as well. Thanks again for sharing with us these 10 Best tips. I will definitely follow all those.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      I’m happy that you have seen the light and you are ready to use my information to help you gain the recognition that you have been missing. Good fortune to you on your website and much success to you.

  4. water life


    Your articles are always full of ideas. In the examples, you cite you really couldn’t be better. In my articles, I always choose QSR to be below 100 but I made the mistake of not paying much attention to the monthly search avg and Traffic numbers.

    The basic SEO process you are describing is a tool I will use in each of my articles

    Finally, Portent is a tool I been looking for a long time …. thousands of miles happy for its superb location

    Thanks for the advice

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Hey, water life, all three numbers go hand in hand in your research of finding the best keyword term. Many people have a slightly different formula but the one I published works for me very well. Portent is a great tool to help discover a title that will attract readers to your content. I’m happy you can use it.

  5. RoDarrick

    Definitely, organic traffic is the best possible kind of traffic.  But generating it is always daunting and it is very time consuming that is why most people prefer to pay for traffic. The tips you shared up here are spot on and the part I found to be my high point is making use of keyword research and engaging in SEO. Since content is germane to stimulating interest of site visitors, it is only normal to give it higher priority. 

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You are catching on very well, Ro, and your understanding of the importance of proper keyword research will result in faster success.

  6. Monalisha

    Hi Merrick.

    You have written a really great article for all webmasters to pay attention to. I have read your entire post because I am gonna start my own website very soon. I really didn’t have any idea about how to get traffic, little alone increase traffic for a website. In your post you have nicely provided 10 best tips to increase traffic for a website and also described it in an easy to understand format. I really have learned many things by reading this post, especially the process you have mentioned that you usually do for your website, it was really a great help in my understanding.

    I will definitely share your post to my other friends so that they could also learn from your post. Thank you so much.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Monalisha, for reading my article and I’m glad that I was able to help you understand the importance of using the right keyword term and how to SEO your website.

  7. Taetske

    Good evening Ken,

    I think anybody will be interested to hear how one can increase traffic for a website so it was great to come across your post. Reading that when you started using these tips increased your traffic three times really made me curious. I understand that a good keyword can do wonders for your post, from being a flop or being a success it depends on which keyword you have chosen. Follow the rules set by the SEO procedure, well, I am doing my best to keep that in mind.

    Since I have joined Facebook and publish my posts on there it is true that I have seen an increase of visitors to my website.

    I find your list of 10 best tips very helpful and will check it now and then as one might get forgetful sometimes and leave some steps out.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Thank you, Taetske, for your understanding of just how important the right keyword plays in getting traffic to your website. Facebook is a great place to distribute your post because the traffic is already there. You just need to harvest it for your use.

  8. Willy

    Thanks for this step to step guide on how to increase traffic on a website. It is really amazing and helpful. A lot of people are really tired and are looking for ways to keep making money online by adjusting the way they can get traffic. This guide would really go a long way to help them get enough viewers and its a remarkable thing I must say. Thank you for this great review, I’m grateful and I hope to see more value-adding post like these next time.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Traffic is not a problem to get to a website if the SEO is done correctly. It’s in the details that people overlook that they stumble upon.

  9. SeunJeremiah

    Thanks for this informative article, Indeed traffic is very important and has a huge impact on a website, it appears to be that the larger the number of visitors to your website the better, When you can increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, the better you will be able to increase your website conversion and get that traffic to become paying customers.

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      You are very right, Seun, the closer the visitor is to your target market, the better the conversions.

  10. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Kenneth.
    Thanks for the tips to increase traffic to our website – which is the most burning topic on any blogger’s mind today.
    Portent’s Content Idea generator is quite new to me and it was a joy to find it on your page. Thanks for sharing this resource.
    Your step by step idea to research on the keywords for monthly search volume(Avg), Traffic and QSR – make sense to me and I will make sure to adopt this strategy. Thanks.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Gaurav, it took me a while to develop my keyword formula. I used to never pay any mind to traffic numbers, just the search volume, and QSR results. My page would get position one, page one of Google, but 0 traffic. That’s when I adjusted my formula to make sure traffic numbers are at least 50 so as I don’t waste my time publishing a post that results in 0 traffic.

  11. Rob S.

    I’m always looking for ways to get more traffic to my website.
    I know most of these from my Wealthy Affiliate program.
    You are taught the best ways to get free traffic just as you are describing.
    I always try and find the best keywords possible with low competition.
    And SEO is very important so I follow all the steps you mentioned as far as the keyword placements.
    Long tailed keywords are the best as long as you follow the numbers.
    And I agree that building trust is very important!
    Do you feel that paid traffic is worth it?

    1. Kenneth Merrick Post author

      Rob, paid traffic is immediate traffic and as soon as your paid campaign is finished, so is your traffic. If you have a lead magnet to give away to visitors, then yes, paid traffic helps build your list, and consequently, also your pocketbook.


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